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If you own your home then a secured homeowner loan allows you to borrow against the equity in your home. Consider a guarantor loan if you want an unsecured loan but have struggled to obtain one from mainstream lenders. If you know you have bad credit but need a car loan to replace your current vehicle then there could be a number of options that could help you. Lenders are typically able to payout your loan within 24 - 48 hours of accepting your loan application. Car finance comes in two general flavours - Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Plans - with each having benefits.
Who can get a car loan?If you are aged 18 or over, are a UK resident and are able to demonstrate that you could afford the repayments on a car loan (by showing your monthly income and outgoings figures to the lender) then you stand a good chance of obtaining the credit you need. We would recommend that you seek loan quotations from a range of lenders and across a variety of loan types.
Am I restricted as to which car I can buy?The answer depends on the type of credit you choose and through whom you organise it. Specialist Car Finance - it's likely that you'll be limited by the lender to certain brands, models as well as the maximum age and mileage of the vehicle. Can I use my current car as a part-exchange?Your existing vehicle is a useful source of cash that could reduce the amount you need to borrow for your new car. You're unlikley to want to be running two cars at the same time so getting hold of the value of the old car early on will be important. Can I buy a car privately, or do I have to use a dealer?If you opt for specialist car finance then you'll be required to use a dealer for your car - and there may be limits as to which dealers you'll be allowed to use.
What if I don't like the car I have chosen?If you have bought your car using a personal loan then this is not a problem. If the car you are driving is paid for using car finance (HP or PCP) then you don't necessarily have this flexibility. Game of war guide to protecting yourself – a beginner’s guide the information on the dig site says it can be protected by a dig site shield if you march.
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We also have access to specialist bad credit car finance - deals such as PCP and Hire Purchase - which could help to keep the monthly costs down if you don't mind not owning the car. But having a choice means you need to understand the alternatives and then decide which one suits your lifestyle, goals and budget.

With these options you are probably tied into a lengthy contract (perhaps 3 years), and if you falter on your repayments the car will be taken back. You may be able to get fixed rate finance and it may be particularly advantageous if you are buying a new rather than used car. Instead of paying instalments for the car so that you will own it outright at the end of the contract you only pay based on the difference between the purchase cost and probable resale value.
If you have had credit problems in the past and these are on your credit file then you may find that the cost of your loan is higher than for someone with a better history. Does this matter?Generally your credit history will affect the APR% of any loans available to you.
And you will almost certainly not be allowed to buy your car from a private source, meaning you'll have to buy from a dealer.
If you are buying privately then you won't be able to trade the car in so you will need to sell it privately. If you definitely want to buy a car privately then a car finance arrangement is unlikley to be the best route. You loan is not linked to the car and is not secured on the car) so if your car becomes unreliable or you no longer like it or have become bored of it you can simply sell it and buy another. It's not a case of never say never, but it certainly won't be as straightforward as with a personal loan. You won't be playing high-end games on it (although it will handle them), but it plays video very well and includes HDMI and DVI-out for connections to a digital television. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. However Solution Loans deals with a broad range of lenders and loan types so that there may be one or more options for you to consider. Sometimes it makes sense to separate the way you finance the car from the choice of car & dealer. They are relatively straightforward to organise, with the % rate you pay driven largely by your credit status.
If you use a finance company then you have more freedom to choose the type of car - this is what you can do if you use our trusted broking partner to help you. Then at the end of the contract you can decide whether to hand the car back and pay nothing, trade the car in and take out a new PCP on a new car, or pay the resale value of the car and then own it. You will also not have the freedom to exchange the car for another until the end of your contract.
If you are buying a car from a dealer using a loan then you should be able to trade in your existing vehicle at the same time.
While there may be some lenders prepared to help they may put strict limits on the vehicle you choose (brand, age, mileage).

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The light sensor is good, but not great – you can't beat a properly-calibrated monitor. As with all credit applications you will need to show you can afford repayments as well as proving your identity. There are a wide range of lenders who may be able to help although it is possible that you may be required to provide a guarantor or some form of security.
If you are going for car finance then it may be more difficult to use your current one directly as deposit. The remote serves its purpose, but more specialised media centre remotes are far better at the job.
While this would make repayments relatively high it does mean you have flexibility to sell the car at any time and perhaps swap to another. As with all lending you will be required to pass an affordability test too to ensure that by taking on extra debt you won't cause yourself financial harm. You can shop around for the car you want and can even choose to buy privately or from a dealer.
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Often servicing and maintenance is included in the monthly costs, and so this can make it more expensive than HP. This is the most flexible way of buying your car, and of course you can choose how long you keep the car for. As a broker we process the information you provide us and we may pass this onto our trusted third party lenders and brokers.
If you miss repayments on the loan then your credit history would be affected, but you would be unlikely to lose your car. All credit is subject to you being a UK resident, aged 18 or over and your personal circumstances.
All lenders operate responsible lending policies and as such credit is subject to affordability.

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