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Tell your teenage son you’d like to teach him how to properly balance a checkbook and write checks for bills, and he’ll vehemently reply, “Wow – checks. Between PayPal transactions, ATM depositing, online banking and all other means of getting your money around the world, one would think paper checks have outlived their usefulness.
A personal check, should you want a definitive definition, simply means you promise that whatever amount is presented on a piece of parchment paper can be presented at any bank for immediate collection from your bank account.
Even after decades of check deception arrests numbering in the millions, banks still allow responsible individuals to write checks for exact amounts, or even for up to $30 over the amount in certain grocery stores. Financial management takes time, patience, and understanding of where checks are coming from, and going to. Whereas debit card transactions rely on several factors mainly involving processing times, personal checks are still perceived as the better route towards personal finance management since you can personally track your spending via ledger and never overextend your balance since you can prove your responsible actions and get any ensuing overdrafts removed as a result. I’m sure you’ll find weekly flyers inundating your Sunday paper or mailbox with offers for personalized checks.
Baby Boomers live and die by check writing, and many younger generation financiers still make paper checks available to employees instead of worrying about direct deposit snafus.
Debit transactions can be much quicker to deal with, but personal checks are just as much on fire in 2014 as they were decades ago when, of course, plastic access to your funds wasn’t an option.
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Free Typestyle-Add a font to the main line of text ( NOTE: Arial is the default typestyle if none is selected. August 20, 2014 by Alexa 1 Comment If you’re one of those people who inwardly groans when the customer in line ahead of you at the grocery whips out a checkbook, you might want to rethink your attitude.
If you’ve relinquished your checkbook to a dusty drawer, read on to learn more about all of the ways that checks are becoming cool again. Many people might not have ever considered the things that they might do during a disaster, but it‘s high time that they did. Many companies charge a fee to pay by credit or debit card and this is especially true of utility companies.
Credit card companies charge businesses to use their services and there are many retailers and merchants who either can’t afford to pay that or simply don’t want to.

If you live in a large apartment complex owned and run by a multinational corporation it’s quite likely that you can pay your rent online using your debit card. Additionally, if you like giving gifts of cash to friends and family it’s just so easy to drop a check in the mail. You can even choose to order different checks for the various seasons or holidays, or place an order for checks that feature photos of your favorite animals or landscapes. It’s true that many people might think that checks are a thing of the past, but they’re obviously very, very wrong.
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How nostalgic.” In an age where your smartphone can deposit paychecks with a camera click, you’d think paper checks went to heaven to join fax machines and the cotton gin.
It’s a trust certificate, essentially, a miniature promissory note which can be written for an infinite amount provided you’ve got the funds to back your handwriting. If the first thing you have to do when you get paid is to pay off overspending from the previous month, or you find you are having to pay more every month to your credit card supplier, then you need to reassess your spending habits before it is too late. Inexpensive check ‘warehouses’ allow anyone to put their faces, favorite sports teams or even cute little teddy bears on paper checks.
Firstly you have the disaster of 2008, you then have the Libor scandal, the Northern Rock Crisis and lord knows what other scandal. Don’t fear writing paper checks, making checks look spiffy or presenting these instruments to vendors that still accept them. A no-frills, high quality cut-to-the-chase news writer that loves breaking news, political brouhaha and all the theatrics that come with living on Earth.
Yes, debit and credit cards are the most used forms of payment in this digital age, but checks aren’t only for grandmas and other people who have a hard time accepting new technology.
In fact, there are several instances where consumers might find that their plastic is useless but a particular merchant will happily accept a check. If you’re in a situation when there is a widespread power outage that lasts for several days, how will you pay for things?
You’ll be able to purchase food and emergency supplies for your family while others might be literally left in the dark. They often use a third party payment system, and those costs have to be paid somehow; it’s usually you, the consumer, who covers those costs in the form of added fees.

You can walk in with your credit card but you won’t be walking out with a purchase if you don’t also have a checkbook. However, if you rent a home or apartment from an individual, it’s not very likely that they have a credit card machine in their pocket.
It’s even possible to upload your own personal photos and have them adorn your custom checks! Checks are just as useful as they ever were, and if you’ve been eschewing them in favor of your debit card you might want to reconsider. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth; even Oregon State University has a dedicated page on their website that teaches proper check writing skills. Even many check superstores have begun offering an inexpensive means to primp up your check’s appearance, with thousands of templates to choose from.
The industry is in turmoil and is only now slowly returning from the mire after restructuring and remaking of the industry by governments worldwide and banks internally. ATMs will be useless and the credit card machine at the grocery store doesn’t usually have a battery pack. Many of those cards are restricted to a particular merchant or fees are deducted for each use.
While your bank may issue you a standard book of checks in something neutral like blue or gray, you can order specialty checks in every imaginable color and design, some of them quite spectacular and fun. Credit card companies tried to do this previously but it really never caught on.  After all, no one ever really sees your card but you, but your checks are seen by many people. Those handy pieces of paper can save you money and they have the power of purchase in situations that leave credit cards out in the cold.
Unfortunately, we live in a society where banks are king, and with much of our day to day existence dominated by our ability to electronically deposit everything, banks can affect pretty much everything we do. By sending a check you’re allowing your loved ones to spend the money how and where they like.
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