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Even though we live in Japan where checks are not accepted, my wife had to have these (surprise, surprise). I don’t understand why Hello Kitty lovers feel the need to comment on all your posts and state that they have the items in question and how cute they are. I love this because I too have these checks and of course the credit card, as well as many other hk items. I just opened up the hello kitty bank account at BOA and cant wait to get the checks and the debit card!!!!!!!
I work in a Remmitance Deparment so I sort of have a mini version of Hll, I see at minimum at least one of these a day, or every other day, sometimes 20 or more..

LOL my brothers girlfriend is chinese and she ADORES HK and she has her all in her car and the purses and all that fun stuff.
Hello Kitty Personal Checks ~ 4 different pictures of Kitty: Carrying a big cherry, riding in an airplane, posing with big pink bow, and playing with cute blue penguins. Click on the info button to view labels at actual size along with prices and ordering information. Nothing feels quite as silly though as being a 40 year old woman wearing a HK shirt and HK flip flops, having HK decals on my fingernails, buying HK stuff…pulling from my HK purse (with the cell phone hanging off the strap that has HK all over it) pulling out the HK checkbook and with the HK pen writing out the HK check and then getting into my car which is quite visibly decorated with HK. Can’t say I blame Japan for not allowing checks~they are not very well trusted in America when purchasing in a store either.

If you love butterflies, butterfly, butterflys you wil love these butterflies, butterfly, butterflys checks.We have a large selection of Butterfly checks, Butterflies Labels, Butterfly Checkbook covers, Insect Bug Checks, Ladybug Checks at cheap prices. I was sad cuz I though HK was gonna die when I had a c-section 2 weeks ago, but upon my request, the doctors avoided it.

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