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The PHP routines to fill in PDF forms work great, and now my partner wants to use them too.
Fortunately, images are stored as individual objects in the PDF file, so if there is an image I can identify, I can easily replace it with one of my own choosing.
I don't want to have to parse the whole file, so I use a RegExp to look for a stream object with a width of 1, and assume that it is the image I want to replace. So to replace the image, I open the PDF file, create a PDF image object from the replacement image, and use str_replace to replace it. A checking account, as the name suggests, is a bank account that is used to write checks, pay bills, or otherwise withdraw money from a bank. Also available in: SKOR, WHATCHAMACALLIT, ZAGNUT, ZERO brands and HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate with Caramel. Please Note: In order to preserve the fine quality of your HERSHEY'S products, and to ensure your utmost enjoyment of them, these heat-sensitive products MUST BE SHIPPED via COOLSHIP.
In the event that an order contains both temperature sensitive and non-temperature sensitive items, all items will be shipped together; however, they will be placed in separate poly bags for protection during transit. We are not responsible for orders that melt during transit if CoolShip is not selected; and we will not be able to reship melted orders. Adding Priority Processing to your order alerts our staff that this order requires immediate attention and needs to ship out of our facility today. Choosing Priority Processing does not guarantee that your order will be automatically approved.
The option to add Priority Processing to your order will only be available in the shoppingcart during these hours. If you have questions or comments regarding an order please call us at 1-877-798-2226 or visit our customer service page.

Changing the forms to make the physician name a fill-in field rather than fixed text is easy, but what to do about the signature?
The placement and size of the image on the page is part of the page description, so the new image will be in exactly the same place as the old. Then I use PDFEscape to create a PDF with those images (scaled to the appropriate size) and some useful text.
The sheer number of options available can catch even the best prepared international students off guard. In this way, the account serves means of storing (and then accessing) money in order to spend it on purchases, bills, and other obligations. Because it is used primarily meant to be used as a means of storing money for the long term, it is not designed to give account holders easy to access to their money “on the go”. Nevertheless, because these accounts generally bear interest, it may make sense to open a savings account alongside a checking account if you have a large amount of money on hand.
We carefully pack your order into an insulated container with a reusable non-toxic liquid ice pack, which maintains optimal temperature during transit.
The email address that you provide will only be used to notify you when the item above is in stock. While we guarantee the order will leave our facility today, standard shipping rates still apply. If, during our review process, errors are found or the credit card is declined, then the order will be placed on hold until the issues are resolved. By submitting your feedback below you will help us provide the best possible results for your device. It's not like a check; a pixelated image would be fine (I'm not worried about someone forging a preschool physical exam note).

Fortunately we are here to help clear up the confusion and explain some common accounts available at most banks throughout the country. That means you can not only pay for products and services with a checking account (and the checks the accompany it) but also use the account to easily transfer money from one bank to another. In fact, though some banks allow account holders to access their savings accounts through ATMs, most do not allow their clients to access their money with checks. In any case be sure to carefully consider the different options – and fees – associated with each account before you formally open an bank accounts in the US. Orders sent via COOLSHIP are shipped Monday through Wednesday, via 2nd Day Delivery, ensuring uninterrupted transport. Just enter your email address below and we will notify you if this item becomes available within the next 60 days. If you prefer express shipping, please be sure to select either next-day or second-day air shipping when checking out.
In fact, it is easier than it appears: though there are many different types of bank accounts available at most commercial banks, the kind of banking the average college student needs to do can be accomplished using just two of them. Some checking accounts also provide debit cards which allow account holders to make withdrawals ATMs as well. That is important because so many common transactions – be they mundane ones like paying your tuition or thrilling ones like booking a hotel for that weekend trip to Las Vegas – cannot be completed using cash.

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