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Learn about Ontario's program to brand used vehicles and how to avoid buying an unsafe vehicle. Branding is the process of assigning "brand" types that indicate whether a vehicle has been severely damaged in the past. The vehicle branding program makes it more difficult to put stolen and damaged vehicles on Ontario roads, enhances road safety and better protects consumers by providing important information about possible past damage to a vehicle. Branding also helps to identify written-off vehicles to deter thieves from re-registered stolen vehicles under the serial numbers of identical written-off vehicles. If the vehicle is repaired, it must be inspected by an authorized technician and pass a structural inspection test. Living where I do on Vancouver Island means that the definition of winter still includes flowers in bloom and lawns that need mowing.
The Polar Vortex experienced by many throughout North America last winter is said to be making a return this winter.

Taking some simple precautions when venturing out on snowy, slippery roads can help reduce the risk of injury or fatalities that have weather and road conditions as a contributing factor.
Most importantly, remember to properly prepare your vehicle and drive according to the conditions. Fire Safety Plans are required, under the fire code, based on building use or occupancy types.
Failure to have a Fire Safety Plan for buildings which fit the above fire code types can result in being in violation with the Ontario Fire Code. The Ministry of Transportation is notified of this status by police, and all transactions involving stolen vehicles are blocked on the ministry's Vehicle Registration System database.
It can only be removed when the police advise the ministry that the vehicle has been recovered. A motorcycle is branded as "Irreparable" where there is frame damage that requires replacement.

The "Irreparable" brand allows for the tracking of resale parts to help law enforcement reduce motorcycle theft and the laundering of stolen motorcycle parts. However, having lived in Montreal, Quebec for four years and Ottawa, Ontario for eight years, I am well aware of the different winter weather systems starting to roll in throughout many provinces across the country.
With predictions of heavy snowfalls and cold temperatures slipping 2 to 4 degrees below normal, it’s a good idea for drivers to be prepared.
DIAD delivers high school presentations & corporate seminars across Canada and the United States. The reality of driving in winter conditions is something motorists face across the globe and the steps to reduce risk are universally applicable.

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