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This initiative follows other recent enhancements, including offsite fingerprinting and photography services and the expanded Interview Waiver Program. All these initiatives are aimed at building capacity to accept more visa applications over the coming years, improving customer service, and facilitating legitimate travel between India and the United States. The CEAC Status Check site is a global website that allows visa applicants world-wide to access up-to-date and accurate information about their cases. Please note, all non-immigrant cases created within the past year that have not been closed will be available in CEAC Visa Status Check. Non-immigrant visa cases status that have been closed will be available for three months from the date they are closed.
All immigrant visa cases created after 1991 and all Diversity Visa (DV) cases from the current fiscal year that have not been issued are available. Immigrant visa cases that have been closed will be available for six months from the date they are closed.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The only one website of Immigration in Malaysian are given bellow where you can check you Malaysian Visa , Approval Letter’s issue date and expired date. This guide is aimed for those students, who are either interested to go for study in Malaysia or those who are already studying or had applied in some Malaysian university and do not know how to check their Malaysian Visa Validity status online. The way things are moving in Saudi Arabia, it looks like a few years from now, there will be need to visit any government department at all.
Take for example, just last month, the Ministry of Interior has made the renewal of visit visa online. You can see the Name of Visitors, their passort and Border Number as shown in the below Picture. Check the new expiry date of the visit visa and if you are satisfied click the confirm button.

Hello, After extending my family visit visa, I could not print this confirmation form because does not have printer at home. Also please confirm if visa expires at 10th o f month then at which date it can be extended.
HI TO ALL, MY WIFE IS WITH ME IN SAUDI ARAB ON VISIT VISA , AND VISA GOING TO EXPIRE AFTER 2 RENEWAL IN JANUARY 2015, CAN I APPLY ANOTHER VISIT VISA FOR MY WIFE, BEFORE SHE EXIT THE SAUDI ARABIA..? My wife visa 1st extension is also expiring in Jan 2015 and i want to get extension, Please do let me know if you succeed to get renewal. Kindly let me know if I can get the third time extension for my mother visit visa expiring on 31 December 2014. Would you please tell me that for how many days before expiry we can apply for visit visa extension. Dear frienda please help me regarding my visit visa extension as i have forgot the last option of Conform extension and without clicking on confirm extension.
Can I renew the visit visa on the same date of expiry,like 12 apr it will expire, can I renew it on 12 apr through online . Can i extend visit visa of my wife, for another few months She already going to complete 6 Month in Saudi Arabia with visit visa, Please kindly help me. Department of State’s new system, CEAC Status Check can be used to check your immigrant and non-immigrant USA visa application . You can check US visa status online for Visa interview held in India ( Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi), Canada, Korea and all US Embassies and Consulates around the world. You may be able to use all the government services online by click of button from your office or home. I visited to Jawazat but there people are asking SrR 100 for each print paper only even though visa has already extended. Your only proof if successful is the amount you paid and debited from your bank account or check your Abshir accnt if any funds under your name if you find 0 means all is ok.

Kindly suggests how many days i have to apply for visit visa extension as written apply with in 7days before expire or in 3 days after expiry. As i heard some reviews that visa can be extended only one day before the expiry through online. Can I apply for visit visa extension one month before expiry, because I have to manage the air ticket. Then when my mother was traveling after eight days the airport staff says ur visa has been already expired and later on i recognize my problem and now i dont know what to do. Just put yourImmigrant Visa Case Number and select country Then Click: Overview If your non immigrant visa application requires administrative processing, you should check your case status frequently. If you really needed a copy visit Jawazat office for confirmation but they will charge you. First they said keep trying but I told them it does not work so they took my passport and extended the visa but only for two months and then exit.
That means if you got 3 months visa initially then you will get extension for 3 months, maximum two extension. If you get  one month visit visa, then you will only one month extension for maximum of six extensions.
Get the results – OnlineWe all had that moment when you applied for visas for your family or our companies applied for the residence visa and the waiting started.

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