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Travel medical insurance can cover you if an emergency happens while you are staying abroad.
If you’re lucky enough to be covered, make sure your insurance covers a wide array of services.
When shopping for travel medical insurance, pay attention not only to the coverage, but also to the accountability. Before you get on that plane (or boat), check the vaccination requirements and health alerts of the country you’re traveling to. MyVaccs, another useful source, has an interactive map containing the required vaccinations for each country. Obviously there is a lot to consider when traveling, but if you plan on having the time of your life, you have to protect yourself. If you're planning on a holiday abroad, take a look through our Travel range for your all your travel medical and essential products. WORLD TRAVELWe provide personalized travel health advice to reduce your risk no matter where you travel.
EXTENDED TRAVELWe provide personalized travel health advice to reduce your risk no matter where you travel. AID WORKWe provide personalized travel health advice to reduce your risk no matter where you travel.
OVERSEAS WORKWe provided the medical assessments and travel health advice to keep you safely working abroad. RESORT TRAVELWe provide personalized travel health advice to reduce your risk no matter where you travel. In a country where 62% of all bankruptcies are the result of skyrocketing healthcare bills, it’s clear that the U.S. Medical tourism is the process of traveling to another country for medical procedures that may not be offered in one’s home country or are too expensive in the country an individual resides in.
Medical tourism offers many people an alternative to their healthcare plan’s coverage, especially for those individuals who find that their conventional healthcare options aren’t the most effective or rational.
In India, people are offered the option of having a hip resurfacing surgery instead of a hip replacement surgery.
Medical tourism also provides a faster option for undergoing medical procedures than in the United States.
Though going abroad for medical procedures has its drawbacks, it is mostly beneficial for those coming in from other countries to have procedures done.
In China, India, and Moldova, to get organs for organ transplantation, people are reimbursed for giving up their organs. President Obama’s healthcare plans, however, may dramatically change the market for medical tourism. We at Patients Beyond Borders share your assessment that US healthcare reform is not likely to slow the growth of US-outbound medical tourism. The survey also also found 17 per cent of those questioned believe that having a European Health Insurance Card provides adequate coverage when travelling in Europe - even though the card only gives access to basic state medical care, and will not cover repatriation costs if a British holidaymaker needs to be flown home to the UK. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Travel insurance refers to the trip itself and the services you pay for (flight, hotel room, etc.). No one plans to need it, but if you are not covered, you may be paying out of pocket for care if you become ill. Look for medical policies that guarantee their payments abroad, pay directly to foreign hospitals and doctors, and have a 24-hour customer support center. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website provides users with details about current health alerts in each country. Select where you’re going from the map, and it will list the diseases visitors to that region are prone to and which vaccines are required for travel. Don’t let unexpected medical expenses ruin your trip; make sure you’re covered before you leave.

You may also wish to speak to our Online Travel Doctor for advice on vaccinations for malaria as well as other treatments such as traveller’s diahorrea, period delay and morning after pill. Taking your personal health into consideration our travel health consultants will provide you with the advice, education, medications and vaccinations you need to travel safely abroad. Whether you are travelling for recreation, work or volunteering your time abroad, the Travel Health Network will be there to provide you with a full service experience by dedicated professionals. The concept of traveling for healthcare initially began as a way for people from less developed countries to receive medical treatment that was not yet available in their own countries by traveling to more developed countries.
For those who do not have health insurance, it allows for a much less expensive option than traditional healthcare.
Hip resurfacing surgery, which has not yet been approved by the FDA, allows for a shorter recovery period than hip replacement surgery as well as increased mobility compared to traditional hip replacement [4]. In cases where waiting lists for certain procedures are rather long, it is often much quicker (and in many cases, cheaper) to go to a foreign country and get the procedure done there.
If any complications from the procedure arise after the patient has returned to their home country there is little they can do.
Yet, the development of medical tourism has had an adverse impact on lower income families that are native to the countries providing services for medical tourism.
While people are not actually paid for their organs, they are reimbursed for expenses that they incur as well as for loss of earnings as a result of the surgery. Since the healthcare bill requires that a majority of Americans have insurance by 2014, this seems to predict a fall in medical tourism as a whole. As globalization becomes a more common phenomenon, it becomes increasingly clear that no profession is nationally exclusive. Where medical tourism is a new and rising phenomenon for Americans, US-outbound represents less than 20% of worldwide patient flows. But now many other small to medium scale companies have started software and product development and started entering into outsourcing software product development.
Travel health insurance is referring to your well-being while on the trip (the same as it would here in the states).
Ask your current provider about whether your policy covers you and your family while traveling abroad. When considering your options, it is best to assess all of your potential needs.
Depending on where you go (and what you plan to do) you may need more than just money for a doctor’s visit.
The site is updated frequently, offering different alert levels and descriptions of the diseases that may be harmful to a foreigner. If you’re a frequent traveler, you can register for an account with them to help keep track of your vaccination records. And be sure to research the country you are visiting and take the essential steps toward preventing local illnesses. If you know you’re covered, you can travel abroad with peace of mind. Combine that with some of the worst mortality rates in the developed world, and you start to understand how Americans are in a lose-lose situation when it comes to healthcare options.
Now, however, people from more developed countries like the United States are actually traveling to less developed countries for medical procedures [2]. In fact, medical procedures in countries such as India, Thailand, and South America, are a fraction of the cost of medical procedures in the United States. For example, people can go to a foreign country under the guise of a vacation, undergo cosmetic or sexual reassignment surgery, and then return to their home country with no one the wiser. Often wait times for certain surgeries can be up to eighteen months in a home country, while the same surgery in India or Thailand could be completed within a week and the patient would be home within two weeks [2]. There are no laws or regulations concerning international medical procedures, and in effect, those who do partake in medical tourism do so at their own risk. While medical facilities are targeting their business to foreigners, medical care for those who actually reside in the country are being put on back burners.
If more Americans have insurance, then it seems logical to conclude that less Americans will have to turn to foreign countries for medical procedures that they cannot afford otherwise. Not only do American companies not have to hire American workers, but Americans can also choose not to use American healthcare.

Dental will continue to rise especially for procedures such as All-on-4 (4 dental implants and full bridge) and All-on-6 dental implants, which can cost upwards of 60,000 USD for full mouth reconstruction with dental implants in the US. It is considered that, increase in business will be around 100% in offshore outsourcing product development. And even the “safest” places to visit don’t guarantee you won’t get hurt or fall ill while traveling. If your insurance does not provide coverage abroad, you should consider additional, temporary, health insurance while you’re traveling in another country. Some travel health policies include a wide range of emergency services, which can cover you even if you require evacuation by helicopter… so if you’re climbing a mountain, don’t skimp out! Department of State maintains a list of reputable companies that offer medical insurance for travelers, so check out their website if you don’t know where to start. In contrast, countries like India, China and Thailand offer healthcare procedures of the same caliber of the United States at up to one tenth of the cost. In these less developed countries, people are able to have medical procedures done at a fraction of the cost it would have taken back home, and often they receive better patient care than they would at home. For instance, while open heart surgery would cost up to $150,000 in the United States, it ranges from only $10,000 in Iran.
Medical tourism also allows people the option of having surgeries and medical practices that aren’t approved in their home country.
If medical malpractice occurs in the foreign country that an individual has decided to have the procedure in, they would have to try the case in that foreign country, a process that is often long and laborious [5]. In the case of India, medical facilities are being expanded and the government is putting even more money into the medical tourism sector, and at the same time they are ignoring the lack of medical facilities in remote regions of the country [3,6]. Yet while aspects of medical tourism are unethical with respect to the individuals native to these foreign countries, this doesn’t seem to be slowing the growth of medical tourism. The balance of the world is shifting in a way that is equalizing all nations, and this change is going to occur in all fields of work.
Making sure you’re prepared for a trip abroad includes more than just making reservations and packing, it’s important to plan for your health needs as well.
In addition, patients find it attractive that many of these countries offer procedures that have not yet been approved by the FDA.
Cosmetic surgeries in Costa Rica are normally a third of the cost that they are in the United States [3], and procedures in India can be as low as 10% of the cost of procedures in the United States [2]. To make matters worse, many patients are asked to sign liability forms that prevent them from being able to take foreign clinics to court. So while medical tourism might be helping the economy of less developed countries grow it has a negative impact on the native population of the region. A shift to government sponsored healthcare could also lead to a further increase in wait times for medical procedures. This shows a steady rise for the demand for global healthcare, and it is unlikely that a health care reform will drastically change those numbers. The fact is that dental tourism enables people from around the world to receive dental treatments that they otherwise would or could not, due to financial considerations. The procedures in foreign countries aren’t as strictly mandated, and while this allows them to offer procedures that are not offered in other countries, it also means that there is less of a concern for patient safety. As a result, the demand for medical tourism could remain high, as foreign healthcare services would be much more prompt than procedures in the U.S. When both insured and uninsured Americans were surveyed on whether they would consider going abroad for medical treatment if it was recommended to them by a doctor, 28% of the uninsured individuals said they wouldn’t consider it, compared to 22% of the insured individuals [7]. This shows that though cheaper healthcare might be one of the key reasons that individuals go to foreign countries for medical procedures, it is not the only reason, and the advent of more insured individuals may not result in a fall in the numbers of medical tourism. This seems like a reasonable conclusion to make, as it is the current situation in countries like Canada and the UK, who do have government sponsored healthcare [2].

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