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No one plans for a house fire, a flood, a tornado, a robbery or the unexpected death of a loved one.
The more information you can provide to an investigator and your insurance company the easier it will be to assist with an investigation or file a claim- that is compared to having no available information. Follow this procedure in each room, then create an electronic master list or an expandable file folder for the entire house. Electronic master list: Create a Word Document or an Excel Sheet and enter your information there.

Be sure to have antiques and jewelry professionally appraised and list those items in your insurance policy.
If you have any Home Inventory suggestions, tips or resources that you wish to share, please share those on our blog.
Even for those events we do plan for, such a major move, the occasion is enough to tip our anxiety level into a full blown panic.
Having one on hand will be beneficial to you on many levels and for many unexpected occasions.

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