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Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction, by impaired verbal and non-verbal communication, and by restricted, repetitive, or stereotyped behavior. A widely accepted explanation for an apparent world-wide, rapid acceleration in the prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has remained elusive despite intense scientific investigation intent on discovering the etiology of this disorder.
Previous research carried out by Harvard University psychiatrist and Pulitzer Prize winning author Dr. We propose a scientific study designed to expose an association, if any such association exists, between maternal recall of such an ETA event as described in Dr. This research project will attempt to document any correlations among volunteer mothers of children diagnosed with ASD who give a history of spontaneous recall (i.e. Funding that will enable this study to commence is hereby requested in the amount of $100,000. Could such a research protocol as that suggested above result in the acquisition of new information which might help to elucidate a completely unanticipated reason for the apparent acceleration in the prevalence of ASD world-wide? In considering ASD, we must acknowledge that we are confronting a relatively recently recognized variation in normal human development, the prevalence of which appears to be accelerating at a truly alarming rate, and the implications of which, for the future of humanity, could be nothing less than profound. Again, from Wikipedia:[“Autism has a strong genetic basis, although the genetics of autism are complex and it is unclear whether ASD is explained more by rare mutations with major effects, or by rare multigene interactions of common genetic variants. We can see that ASD is a disorder of relatively recent description that appears to be exhibiting a rapid increase in prevalence in our society and probably involves new (uninherited) genetic mutations.
Each of these elements suggest that a link between ASD and the ETA phenomenon, as described in Dr. For decades UFO researchers have been “leaning into the wind” as they have battled to increase our awareness and understanding of the UFO and other, possibly related phenomena.
The apparent rapid acceleration in the prevalence of ASD among our population may be one important manifestation of an extraterrestrial presence and intervention impacting our world. We could begin this process by designing and funding a research protocol, with the help of professional epidemiologists, which will address the important question of whether or not the ETA research previously accomplished by Dr. The balance sheet format summarizes the balance sheet accounts into assets, liabilities and owners’ equity. The balance sheet format helps the user by grouping these accounts into classes such as the function of the account, the business use of the resources, and whether resources and liabilities are short-term or long-term. The balance sheet lists assets in descending order of liquidity, with the most liquid assets listed first. For example, Sunny Sunglasses Shop lists the current assets in order of liquidity, or how quickly the asset can be converted to cash.
Cash is the most liquid of assets, but also may include treasury bills, money market funds, short-term loans, and certificates of deposit (CD’s).
Accounts receivable are what customers owe the company for products or services delivered on credit. Inventory is product for sale and is the next liquid asset because it is expected to be sold and converted to cash within one year. Finally, prepaid expenses are those expenses that are already paid for future services not yet received. Following investments are fixed assets, also called property plant and equipment (PP&E).
Fixed assets include office equipment, furniture, vehicles, machinery, buildings, and even land. Following fixed assets are nontangible assets such as patents, copyrights, logos, and other legal rights that are expected to provide long-term future benefits to the company.
The balance sheet format similarly lists liabilities as current liabilities, those liabilities or obligations that will come due within one year of the balance sheet date, and long-term liabilities that will remain outstanding for longer than one year.
For example, Sunny’s mortgage on the land is considered a long-term liability, but the $900 due within one year is listed as a current obligation on the classified balance sheet format.
The balance sheet format allows the financial statement user to quickly see which assets are short or long-term assets, and what the assets are comprised of in the business. Assets are divided into two broad categories on the accounting balance sheet: current assets and noncurrent assets. Current Assets, or short-term assets, are cash and other assets that can be reasonably expected to be converted to cash or consumed during one year. NonCurrent assets, or long-term assets, are not expected to be consumed or converted to cash within a year. The balance sheet format also allows the user to quickly see which liabilities are short or long-term liabilities, and what the liabilities are comprised of in the business. Like assets, liabilities are divided into two broad categories on the accounting balance sheet: current liabilities and noncurrent liabilities. Current Liabilities, or short-term liabilities, are those liabilities that are expected to be paid within one year. In the below classified balance sheet for Sunny Sunglasses Shop, a portion of the mortgage, $900, is a short-term liability because it is due within one year. The Indian Companies Act of 1956 schedule VI Part 1 requires companies to show assets and liabilties in a particular balance sheet format, but this website is based on US GAAP which may or may not fulfill that requirement. Net earnings increase retained earnings and owners equity, and owner withdrawls decrease retained earnings and owners equity. For a look at what increases and decreases retained earnings, please see retained earnings. The Indian economy is the ninth largest economy of the world and also one of the fastest growing world economies. Textile industry is a booming industry of India with India being one of the largest textile producers of the world.
Tourism is a still underdeveloped but potential sector in terms of contribution to the national economic growth.
Chemical industry, one of the earliest of all Indian industries contributes considerably to Indian economy and has been doing so since the times of independence.
In the recent times, the engineering and machinery sector has played a crucial role in boosting Indian economy and also developing other industrial sectors of the country’s economy.
The Information technology industry is a knowledge based industry with skilled professionals in India. The Indian finance market comprises the organised sector categorized into private, public and foreign owned banks and the unorganised sector including individual bankers or money lenders.

The real estate sector in India has developed a great deal by emerging as one of the fastest growing markets of the entire world. Retail industry is the chief pillar supporting the Indian economy and contributes 23% towards the national GDP. The Indian retail market is among the top five world retail markets in terms of economic value.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. State bank of India (SBI) has increased its short term Fixed Deposit (FD) rates by 1% from March 28, 2012. Its expected more banks would follow deposit rate hikes. Here is the advertisement. It shows Interest Rates payable and yield on NRE, NRO, Domestic Term Deposits (Fixed Deposit) and Senior citizens.
Domestic Term and NRO Deposits should remain for a minimum period of 7 days and NRE Deposits should remain for a minimum period of 1 year in order to earn interest.
Over the last 5 years, scientists have identified a number of rare gene changes, or mutations, associated with autism. This is extremely unlikely because, currently, our society remains trapped in a conundrum in which valid questions that appear to lend any credence to the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis will not be addressed by the wider scientific community.
Mack) long enough to inform ourselves about the UFO phenomenon and its associated Extraterrestrial Hypothesis currently recognize and acknowledge the existence of a great deal of evidence which robustly supports the conclusion that several phenomena surrounding the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis are real. Children born with ASD are suspected to have a heritable, but in most cases not inherited, change (mutation) in their genetic material (DNA). Complexity arises due to interactions among multiple genes, the environment, and epigenetic factors which do not change DNA but are heritable and influence gene expression. It is imperative that we also understand and acknowledge that the prevalence of this disorder appears to be increasing coincidentally with numerous reports, well documented by Dr. A total lack of research funding, denial, ridicule, and at times intimidation have presented nearly insurmountable obstacles to their attempts to increase our understanding of these extraordinary, but still largely discounted phenomena.
Accounts receivable are less liquid than cash, but are expected to be collected within 30 to 60 days per payment terms. For example, companies list investments that are intended to be held for longer than one year as a non-current asset in the balance sheet accounts.  Long-term investments include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and long-term notes receivable.
Fixed assets are productive assets that are not intended for sale, but are employed to support the production or the sale of product or services. Nontangible assets also include goodwill, or the amount paid for a company over its net book value. The short-term portion of the long-term liability, however, is listed as a current liability on the classified balance sheet format. Examples are accounts payable, current portions of long-term debt, and short term notes payable. The remaining balance of $17,100 is not payable within one year and is classified as a long-term liability. When rent is consumed it becomes a rent expense on the income statement, but only after prepaid rent is used up.
Income and expense items are temporary accounts shown on the income statement and then closed to retained earnings during the closing entry process.
So the owners equity account increased $200 from net profit last year, and decreased by $100 this year from withdrawls. This growth is attributed to various Indian industries which have grown tremendously post independence to increase national income, to generate employment and to generate foreign earnings. It makes a large contribution to the Indian economy in view of large proportions of its direct and indirect employees and its forex generation capacity. It manufactures 70,000 types of products ranging from toiletries and plastics, to cosmetics, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers and many more.
The roadways, highways, ports, aviation industry and railways, all form a part of the transportation industry. The IT–ITES industry is made up of the IT Services sector and the Business process outsourcing industry.
The country’s gross domestic saving stands around 32.7%, most of it invested in personal assets like land, property or gold.
Agriculture industry, apart from farming, also includes forestry, horticulture and fishing.
Also it is the fastest growing retail market of the world, again in terms of economic value. Mack’s abduction research, and the subsequent birth to that mother of a child that has been diagnosed with ASD. Statistical comparison and analysis will be made between those data and equivalent data sets obtained from otherwise matched mothers of children diagnosed with ASD but lacking a history of either spontaneous or hypnosis-aided recall of an ETA event. However, the broad majority of our society remain intransigently resistant to affirming and accepting this now obvious conclusion. The important question is – if the prevalence of ASD is in fact increasing in our society, then what is causing these new genetic mutations to occur? Therefore, a complete epidemiologic investigation designed to ferret-out the root cause of the new genetic mutation(s) responsible for the apparent world-wide increase in the prevalence of ASD should include an aim to define what role, if any, the ETA phenomenon might be playing in the origin and explosive evolution of ASD. Scientific freedom to investigate the UFO, ETA, and other possibly related phenomena has been severely and unwisely restricted.
We can then be set free to discuss, to share information, and to move toward finding answers to myriad questions concerning who these visitors are, how they are appearing here in our reality, why they are here, how they may have previously influenced human civilization, how they view their relationship to humanity, and, most importantly, how we might establish a less frightening, peaceful, and perhaps mutually beneficial relationship with them.
Prepaid expenses are assets because they represent cash payments already made for services not yet received.
For corporations, long-term liabilities may also include bonds payable, pensions payable, and deferred taxes. This leaves a net increase of $100, not accounting for any net profits (or losses) this year. India was initially an agriculture based economy but after liberalization norms of 1991 particularly, the services sector has taken a lead contributing the most to the gross domestic product.
The textile sector accounts for 14 per cent of the total industrial production, contributes about 4 per cent to the national gross domestic product (GDP), and earns India 17 percent of its total exports. Though India is a popular destination among all visitors, but a large section of foreign tourists arrive in India from America and England. India has rich history and is a land of cultural heritage. If we consider the third World countries, India is largest exporter of both heavy weighted or light machinery and other engineering products.

The IT–ITES sector contributes significantly to the Indian GDP as well as employment generation and exports earnings. The unhampered growth of the industry has been seen because of a large population, their increasing incomes and rapid urbanization process. It employs almost half the population of India and makes a contribution of 15.7% to the GDP. The retailing industry comprises of general stores, hand cart vendors, convenience stores and domestic outlets. Please consult a qualified financial planner and do your own due diligence before making any investment decision.
Such an approach could demonstrate a presently unanticipated and unrealized association between mothers with a history of ETA and the rapidly increasing prevalence of ASD world-wide. Additionally, discovery of a positive correlation would serve to alert mankind to a covert and ongoing program, conceived and enacted by extraterrestrials, that is apparently centered on the wholesale genetic modification of humanity.
Any question framed by the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, and there are potentially many such questions, simply cannot and will not be addressed by otherwise qualified members of established academia. Our society therefore remains mired in a present world view in which not only are we disallowed from submitting research grant proposals such as the “Hypothetical Research Grant Proposal” above, but we remain socially constrained from even asking such (possibly) relevant questions, even among friends and family. Leo Sprinkle may have an identifiable and causative association with the apparent explosive and alarming escalation in the world-wide prevalence of ASD. Intangible assets add long-term value to the company and are not expected to be consumed within a year, so they are classified as noncurrent assets. Im a grade eleven student taking introduction to accounting, and this may just have helped me pass my test tomorrow! Presently the agricultural, manufacturing and service sector account for 16, 27, 57 percent of GDP respectively. Added to it is the diversity in terrain which attracts tourists who wish to enjoy a complete package. A large section of capital goods essential for power plants, agriculture technology, cement and construction, steel plants and petrochemical units as well as mining essentials are manufactured in India. The recent years have witnessed tremendous growth in demands for both transportation means and infrastructure.
It has been the chief industry that has led the services sector account for a whopping 64% of the entire GDP. Though its share has declined over the years, it is still the means of securing overall socio-economic development of India. With considerable improvements in irrigation facilities, technological aids, modern agricultural practices, credits and subsidies, high crop yield has been secured. The new concept of retail supermarkets has worked well and these supermarkets account for 4 percent of total retail market of 2008.Last year the government has also permitted 51% of foreign direct investment in multi brand retail as well as 100% FDI in single brand retail. Scientific research intending to investigate and to potentially expose a heretofore unrecognized connection between Dr. Typically, autism cannot be traced to a Mendelian (single-gene) mutation or to a single chromosome abnormality, and none of the genetic syndromes associated with ASDs have been shown to selectively cause ASD.
This means that after agriculture, the textile industry textiles employs second largest number of employees. Medical, business as well as sports tourism has become popular lately and adds more to the potentials of this industry. For example the thermoplastic furniture we bring to use at home, or the medicines we take, or even the synthetic fiber we wear or use for other purposes, chemical industry is linked to all of them. India is also an efficient producer of tractors, harvesters, irrigation lines, earth movers, construction machinery, sugar mill machines, cars, commercial vehicles and air pollution control equipment. Indian railways is one of the biggest railways system of the world, is managed under one authority and handles around 17 million passengers daily. It is a well-evolved industry serving as a boon for economic development of India by providing long- term funds for development of infrastructure. The Green Revolution in India has brought significant wealth to the farmers of Indian states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. This is believed to further increase investments in the retail sector and take it to new economic heights. Mack’s research findings and the world-wide, rapidly escalating prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder has not, to date, been undertaken. Numerous candidate genes have been located, with only small effects attributable to any particular gene. Therefore, the development in this industry will definitely make the economy of the nation healthier.
Also, the chemicals which are processed out of the chemical industries are used for development in agriculture and other fellow industrial sectors in ways like consumer durables, lubricants for automobiles, in engineering processing, as insecticides or in food processing. India has 12 major and 187 minor ports, as well as 125 airports including 11 international ones.
As far as national exports are considered, IT industry accounts for 25% of the total national exports. The Union Budget of the year  2013 is also looking forward to enhance the sector sentiment more and towards re-stimulating its growth. Besides them, West Bengal, Gujarat and Maharashtra are key agricultural states of India which produce both cash crops and cereals. The large number of autistic individuals with unaffected family members may result from copy number variations—spontaneous deletions or duplications in genetic material during meiosis. But it is the roadways which are dominant transportation system of India, with the highway density of 0.66 km of highway per square km of land, comparable with America.
At the very least we can declare that we know enough about them to state with certainty that they exist. Mack’s patients report having experienced these alleged ETA events during their reproductive years, and many report that gametes, either sperm or eggs, were harvested from them, against their will, at the time of their alleged ETA. Given that they exist and that they are, without question, extraordinary, we can righteously postulate that their existence may be impacting our civilization in ways that, due to our imposed ignorance surrounding these phenomena, we have not yet been truly free to seriously consider and investigate.
Additionally, alleged ETA events have ceased as the “experiencers” have moved past their reproductive years and into middle age.

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