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A free online virus scan in pretty much what it sounds like an online based, free scan for virus and other malware.
My requirement is very simple, as I needed one tool that could check the database of all popular antiviruses & detect any viruses, worm, Trojans or malware in my uploaded file. Metascan-Online is a free online virus checker tool where you can upload any file and it would test it for the presence of viruses, worm and all kind of malwares.
The tool will analyze your file against 43 different antivirus engines at once, including ones used by popular vendors like Microsoft, Kespersky, McAfee, and AVG, it show you the result on the next page along with detected warning.

I was able to upload 7Z, EXE, ZIP and a few other similar file types to Metascan online, as well as other common files like image and documents. Results are really easy to read, a bright green check mark is placed next to each antivirus engine that identifies a file as safe and red mark with the virus name if found to be malicious. This kind of virus scan differs from traditional virus scanning mainly because the work is all done on server on the internet.
While I was searching for the tool, I learned on a pretty awesome tool and also some interesting finding that you will be learning this article.

You can head their homepage, click on “SELECT A FILE” to upload any file from use computer up to 140MB. Metascan also have Chrome extension that scan all downloads, an Android scanner, and one for Windows and Mac that checks any folder for malware.

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