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Boss Digital have a team of online marketing experts with a track record in increasing sales and enquiries for businesses. If your website is key to achieving your business goals, then having a website that has exposure and engages customers is fundamental to making your business as successful as possible. Our approach with clients looking for online marketing services is firstly to discuss their business goals and objectives. Searching Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website in relation to relevant, high traffic key phrases so that it achieves a higher search engine results page (SERP) ranking. Paid SEM activities helps you quickly learn what are the most important keyword search queries that provide target visitors to your website. Online Advertising is a broad of marketing and advertising strategies which deliver promotional marketing messages to the consumers with internet. Mobile marketing is an effective marketing technique that uses mobile devices as a medium for reaching out to potential customers without location limits.
Social Media Marketing is the process of getting website traffic through social media sites, like Facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Google +.
Landing page optimization is a focused aspect of conversion rate optimization with the objective of getting the visitors to your page and converted.
High conversion rate means a higher percentage of your websites visitors take the specific action that you want them to take and become converted customers.
Good copywriting will push the buttons of your customers and increase the chances of making a sale.
Lead Generation is the proactive of soliciting inquiries from potential customers, it is the first step also important part of a sales process. Our email marketing expertise will help you gather a subscriber list, tailor your email marketing campaign that fits your requirements. Loyal customers are those who give the sustainable place repeat business because they are satisfied with the products they get or the way they are served. To make your campaign more accurate and cost-effective, Boss Digital uses Re-Marketing & Re-Targeting to match the right message to the right people at the right time. We have been working closely with Boss Digital for some time and they offer good hands on service and value. Boss Digital are a pleasure to work with, they are professional, delivered an excellent website and provide a great ongoing service as a digital partner. I like working with the team at Boss Digital, every month we meet, discuss, and put ideas together to make the website and online marketing enquiries better! Boss Digital are our strategic partner for all our digital marketing requirements; the success of which has been due to their collaborative structured approach and innovative outlook.
The team at Boss Digital has over 10 years of proven track records in Strategic Digital Marketing. As the week draws to a close and our eyes increasingly drift away from our desks and towards the door, here’s something to keep you entertained until the clock strikes 5. From the Success Kid to Condescending Wonka, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to spend their Friday afternoon immersed in the wonderful world of content marketing memes? The meme has spoken: having a solid content strategy in place is the key to successful content marketing. This is what goes through many a company’s mind (more or less) when it is suggested they add content marketing to their busy schedules. While getting your brand message across may seem like your top priority, it is important to put your readers and their interests first.
We are genuinely passionate about that. It’s not about pigeon-holing what you do online into search, social, PR and display anymore. We build long term relationships with our brand and agency partners, always putting content where we think it should be; at the very heart of what you do. Content Amp is the new name (March 2013) for Search News Media, a content service launched in 2010.

Memes and content marketing: Two such great concepts coming together as one is a beautiful – and hilarious – thing. Content Amp announce deal with Adyoulike to create European leader in native advertising… Native technology platform and network Adyoulike announces major UK acquisition to create European leader in native advertising.
The Canadian insurance co is leveraging the five-time Cannes Grand-Prix-winning viral jingle for its biggest consumer push to date. The life insurance brand has licensed the multi-Cannes-winning YouTube phenomenon (with more than 100 million views on the platform worldwide) Metro Trains Melbourne campaign for its own purposes, tweaking the creative to serve its needs.
Working with TC Media to adapt the creative (most of which were already created by McCann Melbourne to encourage train safety), this campaign also marks the first consumer-facing campaign for the brand, which has traditionally targeted life insurance salespeople, brokers and agents on a B2B scale. Talking about death is a difficult thing for any brand, says Mike Stocks, VP, insurance marketing at Empire. Life insurance has seen a steady decline in Canada, with only 43% of Canadians owning a policy, down from 55% in 2006. The campaign targets mothers, 25 to 55, because research showed 93% of moms make the sole, or share with a spouse, financial household decisions.
Consumers are encouraged to head to the recently-launched, consumer-facing website,, where they can connect with insurance advisers and learn more about available products. Our online marketing agency in Hong Kong are committed to ensuring a high return on investment from our clients. We offer our clients a full range of online marketing services to suit your needs at any stage in your brand life-cycle, whether you are a new start up, or an establish business looking to gain more market share, we will plan and tailor the right online marketing services according to your needs. Following this, we will then assess the company’s business in the online environment, their current position and carrying out strategy and planning to formulate the best plan of action and supporting online marketing activities that should take place to achieve the goals and objectives set by the client. Boss Digital offers effective SEO strategies that make your website more appealing to search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu.
Boss Digital will put together different paid search engine advertising programmes incorporate with the major search engine players, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu. Boss Digital offers comprehensive online advertising services for you and help advertising online. It is driven by the increasingly rapid rate of the connections among mobile devices and internet.
Our creative experts help you create a high quality video that tells your story, sell your product, make a guide, and in fact do anything you need it to do.
Boss Digital can take care of designing a customer-friendly landing page for your business that increases the result of conversion rate by applying our unique and cost-effective conversion testing system. Boss Digital will help you find out the best possible user experience that meets your users’ needs and expectation by constantly improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure between your products and users.
Boss Digital has gathered a group of professional and multilingual copywriters who are aiming at creating powerful content for your businesses. By applying AB and multivariate testing, our team will help you find out the best possible design that persuading your visitors to perform the specific, desired actions that you want they to.
Boss digital will help you execute useful generation techniques to collect high quality leads to grow business on a regular basis.
We will make sure that the professional and distinctive E-newsletters will reach the right subscribers without getting caught in spam filter.
It is the basic of all marketing, that is to say, marketing is impossible without great content.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps businesses to gain an insight into the consuming behavior of their customers and modify their business operations to make sure that their customers are served in the best possible way. They have optimised our online enquiries through landing page development and SEM marketing. They worked with us on how to improve our business online, identified opportunities, and took us through each step to achieve our online goals. Without this, you will be creating questionable content that says nothing about your brand or business, confusing potential readers and jeopardising your existing and potential customer base.

You cannot expect to get onto page one of Google as soon as you launch your content marketing strategy. But SEO is a crucial element of content marketing – not only do keywords help customers find you, they also link back to products or more content to encourage sales or boost customer engagement. Make sure your posts are relevant, engaging and connect with your audience on a personal level to keep them coming back for more. We have changed the name to highlight what we have been doing for years already, rather than to highlight any major shift in direction. However, what he failed to add was that content can be toppled off its throne with a regal-like thud if it fails to keep readers engaged and entertained – a la the court jesters of yore.
But after seeing the campaign win at Cannes last year (picking up an astonishing five Grands Prix), he thought he found a perfect fit. One study by the Life Insurance Market Research Association found 65% were under-insured, if at all. As such, the TV campaign will largely live on specialty channels such as Home and Garden or DIY Network. The brand has also partnered with Zoom Media Canada to run the ads on its Fit TV network in Goodlife Fitness, LA Fitness, Nautilus Plus and Energie Cardio locations nationally.
Thus, we take pride in our abilities in planning, identifying opportunities, tracking, optimising and yielding the most value out of online marketing campaigns. We have experience planning and implementing niche online marketing campaigns for specialist service industries, to international online marketing campaigns for global eCommerce stores with multiple products. We consult with our clients on a regularly to ensure we develop and follow a road map that will yield the most out of the right online marketing campaigns according to the best possible return on investments at each stage of the campaign. We will continuously researching and always improving the keywords lists that are more relevant to your business.
Our marketing experts will put together a mobile marketing strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your mobile campaign. We handle the whole promotion of your brand from setting up accounts, growing your audience, and broadcasting your updates. So it is important to have a well-optimized homepage that immediately presents your business in a way that friendly shows your expertise and professionalism.
Boss Digital is aiming at delivering valuable, relevant, creative and consistent content for you to attract more customers. The conversion rate has been healthy throughout the year and steadily improving each month. Ranking high in Google is a combination of many different things, original and high quality content being just one.
We distribute your content, engage with native content producers and amplify what you have to say. Shout out for a content idea in a meeting and we hit you back with more angles than an hexagonal. Yes, we understand search engine optimisation (SEO), social media and PR; in fact, we often do elements of all these functions for our clients.
Boss Digital has grouped comprehensive website designing team that continuously make your home page remarkable and stand out. Our services are geared to taking your business or even just your business idea and turning it into a brand.
We will also provide a financially sustainable solution which meets all estimated program costs. In fact the team behind Content Amp has over 12 years online content and marketing experience.
But we don’t think any of these are quite as important as the creation of great content for future success online.

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