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Pass up the hotel, pass up the rental car and pass up the $126.00 checked bag, seat assignment and airport check-in bundled fee. You can choose your Spirit Airlines seat for as low as $10 each way or Spend BIG at $55 each way.
Las Vegas to Boston round trip Jan 19-24 for $148.20 total includes one checked bag and assigned seat each way.
An existing $9 Fare Club member can purchase this same ticket with seat and checked bag for $108.20 round trip. Ric Garrido of Monterey, California started Loyalty Traveler in 2006 for traveler education on hotel and air travel, primarily using frequent flyer and frequent guest loyalty programs for bargain travel. How many times have you raced through a European city, scrambling to find an internet cafe that will let you print out a boarding pass? As part of their new, user-friendly approach, Ryanair have launched their new app and mobile boarding passes. As Aer Lingus pointed out earlier today, you've been able to do this with them for three years (I had no idea). If your trip is seven days or more, this has meant that life is incredibly difficult if you don't want to pay for a seat. You'll also be able to reprint a boarding pass up to two hours before your flight, if you lose your phone or run out of power. It almost goes without saying, but you'll need to have a charged smartphone for this to work.

Another tip: as soon as you have your boarding pass, take a screenshot, so it's saved in your photos. Aer Lingus offers much of the same service, though only 30 airports allow the mobile passes through (Dublin does, Knock doesn't) - see the airports that allow it here. Or have you ever reached the check in desk at an airport only to realise your boarding pass is safely tucked away at home? Available on iPhones and Android (suck it, Blackberry users), the app will let you book tickets and buy extras, check in and create a boarding pass that will be scanned at the airport, in exactly the same way a paper one would be. Their new (irritating) seat allocation service means that you can only check in seven days in advance of your flight if you don't want to pay for a seat.
This is because you'd need to check in while you're away, and find a printer to get your boarding pass. Just use it to check in up to seven days prior to your flight, and your boarding pass will be saved on your phone and ready to scan at the airport. When I initially checked in with my Android phone, it was quite soon after the scheme was launched. The process is similar to the one you would go through on the website itself, perhaps even a smidgen easier.
This saves you any hassle if the app decides to crash, or if you can't access it for some reason. If you're happy to pay (starting at €5) then you can check in up to 30 days in advance.

Of course, you will need internet access - find somewhere with WiFi to avoid racking up roaming charges. I would suggest that you don't do this for the first time when you're in a fluster, or nearing the deadline of 2 hours before your flight. Also, remember that your passes are checked at various stages - at security, at the gate, on the plane and even sometimes upon landing. Seems like a good investment of $60 for an annual membership if you fly Spirit on three one-way routes in 2016. It took several attempts to work, and my boarding pass disappeared from the App before my return flight, prompting conversations with the Customer Support team on Twitter. You'll also want to ensure you have good internet access - if your signal cuts out half way through, you'll likely mess up the process.
Just remember to cancel the frequent flyer program auto-renewal if you don’t fly Spirit Airlines frequently. I doubt they'll be too keen to let you crouch down with a charger for a few minutes at the gate.

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