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Until I started talking with friends later in life, however, I had no numbers with which to compare how many books I read a year or how long it took me to read one book.
The other night I took an online test for dyslexia, one of those that list ten or so symptoms and you try to figure out if you have any and how many. It seems strange, perhaps, that I waited until I was forty-seven to wonder about this possibility, particularly with my cousin’s history.
To finish the story, my slow-reading and inability to finish as many books as others has never stopped me from buying them (both brick and mortar and Kindle).
So I think if you have dyslexia, it was only half the problem at college, but perhaps one that needed to be solved before you could learn to study. I was always a quick reader, to the extent that they put me in grade eight when I was tested in grade six for reading, comprehension, etc. I am thankful I am just slower than, perhaps, average (whatever that is) but some of it seems to be practice, too (i.e. I think most who can read a book in a day or two either dont watch tv, dont work or on holiday or they dont have a life.
I’m too busy writing, working, with kids or sleeping to sit around for hours on end reading. I don’t have much experience with dyslexia but I have heard there are many ways of coping.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The Lexercise Screener is a free, online dyslexia test that provides insight into your child's reading performance in just 10-15 minutes. Secondary consequences may include problems in reading comprehension and reduced reading experience that can impede growth of vocabulary and background knowledge. This Definition is also used by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). Studies show that individuals with dyslexia process information in a different area of the brain than do non-dyslexics. I talked about it in a previous blog, having just recently ordered a copy of an old childhood favorite, Nunzio, from a used bookstore through ABE Books. I was a straight-A student in high school and my cousin was struggling (I believe even to the point of being at risk of failing out of high school). I dropped out, never to ultimately finish college (the company I started contracting with was the same one with which I just finished my twenty-three year career).

I just always told myself, one day when I am laid up with a broken leg, or completely retired, I’ll never run out of books. My brother, Steve, is dyslexic and found that what works for him is wearing yellow-tinted glasses.
I was the same – junior high I never studied, I just did the work, and got excellent grades anyway.
But there are times when I seem to go back and forth, back and forth, and it sometimes takes me a while to get it. But when the difference is being able to read 1-2 books per year versus several dozen, I want to enjoy as many as I can. Books are just not as thrilling as a movie at least to me and I have read some great books over the years.
Middle and High School students may pick up schedules while at 'Meet the Teacher.' High students will be issued Chromebooks.
I then became great friends with a voracious reader and the numbers of books he read per year staggered me. Our habit is to watch television or read for an hour or two before sleep—we intentionally go upstairs early for just that reason. It was actually a reversal of my own stance on the Kindle (or any eReader), believing them to be utilitarian and not needing things like web browsing, email-reading, etc.
At least to a degree (there seems to be a spectrum of different symptoms and severity levels). Somehow that color fools the brain into seeing words as they are written, bypassing the dysfunction. But now that I look back, even in those moments where I was knuckled down, I could not concentrate for but a few minutes and I was ready for bed (no foreign substances involved).
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These difficulties typically result from a deficit in the phonological component of language that is often unexpected in relation to other cognitive abilities and the provision of effective classroom instruction.
I mean, other than writing, there was nothing I enjoyed more than curling up with a good book. I was a year ahead of him and after graduation was accepted to a very selective private college in Iowa (Grinnell College). I was eventually expelled from school for my poor grades after my sophomore year (ironically it wasn’t the GPA, it was the fact that I failed two classes out of five in one semester).

Now I have to try and figure out where you go to really get tested and, more importantly, where to figure out a program to help. Because it was easy for me to pass tests, first of all, I thought I was smarter than the other kids, and secondly, it got the attention of the schoolyard bullies!
I do plan to see about testing, if for no other reason than to know (and to gain some knowledge into what might help). The next year, my cousin (an Iowan, as I had been until age twelve) applied and was accepted.
That is truly my worst affliction—I never forget a face but cannot remember a name five seconds later. That’s amazing that it took until the research to discover that you met so much of the criteria.
I would start many, but one of the main things I hated about reading is that it made me tired. His discovering and working on his dyslexia had allowed him to raise his GPA to straight-A’s and that, combined with an excellent score on the ACT exam, got him into the same school (we were able to play football together, too).
I don’t know if there are different forms of dyslexia, perhaps there are, but you might try it.
I finally chalked it up to my being a writer and that I liked to savor the words (on the Kindle, I do stop to highlight particularly well-written phrases by my favorite authors).
Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, Pre-Calc—the teacher would teach the lesson, I would complete the homework (usually right there in the last fifteen or twenty minutes of class) and ace all my exams. That was the kick up the rear I needed, and I studied (probably excessively) for the next 7 years (2 years senior high, 5 years college) and got great grades. So I went back to the University of Wyoming, did better (much easier class load), but by then I was completely disenfranchised with college altogether. Not as much as with an actual book, but the length of time I can read and the speed at which I read are noticeably slower. I’ve also noticed the tiredness creeping back in, though apparently not as much as with actual books.

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