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There is a new scam that is being perpetrated on unsuspecting vehicle owners that everyone should be aware of so they can protect themselves and their vehicles. When a person habitually receives tickets and does not pay or contest them, their vehicle’s license plate will eventually be placed on the “booting list”. What they do is take their license plate and put it on your car, while they take your plate and put it on their own vehicle.
Now, when our booting trucks come around and see the license plate that is on their list, your car is going to be the one that is booted. A usually well-informed source passed along a rumor to the Agent that Top Fuel driver Brittany Force reportedly was licensing in a JFR Funny Car this week so that she could drive a new Monster Energy-backed FC at the new sponsor’s request. In fact, Furr and Bertozzi will be among a handful of drivers trying to double-up at The Rock.
In Competition Eliminator, which showcases the greatest diversity of all with dragsters and roadsters competing against coupes and sedans, the favorites are Daniels, son of former NHRA standout Garley Daniels Jr., and Treadwell, daughter of many-time national event winner Glen Treadwell. November 19, 2014 by growingwiththetans 2 Comments Christmas is just around the corner, and although I know there have been some posts about banning toys as gifts, I feel that there are some toys that are worth getting for children, as I believe in learning through play. The website itself is easy to navigate, and I spent quite some time checking out the various categories, before zooming in on the toys. As you can see, there are 1,582 toys to choose from, and I had a really tough time trying to select some for Noah. Noah has been getting more easily bored during our car rides, and I thought that this would be a good way to keep him entertained, and help him to develop his fine motor skills as well.
This looked like a fun way to teach children how to tell time, and younger kids can also work on their puzzle skills.
I’m including this in my list even though I have it already, because I think it is very useful. I’ve been eyeing the Leapfrog Mobile Med Kit for some time, and when I saw that it was actually cheaper on Lazada than in the stores, I quickly added it to my shopping cart. Playmobil is a well-established brand, and I love the many different themed sets that they have.

Mega Bloks is a good introduction to the world of building blocks, as the pieces are large and perfect for small hands to grasp.
After spending hours trying to decide which of these to get for Noah, I finally selected four items, paid for them via Paypal (you can pay by Visa, Mastercard, or Amex too), and waited patiently for them to arrive. In addition to Top Dragster, Furr also will compete in Super Gas, a class in which he has won eight times at the divisional level. However, it’s been nearly impossible for me to even step into a toy store with Noah recently. I usually try to get him educational toys, toys that encourage creativity, and recently, toys for pretend play.
There are quite a few different activities for him to work on, and I liked that it can be zipped up, and carried around quite easily. I also thought it was a fun way for Noah to learn how to count, since his version of counting these days is “One, four, seven, two, one, ten!” I figured I should at least try to help him a little in this aspect, before he goes to school in January! I liked how cheerful it looks, and how practical it is, since it can be used to teach a variety of things. It was one of the first few educational toys I got for Noah, based on a recommendation from a fellow mum. I like how unique it is, with its 3D ferris wheel, and a real, spinning carousel, which is a real change from the traditional puzzles. Now that Noah is older, he is more interested in pretend play, and I thought that this would appeal to him, since it comes in an ambulance (he loves vehicles of all sorts). This one appealed to me because of the potential for pretend play, and also because it actually has a working fire hose! It encourages pretend play, and teaches a wide variety of things, such as numbers, colours, scanning, weighing, and sorting. There are six SmartPoints that introduce fun phrases, sound effects, and melodies, when you use a SmartPoint vehicle (the set comes with one) with it. Each block can be easily connected and disconnected, so even the very young ones can learn how to use them.

Lazada sends out both an email and SMS notification when your order is being processed, so it is relatively easy to track your items. The items are delivered by different suppliers, which mean you get the thrill of receiving many different parcels. I’m really glad I got it even though Noah is too young for it at the moment, because I adore Duplo and Lego.
He runs around crazily, tries to convince me to buy something for him, and protests loudly when it’s time to leave.
I shortlisted these ten toys, and thought I should share my list here, for those of you who might be looking for gift ideas. I’m not very good with phonics, so I use this to help me guide Noah in learning phonics.
I think this will be a real hit with many children, though some adults might not quite appreciate having wet floors or furniture. I also like that the track pieces can be varied, allowing for different combinations, and of course, creativity. There are also many ways to use them as an educational tool, and children can learn how to sort or stack the blocks according to a particular sequence. Thus, I was glad to learn that I can buy toys for kids online, as Lazada Singapore offers a wide range of toys, among the many other products that they have.
Traumatised from Aion, remember?) Sadly, this clan does not yet have a website but here’s the APB Metropolitan Police Service clan recruitment thread. I feel obliged to point out that they probably have no affiliation with, and are unlikely to be endorsed by, the actual London Metropolitan Police Service.Edit: Now with added female officer! From those early days of The Hobbit (say to Thorin “Carry me please”) she graduated to Lucasarts adventures and western C-RPGs. Eventually she found first-person shooters, Japanese RPGs and survival games and is now a fully-rounded gamer.

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