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Game of strategy in which two players move checkers around a board; players try to collect and bear them off while preventing the opponent’s checkers from moving. Each of the counters used to play; the checkers are moved from one point to the next based on the number of pips shown on the dice.
One of two checkers belonging to a player placed at the start of the game on the opponent’s inner table; it must leave that position before any other checkers of the same color can be moved.
Line that divides the board’s inner and outer tables; the checkers hit by the opposing player are placed on it. One of the two small cubes marked on each side with one to six pips; the checker moves the same number of points as the number rolled.

Table that a player’s checkers must enter before they can be borne off; the player who first bears off all his or her checkers wins the game.
Area with 12 points that the checkers must move across to reach the inner table; opponents move in opposite directions. There are many excellent board games based on books, which we featured previously on BoardgamesMessiah. You may be good with words, but can you come up with the right ones in the right categories?
Choose how much speed you need on the timer, then roll the dice to determine the first letter of the words you’ll come up with.

Then come up with the most creative words that fit the category and start with the letter you rolled.

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