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XML is a format for representing as well as communicating data using a self-describing way. Document Type Definition and XML Schema are the two well know concepts being utilized to defined the structure of XML documents.
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The other good news is that validation tools give you a huge boost when it comes to making your XML documents free of errors.
So, knowing that your XML documents are bound to have a few mistakes, how do you go about finding and eliminating the errors? The first time you create a document, consider taking it for a spin through a validation tool without associating it with a schema.
Errors occurring during the well-formed check include typos in element and attribute names, unmatched tag pairs, and unquoted attribute values, to name a few. After you've determined that your document is well formed, you can wire it back to a schema and take a shot at checking it for validity. The error actually randomly came and I don't recall even touching this file but maybe I just cant see the problem.
However, XML must adhere and comply with a set of rules that specify the strucuture of XML document. Imed Bouchrika received his PhD degrees in Electronics and Computer Science from the University of Southampton in United Kingdom in 2008.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If not, get ready because debugging is often the most difficult part of any software development project. Not only do most validation tools alert you to the existence of errors in a document, but also most of them will give you a pretty good idea about where the errors are in the document. The first step is to run the document through a standard XML parser to check that the document is well formed. It is often helpful to test an XML document for well formedness before taking things to the next level and performing a full validation against a schema. At this stage the tool will report only errors in the document that have to do with it being well formed. These errors should be relatively easy to find, and at some point you should get pretty good at creating documents that are close to being well formed on the first try. If you accidentally close an element in the wrong place with a misplaced end tag, it can really confuse a validation tool and give you some strange results. He has been in the industry as a software developer for over a decade primarily designing and developing interactive web applications. Remember that any validation tool will check if a document is well formed if you don't associate the document with a schema.
In other words, it isn't too terribly difficult to avoid the errors that keep a document from being well formed. Keep in mind that you are working with a very demanding technology in XML that insists on things being absolutely 100% accurate. There is no doubting that you'll get an error report, but it may not isolate the error as accurately as you had hoped.

At the same time, he worked as a research fellow at the Image Processing research group at the University of Southampton investigating the potential use of gait as new biometric for forensic and security applications. Even an experienced XML developer can overlook the most obvious errors after staring at code for long periods of time. You must use elements and attributes in the exact manner as they are laid out in a schema; anything else will lead to validity errors. It's even possible for the validation tool to get confused to the extent that a domino effect results, where the single misplaced tag causes many other errors.
The process of repairing invalid XML documents is in many ways similar to debugging software. Not only that, but XML is an extremely picky language, which leaves the door wide open for you to make mistakes. So, if you get a slew of errors that don't seem to make much sense, study your document carefully and make sure all of your start and end tags match up properly.Beyond the misplaced end tag problem, most validity errors are relatively easy to track down with the help of a good validation tool. However, XML isn't a programming language and XML documents aren't programs, which makes things considerably easier for XML developers. Errors are, unfortunately, a natural part of the development process, be it software, XML documents, or typing skills that you are developing.

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