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As the new year approaches, business owners should review the past 12 months, looking at what worked and what didn't, and making sure they don't repeat any mistakes in the year ahead. It's important to look at all aspects of your business, from sales to marketing to operations and employee relations.A great way to find out how your business is regarded is to just ask your customers directly.
Many banks offer services that make it easier for businesses to accept credit and debit card payments and enable you to deposit checks directly from the office?improving transaction efficiency, reducing costs and boosting the bottom line.Consider using a credit card to make your own payments so you can hold onto cash for longer.

Kristin King, vice president at Rockford Bank & Trust and a government guaranteed lending specialist, notes that as 2015 comes to a close, business owners should be reviewing their financial statements and business plan. And if you don't have a written business plan, you should write one for the next year."A business owner should always know where they want to go and a business plan will help to keep them on track during the year," she says.
That investment can be in the form of purchasing equipment, investing in technology, reducing debt or holding the cash for working capital.

Try not to take all profits out of the company but instead concentrate on growing the company for the future."When planning for the new year, diligently monitoring your transactions, expanding customers' payment options, optimizing your cloud strategy, and reviewing your financial statements and business plan will ensure you build and expand upon your previous success.

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