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So, now that we have a decent understanding of what Provident Fund stands for, let us add a slightly touch of complexity. Assuming that you have working knowledge of working with the internet (we are pretty sure you have this knowledge), here are the simple steps that will allow you to check you EPF balance online in a matter of few minutes.
Open your preferred browser that you use to browse the internet (this should usually be your default browser). The very moment you select a state, a table will show up directly below the state selection area. Fifth column: tell you the exact date till which the EPF data has been updated for each office.
Take a note of the region code (which is essentially a constant value because there will be only one code for the whole region) and the office code.
The fourth column of the table, which sums up the office names is actually a column of links.
The first field: With Region and Office code pre-populated, you will see three more boxes on the first field. The check box: Just below the form made up of the above three fields, you will see a box which has an agreement clause. About Latest Posts trafficchallanWe are team of enthusiastic blogger and we like to share information that is easy to understand. Hello Sir, kya aap ye details hindi main bata sakte hain ki hum EPF ka balance kese check kare. Dear Sir my EPF no is 2449 and I am working at Jeevika office at gaya district (BRLPS) please tell me how to see EPC ?
Yes rolta employees can also check their epf balance using the process mentioned in this post. Since TCS maintains their own TATA fund and have their own EPF Fund also so they do not share this information publicly all TCS employee on payroll can access their EPF statement through their internal site called ultimatix. I would like to bring your notice that I had applied for PF withdrawal form no 10c and 19 since 3 months back but still I have been searching the way to whom I should knock?? I use the Web 9 to 10 hours a day, for work and for pleasure and I get highly irked by crap websites. So, exactly 24 hours before the flight time I did just this, and was asked to enter details such as passport number etc.

Emirates used to be quite a good airline, but recently their standards have started to slip. I agree that the website doesn’t have British in the list and has United Kingdom instead, but does it really matter? As a point of note , not to be rude , but the fact tha you actually got in touch with the web check in team just to prove that GREAT britian is not there in the list essentially proves your mindset to me.
Touch the salon location that that fits you best, tell us your name, number and how many are in your group. So, the question is, ‘Why should you not keep a track of your money even if it is your provident fund earnings?’ After all, it your own money and you pay for it from your monthly salary. The actual name of this savings is Employees Provident Fund, which is usually abbreviated as EPF. There will be no more standing in queue, grinning at the pathetic attitude of the government employee behind the desk who has time for virtually everything in this world except for pulling out your records and giving you the details you seek! Still, we recommend using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome because most of the government run websites seem to perform well on those two browsers. On the page that you see, you will see a link which says, ‘Click Here to Know Your EPF Balance’. Once all the data is provided, and the submit button is active, proceed and click on ‘Submit’ button. Since you have resigned you will have to contact separation team of TCS for this information. Presumably they’re cutting corners in order to stay afloat (aloft?) in the current economic climate. The country is on a double dip recession please dont tell me that its GREAT britian anymore , its after all britons who voted for the current ruling party isnt. Then, head right over to your Great Clips salon to receive the quality haircut or service you want. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! In case you are still in the shadow or you are misinformed, let us clarify the overall concept of provident fund in a few words. The reason why we didn’t give a complex definition is that at the end of the, everything, no matter how complex it is, boils down to this basic concept.

The term ‘Employees’ has been added to clarify the fact that provident fund is meant only and only for those who are in service with a registered business on a contract of monthly salary. Remember that currently EPF data is available only for 120 EPF offices spread across India. Remember, there can be multiple offices in a single region and each office will have a unique office code.
For example, if the EPF slip reads your name as “Govardhan Murari” (without the quotes), you should enter it as Govardhan Murari and not as GOVARDHAN MURARI or any other variant. So be happy and carry on with your life mate , its a small thing , after all differences based on countries , your passport and your dientity and language was all made by us humans we are bound to make mistakes. We are living the dream age of Digital India and government seems to be hell-bent on taking all services online.
It may happen that data from the office where your EPF details are located may not be there. You should be very careful here because in case of any mismatch, the system will fail to pull out any information.
Essentially the agreement clause is a declaration which, to summarize, states that all information you have provided are your and that by providing the mobile number, you actually agree that government will send you SMS notifications about your EPF balance.
Similarly, a person sweating in a tea stall just as a labor or perhaps the person responsible for cleaning the floor of a local bicycle store is not entitled for EPF. The information about your EPF balance will be collected from the database based on your name and EPF account number and the details will be sent to you through SMS. The moment you click on the check box, the Submit button below becomes active, which was until now, inactive and not clickable. If your computer is somehow compromised through techniques like phishing or spyware, the data displayed on the web browser may be captured by unwanted people. If you lose your mobile number then… well, it is EPFO office and not search and retrieve department of your local police.

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