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If builders built buildings the way most people use QR codes today, the first woodpecker to come along would destroy civilization.
The most common mistake made using QR codes is sending users to a website that is not optimized for mobile devices like smartphones. To help in determining how a mobile user sees your webpage on their device, QR4 has introduced two mobile device browser emulators that allow you to see what your (or your competitors) web pages look like on a Samsung i9000 and an Apple iPhone 3GS. Use the above two mobile view services to determine if your web pages are suitable for use with mobile devices and QR codes.

If the screen view is partial, the text unreadable and navigation not clear and not easy to 'tap' on then please reconsider the use of QR codes, as you will not be doing anyone a favour by doing so, least of all yourself. MobiCheckin is your best friend when it comes to managing guest lists prior to and during your events. Create your event online, and try our smart guest import or choose the efficiency of our registration forms to invite guests. Monitor arrivals on the device of your choice, find guests who already checked-in, those who did not arrive, get notified when VIP arrive and get full analytics for your event in real time. Be one of the receivers of our weekly newsletters, news, updates and success stories about MobiCheckin! This results in a poor user experience and if used in marketing campaigns, a guaranteed fail.

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