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The introduction of low cost carriers may have changed the travel industry worldwide but in Europe is has been far more successful than anyone would have ever imagined. I read some stats somewhere that 1 in 3 people use tripadvisor before booking any travel and that the site has over 40 million people visit a month.
I’ve heard about so many different places and even visited a few from recommendations from like minded people on twitter. I once tweeted complaining about the lack of sleep at a particular hotel and they tweeted me back offering a full refund! I wrote about what backpacker communication used to be like before everyone had mobile phones.
There was a time I ran out of fuel in Australia and waited 4 hours for the next car to pass.
Having a mini computer in your pocket helps you check everything from weather, directions, hotel reviews and even allows you to make bookings for countless things from table reservations, hotels and flights. It’s also easy to keep in contact with your travel buddies and arrange to meet up somewhere again on the road. If like me you don’t like queues at the airport and often travel with just hand luggage then you will also love the fact you can check in online. All those people queuing and stressing out as I casually go through security and walk directly to my gate with my printed out boarding card.
I love airports, to me they are so interesting and exciting but online and mobile check in is so helpful especially if you are taking a short flight with just hand luggage. I once saw a job on a freelance writing website that was writing reviews for a particular hotel for Trip Adviser.
It’s still a great website and most of it’s reviews are legit but really a job writing reviews!
I agree the forums are amazing – The other thing I like about tripadvisor is being able to see user images of the hotel or guesthouse rather than just the glossy ones on their own website! Travel is my main passion, I explore the globe in search of new experiences and epic journeys.
Traditional face-to-face check-in is being fazed out in UK airportsThen there's the complexity of it all. Inattentive parents, bickerers and hot tub canoodlers: Are YOU guilty of the 10 most annoying hotel guest habits?
It comes to my attention that most people in Cambodia are not used to using online web check-in prior to flight boarding. Most 0f the airline websites will allow you to check-in 24 hours prior to the departure time. Now to arrange your seat in advance, you can either do the web check-in within 24 hours of departure time, or manage your booking online 48 hours prior to your departure date.
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With over 40 established low cost airlines in recent years it has been genuinely possible to get a return flight for as little as ?4. People now take random weekend breaks to places they have never heard off and have no expectations. In my opinion tripadvisor has made hotels up their game and offer better service to make sure their reviews aren’t too bad.
There are a lot of fake ones on there but more importantly you don’t know who wrote the review by this I mean you don’t know their personality or travel expectations. There are millions of people who use the community and travel experts or locals from each destination. People in the know can update you about parties or events happening and travel bloggers have an audience to get their interesting experiences and stories out. A social network is like a notice board or rack of leaflets of things to see and do whilst you are travelling. Hotels, airlines and whole host of other travel providers all interact with their customers and potential customers on social networks, giving you greater access to special offers, deals and allowing you to get quick answers to your questions. Social Media, if done correctly, has made service and interaction throughout the travel industry much better. As much as I loathe seeing people constantly staring at their mobiles as if something magical is about to happen, they are a useful tool in the modern world.
With a mobile phone I probably could have located the nearest petrol station or town and called a taxi to come and get me and take me to the petrol station. I actually have a little smirk on my face as I stroll into an airport an hour before my flight. Touch the salon location that that fits you best, tell us your name, number and how many are in your group. And, most heinously of all, that if something is online, it is automatically quicker, better, more modern, more effective a€“ an all-round leap forward for man that makes the planet sparkle as it spins.In the third case, I'm referring specifically to something that, if you listen to the major airlines, is an 'innovation' right up there with the invention of the wheel and the discovery of penicillin a€“ online check-in. They have a great weekend the country gets a boost in tourism and the airline makes it profits. For example, I’ve stayed at some very basic guesthouses and been more than happy and wrote a glowing review. So if you’re confused about where to buy train tickets or not sure on some ferry schedules then you can post a question in their forums and generally expect and answer the same day!
Then, head right over to your Great Clips salon to receive the quality haircut or service you want. This, the aviation companies would have us believe, is a gleaming example of travel evolution that sucks the frustration, stress and delay out of confirming a seat on a flight. If you put a seasoned 5* traveller who is used to staying in some of the best hotels around the world into that same guesthouse then it’s obvious their review might not be as favourable as mine. You need a working printer to produce your boarding pass (so hard luck if you're on a beach with a laptop).

Now I won't have to queue at a desk or do any of that mundane stuff'.The whole process is hassle-free and oh-so 21st century. But hey, it's all way more simple than the bad old days, when you had to turn up at the airport and get a check-in staff bod to take care of it for you. It must be, because it says so in the airlines' self-promotional bumf, probably next to an image of a smiling and undoubtedly blonde model lightly stroking a laptop with her flawlessly manicured fingers. Oh, hang on.However, what annoys me most is the way that online check-in has become, almost by stealth, the default procedure a€“ to the extent that you can barely opt for the traditional in-person method of check-in anymore.
Arrive at a British airport these days and you will probably find ten or so desks given over to 'Baggage Drop', but only one or two open for old-school check-in.
I hadn't checked in online, for a variety of reasons a€“ only one of which was that I would rather deal with a real person face-to-face.
I stood in the 'Check-In Assistance' queue a€“ and was promptly hauled out for interrogation.There were furrowed brows.
There was an intimation a€“ unspoken, but all too clear a€“ that I might not get on the flight. After all, I had only turned up three-and-a-half hours a€“ yes, a last-minute, seat-of-the-pants three-and-a-half hours a€“ before the flight was scheduled to depart. It's the same slow check-in process of old, with a new element of night-before faffage bolted on. I'm all for the internet (bearing in mind that I'm writing this blog for a website, it would be hypocritical and not a little stupid to be anything else). Why can't there be a half-and-half divide between 'quicker' lines for those who find online check-in useful (I'm sure there are some who do) and 'normal' queues for those who consider the right to be processed by a human being a small but valuable part of the increasing cost of an air ticket.It's not as if everyone in the world has a computer or is au-fait with the internet. Are these people to be penalised, to miss their flights, in this 'bright' new dawn?Of course, I do understand why online check-in is becoming ubiquitous.
In an ideal world, airlines would like us to clock on via the internet and travel without bags a€“ thus enabling them to cut staff numbers and save on fuel by flying lighter planes.
Ryanair are quite naked about it a€“ the 'budget' airline now levies an A?8 return-journey charge on 'clients' who want to check in at the airport, and A?16 to transport a bag in the hold on both legs of a trip. And like a good boy, that is what I did for my flight home from San Francisco, firing up a computer the day before and checking in online.
I arrived at the airport 90 minutes before departure to be told that, 'sorry, the system unexpectedly logged you out.
Cue more furrowed brows, keyboard-tapping and, finally, a spot at the back of the plane by the loo.

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