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With trials having commenced on 6 November at Jetstar Asiaa€™s hub at Singapore Changi Airport, customers on selected routes with no check-in baggage and visa requirements can now bypass check-in counters, allowing for a hassle-free pass direct to the transit area.
Jetstar Asia CEO Barathan Pasupathi said the airline is excited to be the pioneer among LCCs in Singapore to offer this new innovative service, which would elevate the flying experience and deliver greater convenience to customers.
Mr Tan Lye Teck, Executive Vice President for Airport Management, Changi Airport Group said, a€?We congratulate Jetstar Asia on the launch of its a€?Straight to Gatea€™ initiative.

Customers on selected routes can check-in online, print boarding pass, proceed to immigration and head straight to departure gate. Lorel ipsum IY I?.
Although 78% of respondents consider queuing to be a local tradition, the experience is time-consuming and can often be frustrating, with one in four identifying the airport check-in service as the queue they dislike the most. Customers travelling on selected routes can simply check-in online, print the boarding pass, proceed to immigration and head straight to the departure gate.A Customers with checked baggage or those who require visa verification will still need to visit any of the Jetstar check-in counters to get their boarding passes endorsed.

Instructions will be provided during the online check-in process, and indicated on the self-printed check-in document.

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