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Many holiday makers need to book tickets quickly and be able to find out about flight times, faqs, problems and anything else related to their flight. Registering on British Airways is quite easy, as long as visitors have a valid e-mail address. Joining the executive club will provide customers with a number of benefits which can be used on a holiday or on business.
Thanks to "My Account Online", manage easily personal and professional areas from different accounts provided online (Santander, Gmail, NHS, Barclays etc.).
British Airways has come under fire over the privacy of passenger information.Some 2,000 airline staff have access, via iPads, to passenger data in the a€?Know Mea€™ scheme, which BA argues will create a more efficient and personalised service for customers. Around 4,500 passengers a day are expected to be greeted personally by staff by the end of the year. BAa€™s head of revenue and customer analysis, Jo Boswell, added: a€?Solving problems at the point of failure is a lot more powerful than waiting until after the event. The new app will be launched by BA on Monday and will be initially available on flights form Heathrow to Edinburgh and will be used on all domestic flights by the end of August.

Chris Davies, head of digital marketing, said: 'Mobility and convenience is key for our customers, so that no matter where they are, they can turn to their mobile phones to find the very latest information about flights, check in times and even access boarding passes allowing them to stay one step ahead.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Luckily, visiting the site will allow people to do just that in a few clicks, and it also has related mobile apps which users can quickly download. Our website is a support made to explain easily how to sign up and use daily internet services. Staff will be able to find out details such as a customer's travel and complaints history, while using Google Images to search for pictures so they can spot a passenger the next time they take a flight. It will become available for long-haul flights after that.The appa€™s interface will also give customers instant access to their Executive Club details and updates on flights, check-in times and boarding gates. It is very intuitive to use the BA site and visitors don’t need to be experts in order to be able to find out information about their flight. Wea€™re committed to putting our customers in charge, making the British Airwaysa€™ travel experience even easier.' British Airways was the first airline to develop an App for customers for the launch of the iPhone in the UK in 2008.

There is no worry of having errors or of things not working particularly well on the site, as information regarding flights and booking times is usually immediate. It is much quicker to find out about flights here than using more traditional methods such as your phone. In order to find out the main features of the site, please keep reading the paragraphs below. ItA  will be free for anyone who join the Executive Club.Customers with Android and Blackberry phones will also get a version of the British Airways app.

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