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One of the best things about GrammarBase (apart from the fact that it’s free) is that it can be used directly.
Using GrammarBase to check your writing(s) for any kind of Grammatical errors is extremely easy.
If you take a look on the left, you can also see a summarized listing of the grammatical errors found in your write-up.
Today, I want to share five common mistakes to avoid when writing business proposals, or any pitch for that matter. If your mail happens to be featured here as a bad case study, please take it as constructive feedback.
My next steps were then to (a) check my availability, and (b) decide if I want to take the offer up or not. One subject line and three paragraphs into the mail, and I still have no idea what this mail is about.
If anything, this mail reads more like promotional drivel to the end consumer (whom you want to sell your product to) than a collaboration pitch to a prospective partner. My guess is that the person simply copied and pasted the sales copy from her product sales page.
However, because Paul had written such a pleasant opening message which clearly showed an understanding of my blog, I was keen to hear him out, even if it was indeed a PR pitch for something. As it turned out, he was pitching an event which was not relevant to PE since it was lifestyle-related. I’d say the more individualistic your audience is, the more important it is to have a customized and personalized message.
I genuinely think that the person who wrote the mail is a very nice guy and has a good heart, but he made it extremely difficult for me to read the mail because of the callousness to proper punctuation and spelling. As much as it is a bane to flood your recipient with information, it is also equally bad to provide inadequate information.
I couldn’t figure out if the person was trying to make a pitch or pitching for a pitch.
At the end of his mail, Justin attached a PowerPoint deck which had more details, should I be interested to know more.
Conversely, if Justin had NOT attached the PowerPoint deck, and had only written a few-liner mail asking me if I wanted to know more about Evolve, I wouldn’t have responded. Poor grammar and spellings in e-mails, blog posts, blog comments, web forms, and other kinds of online writing can be a major turnoff for the readers.
Although most browsers have a basic spell check feature that checks for simple spelling mistakes, it does not proofread your writings for advanced grammar and syntax errors.
It not only performs spell checks but also uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to perform advanced checks and corrections for double negatives, redundant phrases, verb confusions, misused words, style, and much more.
Once installed, After the Deadline adds a check button (ABC) to editors you use around the web. It scans your writings and highlights spelling mistakes in red, grammatical errors in green and syntax errors in blue. Right click on the underlined phrase or word to see some of the suggestions that it has to offer and choose or ignore the suggestions as per your discretion. It allows you to select the proofreading options that you want, like checks against complex phrases, cliches, redundant phrases, double negatives, jargons, biased language, etc. In case you forget to scan your text entry before submission, After the Deadline notifies you with a message to verify whether you want to submit it before proofreading. The settings or options for After the Deadline can be accessed in Firefox by going to Tools tab on the menu bar.
After the Deadline is not just another spell checker; it is smarter as it considers context to suggest what you really need. An online grammar checker tool helps you to minimize your writing mistakes and makes your college essay, business articles or blog post even better. Here are our favorite best five free punctuation checker tools that will be useful for you. Grammarly is the most popular widely used an excellent tool for any grammar, spell check, and punctuation issues. All over the world, more than four million people (students, teachers, writers, bloggers, script writers and business professional). For example, Grammarly premium comes with plagiarism checker and provides vocabulary enhancement suggestions to improve your writing. Grammarly can find for more than 250 errors, but MicroSoft Word or other text editors can’t do.

WhiteSmoke’s free online grammar checker and a web application that allows you to check your grammar, spelling, and writing style for free.
WhiteSmoke will improve your writing by catching common grammatical, spelling and syntax errors. If you want to correct your misplaced semicolons, comma splices or other punctuation errors, you should trust your writing project to ginger. The Paper Rater tool useful if you are looking for a free proofreading tool, I suggest you try it once.
Paper Rater has options to scan writing based on your education level and the type of content you have submitted for example university research paper, business report, blog post, academic essay, etc. Language tool is an open source software for checking grammar, punctuation, and online proofreading software for English, French, German, Dutch, Romanian, Polish, and more than 20 other languages.
Reverso is an online grammar checker that can be utilized for proofreading content written by you. You need not to create an account for getting started.  All you need is to visit the Reverso Grammar Checker page with following interface. At the bottom section exists the ‘Translate’ button that can be utilized for translating the text to specified language. Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every now and again with all latest news.
GrammarBase provides you an easy to use and simple method to check your writing for any and all sorts of grammatical errors. As illustrated by the above screenshot, the user interface of GrammarBase, while being quite busy, is as simple as it gets. Once you click on the Start Checking button, GrammarBase works its magic for a few moments, and then returns the errors found. Clicking on any of the items in the list highlights the corresponding error in the writing. Having flawless grammar is one of the fundamental requirements of being proficient in not just English, but any language (your fella here is a Grammar Nazi!). Only a handful gets my attention, and for those that do, it’s usually due to (a) a match in business needs and (b) good pitching skills. While my recommendations are subjective, they are based on my experience receiving AND writing collaboration proposals and pitches for the past years of running my business.
This was confirmed when I scrolled down and found over 30 paragraphs of text, most of which were not relevant to me as a potential collaborator but probably to someone who was considering buying the product. These same people are so busy wrapping their brains around high-level business issues and decisions that they have little capacity for email and reports which have little bearing on their agenda. If the person needs to read and re-read your message to get your point, you have failed the test. I have responded to generically addressed pitches before because I was interested in the ideas presented. In fact, I am so adamant about it in the past that I specify it as one of the things I don’t want to receive emails on in my contact page. Do you have any which can be tied to personal development and the messages that PE embodies?
It was the National Cancer Center of Singapore, and I eventually did a feature for them by way of my interview with cancer survivors.
It basically shows that you either have a bad command of English or can’t be bothered to check for errors before sending. I tried to give it a read, but had to give up after a few seconds because it was just too painful to get through. Why would you send an email with barely any information, then ask for permission to send details? I did open the deck (11 slides with strong statistics and convincing details) and scanned through the contents. Why? It also allows you to change your proofreading language from English to French, German, Spanish, or Portugese. Through Chrome and Firefox, you can take this powerful proofreader anywhere on the web, be it twitter, facebook, linkedin, or your regular email window on gmail, yahoo, and more.
They are worried about proofreading and correcting the errors in their thesis, dissertations, and other project reports. They are used this online grammar & plagiarism checker tool for daily writing purpose and proofread their articles. The free version includes multiple options and checks your grammar and punctuation to the fullest.

Features include: Plagiarism Detection, Auto Grader, Spelling and Grammar Check, Style and Word Choice Analysis, Readability Statistics, Title Validation, and Vocabulary Builder tool.
A valid point written in incorrect grammar might not be able to leave a lasting impression on mind of a reader. It must be noted that Reverso restricts you from checking more than 600 characters at a time.
After a very short processing the errors will be highlighted and the suggestions will be  presented to you. The good thing about Reverso is that it not only lets you find errors, but also suggests corrects at same time. It provides accurate detection of various common grammatical flaws like spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, contextual errors etc.
Essentially, there’s just a text box where you have to either type, or paste the textual content that you want to check for any kind of grammatical errors.
All of the detected instances of Grammatical errors (punctuation mistakes, spelling mistakes, incorrect usage of identifiers etc.) are underlined in different colors to distinguish one type of error from another. As illustrated by the above screenshot, you can simply click on an underlined error to see what kind of error that is (GrammarBase also offers editing services, but they are paid). By then you would have lost your prospect’s attention and your mail is probably in the trash. I also could not decipher the gist of the proposal despite scanning the mail several times.
The important thing was that it contained information on whether I should collaborate with Evolve Media or not.
Because (a) Justin bothered to attach it, (b) his opening pitch was sharp and enticing enough for me to want to read more. How can you work on those problem areas and deliver a sharper, stronger pitch the next round?
If you are a blogger or an online writer, you would certainly not want spelling, grammar and syntax errors recorded in your name permanently. In order to avoid these errors, After the Deadline has designed a comprehensive proofreading system for Google chrome and Firefox. The After the Deadline preferences window will open up wherein you can select the language and proofreading options you want. Whether writing for the web or just interacting with friends, After the Deadline makes sure your online presence is always polished. However, there are a lot of punctuation, spelling and grammar checker tools that can be used to correct the smallest mistake in your assignments. Reverso free online grammar checker is a 100% free applications for which you don’t require paying a single penny. If your are not comfortable proofreading by yourself then Reverso online grammar checker can help you in such scenarios. The restriction for checking only 600 character at a time is disappointing otherwise the application is great. In addition, GrammarBase can also detect incorrect use of modifiers, prepositions, quantifiers and things like that.
To its right, a simple info graphic clearly explains what GrammarBase is, and what it does.
If the mail as much as juggles my cerebral cortex by way of heavy jargon and convoluted language, it’s out of the window.
Of course, it also helps if you have a large presence, strong value proposition, and relevant angle in your pitch.
Once done checking, GrammarBase clearly indicates all the errors found in your writing by highlighting them. You can also click on a detected error to see a small pop-up that explains what kind of error it is. All this information should be presented up front within the first few paragraphs, ideally the first two.

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