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Another tip on how to check grammar mistakes would be to watch out for red lines in your Word document. February 25, 2016 by Chamal Priyadarshana 6 Comments Writing a grammatical and spelling error-free article is crucial.
That’s why proper usage of punctuations can decrease the ambiguity and make your text easy to read and understand. In fact, an article with a proper grammar and punctuations is tens of worth than hundreds of articles with chunky text and tons of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Even though, you might not think about it, checking grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors is so important than writing article. So, how do you check grammar and punctuation errors in your articles, essays, reports, blog posts, etc.? And if you know any other punctuation checker tool, please let me know in the comment section below. Check for Content Plagiarism: If you are a blogger just like me, you would know the Google Panda update pretty well. English grammar check: With the ability of check over 250 English punctuation and vocabulary errors, you can turn your errorful article into error-free article very quickly. If you are searching an excellent spelling and grammar check tool to correct punctuation and wording errors, I recommend Grammarly tool as I am currently using this tool. PaperRater is an online proofreading tool that correct all grammatical and spelling errors for free of cost. Check grammar, spelling and word voice: Apart from just fixing grammatical and spell errors, PaperRater also corrects word voice.
Overall Paper Rater is a simple, yet another powerful grammar corrector tool for school teachers, students, kids and content marketers alike. Grammar spell check and correction: All grammar errors will be highlighted in green color and suggest the correct version of it.
Active and passive voice suggestions: If you write blog articles, then you should use active voice rather than passive voice.
All spelling errors will be marked with red color and other grammar and diction errors will be marked in green color. could probably be the best distraction-free online grammar check tool that can identify common grammatical errors in English language. Highlight grammatical and spelling errors in English: All grammatical mistakes are underlined with a red color line and spelling mistakes are underlined with a green line. Print Text: Right after creating your error-free English article, you can print the document very easily.
I use Ginger Proofreader for more two years, and it’s a complete grammar and punctuation corrector tool. Language tool is such a useful Open Source based multilingual proofreading software that comes with the license of LGPL 2.1. Contextual Spell Checking: In some occasions, your wording might be right, but not right as general writing rules. Print error-free Article: You can instantly print your text document using the Print command. Save and load text from Cloud: Another useful feature for people who write articles often using different devices. But, what’s the even worse is when your article doesn’t have punctuation marks in proper places.
Even though you can use a grammar check service, it will cost you a few hundreds of dollars for an article. As you need a quick solution for your grammar and punctuation mistakes, using an accurate and a robust grammar and punctuation checker tool is the best way to go.
If I didn’t use a punctuation checker tool for this article, I wonder if you could understand the text I wrote! There are at least 5 second language errors in these sentences that first language grammar checkers won’t catch.
Are you not a native English speaker or facing grammar and spelling mistakes when writing articles?
When I start blogging I was afraid because of English, I am not expert in this and believe me it is not essential. We as a blogger just want to share our skills with other online readers who wishes to learn new things or searching solutions to FIX their problems. Long story short, the core summary of the above paragraph is, you should know the basics and some advance knowledge about English language. So, I found some of the 11 Best Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools to fix common English mistakes that may cause of feeling embracement when we blog in English as a primary language.
Grammarly is vital online grammar checker tool, and I highly recommend it over other tools.
It instantly starts working when you write something and check errors with upto 250+ grammatical rules. Plagiarism Checker is another best feature of this tools that can help you check duplicate content. Plagiarism Checker and some advanced features are available in Premium Subscription, but you can use the free version for checking basic errors. As you know, that writers need grammar checking tools at any place and for those Ginger proofreading tool is best.
You can install Ginger on your computer as well as in web browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari. PaperRater is a freemium online grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checker tool for articles checking. PaperRater Plagiarism Checking feature is the best way for checking duplicate content issues, you just upload, type or paste your content and hit the button, it will check text plagiarism with over ten billion documents.
It has the ability to correct spelling errors, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary mistakes while we writing articles and also have auto-grader function that help to Grade articles. PaperRater is available in free and paid versions, but it does not have computer software or browser extension so you must have an internet access for using. As I say above, It underlines wrong words with the red and blue line that represents complex words. You can use this free grammar corrector tool for checking contents written in upto 8 languages. Spelling Check Online is an excellent online grammar tool to write error-free English articles and can be used for spelling and punctuation checking. In case, you want to check grammar or proofreading, they offer a free grammar checker in which spelling issues, styling suggestions, and grammar errors underlined with different colors. LT is one more open source proofreading, free grammar, and spelling checker available to correct English mistakes as well as German, French, Polish and more than 20 other languages. uses an advanced web-based grammar engine to optimize text by solving grammar and spelling mistakes that we never notice.
Online Text Correction is another free online grammatical errors and spelling checking tool for fixing grammar mistakes.
You can use this simple tool for addressing spelling and grammatical issues but cannot check punctuation. HemingWay is an online tool provides spelling and grammar checking opportunities with some extra features.

Like it also comes with visual text formatting feature, so you can completely write an article within this editor by using italic, bold or heading tags, etc. So, Following are some excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation checker tools that you can use for correcting grammar mistakes.
I am personally using GRAMMARLY ONLINE GRAMMAR CHECKER for handling proofreading and grammatical mistakes, as it checks 250+ rules. With lots of features, that’s the reason I highly recommend using it for improving your English writing and articles too.
That being said, it is tough to measure just how accurate these are when compared to one another. You’re absolutely right Nataly, Grammarly is the all-in-one tool for grammar checking. These type of tools are really very needed while writing to ensure that your articles are error free especially if you’re the type that can hardly spot out errors on your writing. Among the list, I’m only familiar with Grammarly and its really a very credible tool, I’ve been using it for awhile now I love it :). However, I will try and check the other tools you mentioned here to see what I can do with them. I have tried some of your mentioned online grammar checkers in the past, after that I moved to Grammarly Pro. By using best online proofreading service or grammar check service, you can be sure that your document will be ready or polished for submission to your university.
After performance of all these functions by editors, students or any individual can present 100% correct document. It is also crucial to know the best way on how to check grammar mistakes in Word as to make sure that you can submit a winning paper. The grammer checker is designed to give you a warning in terms of capitalization, sentence structure, improper use of words and punctuations. One of the main advantages with hiring professionals is that they will not only assist you on how to check grammar mistakes but can do the entire proofreading anytime, anywhere. But, even your article is 100% grammar and spelling errors free article, if your punctuation strategies are weak, you are not a successful writer. But, if the sentences and paragraphs don’t convey the idea what you want to say, your article isn’t good, right?
But, some of them are useless and don’t have important features that a main grammar checker tool should have. Millions of professional businessmen, teachers, students, marketers, bloggers and common people all around the world use these grammar checkers on daily basis.
It will be helpful me to improve this article and help improve other people’s writing skills. Not only me, more than 4 millions of people use Grammarly to check their grammatical and spelling errors with Grammarly and correct them instantly. With Grammarly Microsoft Addon, you no-moreover need to copy and paste articles to the online grammar checker websites. Generally, it takes about 5-10 minutes to correct all grammar mistakes of a 2500 words longer article. One writing style couldn’t be right with traditional English grammar, vocabulary and punctuation rules.
The proper use of this tool will make you a better writer day by day and show you how to improve your writing ability and minimize failures. Also, all spelling mistakes will be highlighted in red color and suggest the correct words. With PolishMyWriting tool, you can easily get correct suggestions for every active and passive voice rule. If you need a basic tool to check common errors in English grammar of your articles such as “in table” instead of “on table”, OnlineCorrection would be the best text correction tool. If you need to check grammar, punctuation, spelling and wording of an article and also translate it into over 40 languages, so Ginger software could be your best choice. Grammar errors, spelling errors and punctuation errors are a few problems I face when writing an article or letter. As a premium user, you can use this feature every time you want to translate any text into over 40 languages. Download it over here and create own custom grammar correction tool that supports to your native language. So from today, no more want to ask this question because you can develop your proofreader software (with the features and tools you want to have) and correct all sentence errors.
You just need to paste your text (or start writing) and select the particular language your text is written. Even you are a professional writer, poet, author or a freelance copywriter; you would make lots of grammatical and spelling errors. A Sri Lankan blogger and Internet marketer who likes to help people succeed in online marketing. That’s why as an ESL teacher I always recommend a particular website which is not on your list. If yes then you’re not alone, I am also in the line ?? Have you tried Online Grammar Checker Tools for writing errors free articles?
So, to share your skills with others, you should know how to write posts that readers understand easily. You should know how to deliver your voice into words that readers can readily understand instead of making them confuse. Grammarly also helps to find the synonyms of any word, just double-click on any word it instantly suggests synonyms for the desired word. OR if you offer Guest Posting on your blog, you can check whether guest content original or not with this awesome feature.
Rephraser helps to write the same meaning of the sentence by using different words that make the sentence more attractive.
Ginger will help you any time at any place to solve your grammatical errors and spelling errors because you can use it on Android phone, iPhone or any smartphone. After The Deadline is also known as PolishMyWriting and is developed by Automattic Inventions. But by visiting AtD site, anyone can easily use this spelling and grammar checker to make their articles error-free. You can check Spell and Grammar one-by-one by clicking provided buttons located at the top of the windows.
You can quickly replace any word with suggested words to make your content more user friendly.
But remember one thing if you are using this tool, you should check contents with a professional editor or proofreader to validate that your materials are good as it should be. It can help you find grammar and spelling errors that a basic checker cannot with highlighting wrong words in yellow and pink colors. OpenOffice, and Mozilla Firefox You can also download the beta version for Google Chrome to take maximum out of it. It looks like a standard editor with all the basic functions such as creating new document, save document and also printing facility.

You can monitor words, paragraphs, characters, letters, reading time, and readability grade.
It can also handle everything essential for the web, including formatting, links and HTML heading tags.
Desktop App of this spelling and grammar checker tool also available for Mac and Windows operating system at the price of 9.99$.
Though there are also many others available on the net, but I have created this list after checking every single tool one-by-one. You should first try the FREE version, if you feel satisfied with it then don’t hesitate to buy premium service. He has good skills in WordPress and Blogspot, Blogging Tips, SEO, Make Money Online, Computer tips and also Creating tutorials. If you are unsure about any of them, I would alternatively suggest a premium Grammarly account, which appears to have a great reputation among publishers. For me, as not a native speaker, it’s really necessary to use grammar checking tools. Give her a quick punctuation quiz that will test her knowledge of commas, capitalization and more.
If you no longer have access to the e-mail address associated with your account, contact Customer Service for help restoring access to your account. Some minor grammatical errors or spellings you generally ignore and remain unnoticed while you are writing, this ignorance affects your designation adversely. The most convenient feature with Word is that this allows you to immediately see errors as you are typing. When dealing with images in a document, Word also gives you options on its text wrapping as to make sure this will not replace any captions included. We know how challenging it can be on how to check grammar mistakes which is why it is crucial that you know where to get help when you are struggling with proofreading your paper. Business professionals, college teachers, university lectures, bloggers, students, and even professional writers use this powerful grammar check tool to make error-free articles. If you want a distraction-free interface to work in comfortably, OnlineCorrection tool would be the best grammar tool of you. As a person who used Ginger proofreading tool in past, I recommend you to use Ginger grammar check software on your PC.
You can download the entire free grammar check software either from Language Tool over here or from GitHub over here.
These metrics not only important for content marketers, but also for college students, teachers and professionals too. If I didn’t use a punctuation checker tool for this article, I wonder if you could understand the text I wrote! Grammarly is the best tool to check Grammar errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation and it also helps to enhance vocabulary.
It checks the content in thousands of website it has stored in its Database and alert if the content is not original or already written on another site. Ginger have many features, one of them is the translation that help to translate any paragraph or word into 40 different languages. You can craft impressive and high quality sentences with just a simple one click option with this option and it will rephrase word with antonyms, idioms, synonyms, and phrases.
You can check your contents quality with the number of education levels such 1st Grade to 12 Grade, College, Graduate, Doctorate, other, and also article type. It is an online spelling error, grammar suggestion, and style suggestion tool that is very helpful to check common grammatical mistakes that we made while writing content.
With the visual formatting feature, you can make your text italic, bold, underline, list and many more that are not available in other online grammar checkers. Now it's getting from Zero to more than 20k unique visitors per month with the power of SEO. In companies, business or organization you can stand out of crowd only by writing and submitting error free reports, dissertations or documents. The red line indicates wrong spelling and you will be given suggestions for potential correct spelling.
There are many ways on how to grammar checker in Word and the best part about this is that this allows you to easily see the common errors whether in grammar and spelling. Not only in Microsoft Word program, Grammarly Addon also supports to all other applications of MS Office as well. Ex: If your name is not an English related name, they will be marked as a wording error in most grammar checker tools. By using Ginger Grammar Checker tool, I created 3,000+ words lengthier articles like Twitter unfollow tools, SEMrush review, Keyword research for YouTube video and motivational network marketing quotes on success. But, Ginger’s punctuation check tool is a perfect solution to check spelling and grammar for writing easy-to-read and understandable articles. As Google grammar check tool, Ginger software also will analyze common errors in each language. From Linux based operating systems to open source browsers like Mozilla and word processing software like LibreOffice, we can download them, change the source code, develop them and distribute. Text analysis will help you write a natural and an interesting article that pleases people. They are designed for American college students, not bloggers writing in their second language.
It’s absolutely free for personal use as well as commercial and available under the GNU General Public License. When writing using foreign terminology or in another language, be sure to double check as Word oftentimes automatically corrects spelling errors. Even though, I know that I am a genuine article writer, I have practiced to check plagiarism of my content in every time I write a new blog post. As Google check grammar quality of your articles, you can be safe with Grammarly grammar checker tool. With Vocabulary Enhancement, you can find synonym words and make your dead articles meaty and interesting articles.
With Premium plan, you will get Text-Reader to hear any sentence or paragraph that is not available in free version. Everyone detests documents which are ridden with grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.
Vocabulary Enhancement tool will help your blog post to rank for number of unpredicted keywords higher on SERP. Your writing style should be so attractive and impressive that can mesmerize everyone in a very first attempt. Therefore, it has become necessary in every field that your document is written with perfect English.

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