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With the increasing rate of inflation, everyone is trying to save as much money as one can so that one can easily meet all his expenses. The best strategy that can be helpful in saving money and meeting all the expenses in an effective way is to create a budget worksheet. After making the exact estimate of earning and expenses, you are then required to fill out the financial report worksheet. When you have completed the use of budget worksheet for one week, month or year, you will be able to make the next budget worksheet.
In this way, you will develop better management techniques and will be able to meet all of your expenses within your income without taking any loan or debt. Therefore, it is a sensible suggestion of using budget worksheets to gain a sense of control on your assets.
With Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s passing on 23 March, 2015, at the age of 91, it signifies the end of an era. I decide to write a post to follow the steps of history to see how Mr Lee Kuan Yew built the miracle, transformed Singapore from a fishing village to a first world country and changed everybody’s life here.
Today Singapore is a marvel of modernity and one of the richest countries in the world – the Monaco of the East. He recognized that Singapore did not have any natural resources to claim as her own and that Singapore did not have sufficient capital and experience in the export markets. As Singapore’s economy was a fragile one, and vulnerable to external forces that could derail the economic progress he was building, he introduced the civilian army.
He was also much criticized for his liberal use of the powers of detention without trial under the Internal Security Act. Older Singaporeans would also remember the ‘stop at two’ policy, which was meant as population control due to Singapore’s small land size. No matter what your view is of Lee Kuan Yew, he is no doubt, one of the greatest gifts for Singaporeans.

Our literacy rate improved from 52% in 1964 to 90% in 1990, which improved the quality of our workers. With overall improvements in the economy, technology, and medical industry, the average life expectancy of Singaporeans were increased to 74 years (in 1990) from 65 years (in 1959). In the last 5 decades, our economy has surged at a pace that outperformed many stronger economies around the world like the US, Hongkong, Japan, etc. If we look at Singapore’s economy as a business, I guess Mr Lee, being the top manager for Singapore, must have thought the same. He has garnered more than 10 years' of knowledge and experience providing financial advisory services to both individuals and businesses. No summer in New York is complete without a trip to Governors Island, NY’s car-free oasis in Upper New York Bay.
Creating budget worksheet is though simple and easy task but it can be difficult if you are not having an exact idea of all the expenditure of yours. These weekly, monthly and yearly budget worksheets give you an accurate idea of the earnings and expenditure during the whole period. On this worksheet, you will record all of your expenses you made during the whole period in each category of the expense.
Based on the prior financial report, you will now make the expenditure and savings in a better way than before. You will also learn the ways of handling and compromising with your wishes so that you can manage the money easily. Under British colonial rule, Singapore grew in importance as a centre for both the India-China trade and the entrepot trade in Southeast Asia, rapidly becoming a major port city. He tackled racial issues, pushed for meritocracy, undertook urban construction, industrial development, made educational reforms, promoted women’s rights, and built public homes.
So, together with his team, he encouraged foreign direct investments by introducing friendly business policies and took actions to raise the living standards of its people.

Particularly in the West, he was criticised for curtailing civil liberties (public protests, media control) and bringing libel suits against his political opponents.
Subsequently, when Singapore was faced with low birth rates, Lee introduced the very controversial Graduate Mother’s Scheme, which favoured the children of mothers with a university degree in primary school placement and registration over the lesser-educated, in a bid to encourage this selected group to have more children. However, Mr Lee is more than just a manager, because the manager does things right, but the leader does the right thing. In this way, you can get exact estimate of how much you spend each week, month or year not just how much you perceive to be spending. In the meantime, you will also be recording the particular amount of money you are earning in that period. Singaporeans, young and old, and even foreigners who had made their home in Singapore, lined up in the blazing sun for hours to pay their respects to the one man that led Singapore to what it is today. Post World War II and facing imminent withdrawal of the British Army, Singapore was a struggling seaport with no natural hinterland or natural resources.
He was an intelligent visionary who engineered and transformed Singapore to what it is now in the space of less than half a century. Most importantly, he made English the common language to integrate its immigrant society and to facilitate trade with the West. He also formed the “Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau” to tackle corruption in the Singapore as be believed that corruption would hinder economic progress.
From this, you will easily get the idea that how much balance able you are to keep balance between your expenses and income and where the need of improvement lies in this particular behaviour of yours. This will be done when you will subtract the expenses from the total income and calculate your saving you made in that particular time.

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