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Similar to the corporeally influenced casting choice in Foxcatcher, Tatum was cast in Magic Mike because of his past as a stripper (in fact, the movie was based on his particular experiences in the field).
While it may not be as blatant as, say, Nightcrawler — another searing satire of the American dream — Foxcatcher isn’t too bashful about its politically allegorical structuring of a true story. Raised by his brother Dave and never traditionally educated, Mark Schultz represents a working-class ideal. Mark continues training on Foxcatcher ranch, but only communicating with his brother; du Pont gets hideously jealous. 1976 LANDCRUISER FJ40 RV 2F SWB, 6 cyl, original good old tuff shorty, go anywhere, bucket seats, extractors, good tyres, not rusty, always sheded, ready for rego or the bush. For he’s been taught, from a young age, by his older brother, that his body is what people want from him.
That is because they are some of the toughest, hard working vehicles, built to handle the roughest terrain, and yet be very comfortable on road as well.
Gary is widely recognized as an expert in the art of properly building and setting up a land cruiser.
In fact, his recognizability, and the tabloid-baiting things his body connotes, provide an extra layer of foreshadowing as to the dark places the film is going. Tatum has become known as the stuff of fantasies — with unparalleled musculature and attractively dumb (and dumbly attractive) features, his brand (aka body) is one that we’ve come to equate with anti-intellectualism.

In one scene, after du Pont (who disdains his mother’s choice of sport) assembles a prospective wrestling team at the Foxcatcher ranch, he begins replacing her shelf of horse trophies with wrestling trophies, suggesting his ideal of these men as something bestial.
When du Pont later shoots Dave three times (twice in the back as he’s crawling away), the scene elicits a near-physical pain in the viewer. This FJ55 has less than 57,000 original miles on it, and features 4 wheel drive (both High and Low Range) with external locking hubs.
Because when a celebrity wears a prosthetic nose, it gets talked about! But a nose is, ultimately, just a nose. His body, it seems, becomes a synecdoche for the narrative, and for the envenomed political allegory underlying the whole film.
When your body is your moneymaker — when you’ve morphed it to such an extreme that it’ll earn you Olympic gold — how do you use it to do everyday tasks, to express everyday affection?
And since he cannot literally hollow out Schultz and overtake his body, he can at least, depending on how you interpret an intentionally ambiguous scene, penetrate it. His body’s expression of a propensity toward self harm — while his body also continues to express its own idealized beauty — is harrowing. One, two, three — with each systematic shot, his body becomes less and less of a functional entity, until it also turns off his mind. To make this car more fun to drive, the original 3 speed transmission was replaced with a 4 speed.

There’s a whole body in this film that we should be talking about (and beware, in our discussion of that body, there will be many spoilers).
Tatum’s body pretty much exhibits, in one scene, a summary of the uncanniness of having a body. Power Steering was added along with an Air Conditioning system that runs R134a, to keep the insides cool.
Champion athletes become comically literal representations of a nation’s strength, so, at least for a few moments in the spotlight, his herculean form was America. Of the wounds made when someone else tries to claim ownership, and of the mind-body dissonance that violation creates. Of the body’s general complexity, and of the not-at-all complex gestures that could break the whole machine.

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