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Driving through red traffic signal may cause a loss of driving license if the driver is involved in an accident. Dubai Expat Blog covers Life in Dubai with news and reviews on eating out, shopping, technology, transport, business and lifestyle.
But if the citizens do not follow the rules, no matter how many schemes the Government props up with, this all will be in a vain.
Police are close to filing charges for the fatal Malibu car crash caused by Caitlyn Jenner on Feb. The Los Angeles Times reports that LA County sheriff’s detectives are presenting prosecutors next week with evidence that points to misdemeanor manslaughter. A six-month investigation into the crash revealed no cell phones were used by the people who were driving. One report of the crash says that Kim Howe, 69, rear-ended Steindorff on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, and then Jenner rear-ended Howe, pushing that car into traffic. A LIFE-sized Batmobile with a working flamethrower is set to get Batman fans bidding as it goes up for sale later this month. A YOUNG mum has terminated her pregnancy after finding out her unborn child had mermaid-like tail. A BRIT schoolgirl from London who fled to Syria to join ISIS with two friends has been killed in an airstrike. The BT Media Remote controls the iPhone when I am driving so I don’t need to look for an on-screen control. Satechi offers control of many items with this remote , including the ability to use it as a presentation remote or a remote camera shutter, but my main use is in the car. With the Satechi BT media Remote I can skip tracks on the iPhone and play or pause music without trying to hit small on-screen icons.
The bluetooth iPhone remote for my car reconnects to the iPhone without any re-pairing needed over multiple trips. The Satechi BT Media Remote is available from Amazon for $39.99 or direct from Satechi for the same price.
These accidents are not occurring on their own, rather they are occurring because of mistakes made by drivers or sometimes even the pedestrians. To think why this happens is not a puzzle, the answer is simply due to violating traffic rules. So if we all value our lives follow the rules because no matter how much money we pay, how much we regret our choices and feel guilty once lives are lost, memories forgotten and hearts broken they can never be brought back again. Detectives will likely also charge another participant in the crash, Jessica Steindorff, for driving with a suspended license at the time. It is a devastating tragedy and I cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this time. The control works for all the music apps I tested it with, not just the built-in Music app. If my iPhone is out of reach, I can hold down the home button on the remote control to activate Siri.
The BT Media Remote also plays nice with other devices like a Bluetooth headset, so users don’t need to choose one or the other. This is a great gadget for users without in-dash iPhone control, and might be worth looking at for users that can no longer connect the iPhone 5 to their in dash radio. If not, think twice before getting behind the wheel because driving in Dubai without a license is a serious criminal offence.
21 of 1995, as amended by Federal Law No.12 of 2007, driving in Dubai without a license is a punishable crime with a penalty of imprisonment not exceeding 3 month and a fine not more than Dh6,000, or one of these penalties, shall be applied to those who drive in the road without drivera€™s licence or having a licence which is not authorised to drive this type of vehicle. Lighten your loadThe more weight your car is carrying, the more work your engine has to do to move it. This is common saying which is said by all in the country – especially we Indians do many accidents and break laws. Recently a Member of Parliament died in a road accident most probably because he did not wear seat belt.
Although there is a very high punishment-“ACCIDENT” which we realize only when if it comes to us or happens with us.

With the help and cooperation of the citizens the roads will be a safer place, by preventing loss of lives and preventing the damage of public property, to stop excessive pollution as gas leakage and the wreckage of metal car bodies is harming the nature day by passing day.
An extra 100 pounds increases fuel consumption by 1-2% and most of us carry a lot of extra weight in our cars. This especially should be implemented by Indian citizens as India is an overpopulated country, the main cause of loss of lives in India is due to road accidents caused due to not following the traffic rules. Government has applied schemes such as no drinking and driving, no speeding on highways to spread awareness in India.
One of the reason why road accidents are very common in India is, the people in our country think that they are smarter than the law makers and take things for granted and do not follow road rules.
This may be due to petty reasons such as drinking and driving, speeding, changing lanes without a warning or simply not following the traffic rules. The Government has enforced strict punishments to those who do not follow the road and traffic rules. This type of behaviour can cause serious injuries to the brain and other parts of the body which in many cases becomes fatal. The road law enforcers are such that they are non-corrupt, install proper working traffic signals and safety cameras, paint zebra crossing on the road and fine the citizens who break the traffic rules without any discrimination on their part. Use moderate throttle to accelerate smoothlyKeeping the engine at low RPM, increases your fuel efficiency. We are so selfish that we forget our responsibility to the person who is urgently in need of the road.
However these problems can be overcome by strict enforcement of rules on the offenders who flaunt laws.
They should be caught and the fees should be increased, only road vehicles should be allowed, as mostly teenagers and young people are nowadays prone to accidents, so the age should be increasing and if not so then their family members should be cancelled. Drive slowerThe faster you drive, the more work you engine has to do to allow the car to move through the air. Driving fast can reduce your fuel efficiency by up to 33% if you are travelling above 60 mph.4. Use cruise controlUsing cruise control helps your car travel at a constant speed which helps it save fuel for reason described in the previous tip.
Plan tripsPlanning your trips ensures that you waste less fuel by reducing the amount of unnecessary driving that you do. It does not increase the mileage of your car, but it helps you save fuel that would be spent aimlessly wandering in your car and thinking what you have to do next.6.
Plan your routeWhen travelling or commuting, make sure you use the route the has the least amount of stops and turns. A smooth continuous drive consumes less fuel which is why highway mileages for cars are always greater than city mileages.7. Fill your tank halfway and keep it more than a quarter fullFilling the tank too much means your car has too much weight (10 gallons of gasoline adds 60 pounds of weight).
Letting the fuel level drop too low means the fuel pump has to do too much work to suck it up.8. Tune your engineWith this step, you have to be careful when going to the tuner because most of them tune cars for added horsepower which lowers the mileage your car can get.
Make sure the tuning is just to keep your engine running at the proper revs to provide maximum fuel efficiency.9. Timely replace your fuel filterEvery manufacturer sets the amount of time after which the fuel filter of you car must be replaced. Changing the fuel filter on a regular basis will ensure that your car runs smoothly by letting only fuel into the engine instead of other residue from the tank.10. Check air filterA clean air filter promotes better combustion which in turn leads to the fuel being consumed properly and giving you optimal fuel economy. A clogged air filter means your engine will not be running at peak performance and hence consume more fuel.11. Check tire inflationThe tire pressure should be checked at least monthly since tires lose 1 PSI every month. Too little pressure is bad for fuel economy whereas too much pressure can cause tires to burst.

The tire pressure should be that which is recommended by the manufacturer (if stock tires) or on the tire wall.12.
Travelling at a constant speed for a given distance consumes less fuel than a stop-and-go journey.
Keep your eyes far ahead so you can see traffic lights and traffic jams and coast to a halt instead of having to brake suddenly.13. If you have to warm your car up in the morning, drive at a slow speed for a certain distance until your engine reaches the optimum temperature. The optimum speed is the minimum speed at the highest gear at which your car can run without having to compromise on revs. At this speed you do not have to floor the throttle to make the car accelerate within the chosen gear.15. Learn how traffic signals operateAs mentioned in earlier steps, stop-and-go travelling consumes more fuel.
Avoid using the air conditioning during city tripsCity driving does not allow you to travel at a constant speed so there is a lot of braking and accelerating involved which puts more stress on your engine than a highway cruise.
Turning the air conditioner on puts more stress on your engine and decreases fuel economy greatly.17. Enable overdrive if your car has an automatic transmissionOverdrive allows you to use lower ratios which increases mileage. In most cars there is a button on the shifter which allows you to turn the overdrive off (most manufacturers keep it on when the car is in D as a default).
Overdrive should not be turned off unless absolutely necessary (towing heavy loads or driving up a steep hill).18. Use synthetic oilUsing synthetic engine oil can help you save up to 5% of fuel consumption. If you can’t use synthetic, than find the lightest oil that can be used in  your car.
Use synthetic oil additiveWhether you use synthetic of natural oil, using an additive can improve fuel efficiency by up to 15%.20.
Maintain a safe distance with the car in frontBy maintaining a larger gap with the vehicle ahead of you, you will not have to brake or accelerate as hard compared to if you were maintaining a narrower gap.21. Use the narrowest possible tiresDepending on how you drive or your travelling needs, choose a tire that is narrow and will have less aerodynamic drag because of it.
However, keep in mind that narrower tires mean less traction and that a smaller tire should only be used if the manufacturer approves it.22.
Use low-rolling-resistance compound tiresUsing tires that provide less resistance can increase fuel economy by a few percent.23. Park further away from the store and avoid circling parking lotsA lot of us waste fuel by waiting for someone to pull out of a parking space that is closer to the storefront. Parking away from the store means you do not have to get stuck in the crowded spaces that are closer to the store, allowing you to save fuel.24.
Keep a record of how much gas you useMake a log in which you record the amount of fuel you put in and how many miles you drove with it.
This step will not only help you to check your mileage but also show you when you consume more fuels and which driving habits you can change to obtain better fuel economy.25. Select the appropriate gear ratioDepending on your commute or journey, you should select a gear that allows you engine to maintain revs and speed without having to work to hard to keep up with the throttle.
Higher gears should be used as much as possible, but with cars with smaller engines, a higher gear means the car has to do more work to keep up with the pace.26. Make sure the sensors and systems are working properly in cars with EFIA problem with the oxygen sensor, engine emissions system or evaporative emissions control system is indicated by the check engine light. I find it very useful to Increase Your Car’s Fuel Mileage Using these Simple Steps When it comes to service of foreign cars, it is better to choose an experienced and trustworthy auto repair center. We provide quality auto repair service for BMW , Volvo and Mercedez Benz at Ventura, California.

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