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My next favorite part of all this though we the fact that the music teacher was an important part of the assembly. So – I had to find my Alan Lomax discs with Leadbelly which led to a few other discs and a couple blues discs. Grabbed the first Pink Martini album tonight (after I noticed my friend Leah listening to the later albums on the server the other night, and she really should hear the first one which is amazing) as well as the stereo release of Xenakis’ ‘La Legende d’Eer’, some Lee Morgan and Barenboim’s complete Mozart concert recordings.
Pink Martini has done a few good albums over the past decade or so, and I imagine they would be great to see live. While I think the dance floor is where one should listen to Pink Martini, a large concert hall is the place to hear Xenakis’s ‘La Legende d’Eer’. I’ve been a little slow to get to CDs this past couple of days, so I took the chance to throw some recent purchases from eMusic onto the computer. My second year of orchestra, I felt like I knew what I was doing and had more confidence in general.
Mira’s box-set fascination continues with the complete Mozart Piano Concertos (period instrument recordings with Malcom Bilson and John Eliot Gardiner). By the 50s, it would not be unheard of to have Mahler sized orchestras performing the works of Mozart.
For those of you that haven’t heard of Os Mutantes, they are a psychedelic group from 1960s Brazil. I want to avoid going through my whole collection and ripping the CDs in the order they are stored on my bookshelves.
I got ABBA for Tamiko some time ago (a download that I burned to disc), and I admit they are quite a guilty pleasure.
Director James Gunn recently announced that Vin Diesel, the actor that plays Groot, is indeed returning for "Guardians Vol. Groot will of course return along with his co-Guardians of the Galaxy including lovable thief and leader Peter Quill aka Star Lord, fierce assassin Gamora, wise-cracking tech genius Rocket Raccoon and vengeful warrior Drax The Destroyer. Everyone seems to be on board for the upcoming sequel which makes the fans all the more excited for this movie.
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Mostly a few collections (including some old Tower Records samplers and the ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’ soundtrack) and the Muddy Waters Chess compilation, and the Mozart discs were made up of the Piano Quartets and his six quartets for Haydn.
Once things officially started, all the students stood up, turned towards the parents and sang a song together. The music teacher started to play a relaxed waltz, then suddenly half the kids began to sing ‘Goodnight Irene’. I get so caught up in the centuries of music history from western Europe that when I realize the rich musical heritage my own country has created I find myself surprised over and over again.
I doubt I’ll get through all of them tonight, but it sure is nice getting back to ripping discs rather then transferring gigabytes of MP3s. What I would REALLY hope to do is see them perform in a dance hall… but they usually seem to play in symphony halls instead to audiences sitting in seats. The last of these, I just saw on Wikipedia, has been removed from more recent releases of the disc. I think this piece is one of THE masterpieces of late 20th century music, and probably my favorite piece by Xenakis. After a couple of playlists of orchestral music, I realized that I had so far been pulling off music that I had played while in the orchestra at UC Berkeley under Prof.
I put on the disc with number 20 first and I was shocked at how different it sounded on the older instruments.
The idea was to find instruments and figure out the performance practices that were happening during the time when a work was composed and try to recreate it so we could hear what the composer would have heard.
These were modern interpretations and it is interesting to hear recordings of these performances. But what strikes me most about the disc is how much attention it draws from me when I listen to it. As digital recording became more and more common, U2 was one of the bands that led the way in exploring how best to take advantage of the format. Even with a very sick Bono taking the stage, HUGE screens of TVs and cars hung overhead to use as stage lights, they put on an amazing show. This does make packing the discs away a little tricky after I rip them, but it also gives me a wonderful randomness to this whole process. But over the past couple of years, I have started to feel it is just wrong to only listen to opera.
2." As fans may have recalled, the image of dancing Groot at the end credits hints a return of the character. The fan even made a typo and asked if the beloved character is returning for "Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.
Giving a coy response, Gunn made it unclear by stating "That's an unanswered question: Is Baby Groot, Groot?" Gunn said at the time. 2" will also see the return of Yondu, Peter Quill's de facto adoptive father and Nebula, Gamora's sister Cinema Blend has learned. The folk and blues compilation ripping though was inspired by an assembly held for the student’s at Celia’s school.

She waved at me, Tamiko and Mira, and didn’t hide her head when the principal read about her.
This wasn’t a concert, no one was dressed up or told what was going to be performed ahead of time. Some very sweet music (recorded by Alan Lomax in the 40s with Leadbelly singing) makes its way to into my kid’s assembly. Part of me is a little ashamed of this, that this music isn’t just more of a part of my life (especially since I enjoy it so much), but I am also realizing that is part of what having kids is about.
This arrangement may work just fine for some of their most recent music, but one of the aspects I loved about the first record is how much it was ballroom music. This is truly a shame, so if you go on a search for it make sure you look for it used and with ‘Bolero’ intact. Obviously, the Berlioz being my first orchestral piece is pretty significant, but even then, while it was amazing to be part of a group so big, I still saw the orchestra as a requirement. By the time I left Berkeley, I was still no where near where I needed to be to focus on performance on the bass. The piano’s sound is thinner, and the thundering low octaves in parts of the first movement take on a different lyrical quality on the older instrument (where the octaves just help the line come out of the texture in a more balanced fashion.
Plus an alternate version of the 40th symphony and works that MAY have been written by Mozart (but listed even in the liner notes as doubtful). One might expect that once a sound plays and begins a 40 second decay, that there isn’t much more to hear beyond the space. I’ve always felt like I am very careful with my discs, but what does this mean if on Day 6 I am already down a disc??? So even though I already had a couple of complete sets of his piano work, when Angela Hewitt released her recordings I was quite excited. To make things a little more random, I went into the extra bedroom this morning at asked Celia and Mira to pull a few discs off the shelves.
I remember listening to ABBA in spanish class in high school (ABBA Oro), and I love to hear Tamiko sing along with them. Garnering acclaim on both critics and fans alike, the sequel to this movie would come as a no-brainer. 2" is already creating significant buzz and while Marvel Studios is known as good at keeping its secrets, important details leak every now and then.
It’s amazing to see my little girl adapting to this new environment so quickly and so well. There was no verbal announcement, but at the same time, the music teacher playing this waltz was recognized by most of the students and they just started to sing. Celia and Mira have reminded me so much already about things that I have forgotten about, and part the excitement for me of Celia heading off to school is that I get to learn so many things again. It is also the only album the group did with Pepe Raphael as one of the vocalists, and I would say that his latin tenor is missed (his ‘solo’ album is OK as well, but his singing on this first Pink Martini record is so strong that the solo album sounds weak in comparison). If you haven’t heard it though, you should know that it is not a piece that is necessarily enjoyed.
But, I was much more serious about how to prepare for pieces then I ever would have been without that education. The standards he helped set up and solidify for the classical concerto are on the same level as Haydn’s contribution to the sonata-allegro form. It was amazing to hear how much the same instruments (but in a much younger form) changed how a piece sounded.
When I was taking my music history classes at UC Berkeley with Richard Taruskin, he has us read one of his articles that talked about the early music movement, and about how the movement, like any other performance practice is a reflection of its time.
If you haven’t heard (or seen) them, do a quick search on YouTube and enjoy a couple songs.
I love her Bach recordings, and I expected the same kind of care would be apparent with her Ravel recordings. It doesn’t matter if they play soft for a couple notes, it will all get cancelled out in the production. Celia went for some red spines (ABBA and Air), and Mira just went to the shelves and started to pull discs down.
Celia loves to dance to them (and she loves to dance to Kylie Minogue, who I am sure would not be who she is without ABBA).
A couple years ago I thought I would eventually want to replace all my opera recordings with DVDs, but when I finished transferring the disc today I played a few tracks (as part of my streaming test). All the other students in the class get to put together a list of why the honored students are people they like, the teacher adds something, and then the principal of the school gives each kid a little certificate with the list.
There are, of course, tons of challenges ahead but so far, she seems to be enjoying herself and learning so much. What made it so special for me was the sense that it wasn’t special – it was just part of their day. It blew me away… what lucky kids to have this be such an important part of their school. What surprised me the other day is that for some reason I didn’t think music was going to part of that reminding. Two weeks before the concert, we learned that a reduced orchestra was going to be playing the Mozart, and I didn’t make the cut.
And the dramatic contrast of the soloist and the orchestra is developed to a very deep level.
And while he does have those moments, that certainly isn’t the case for 95% of his music. The research that Hogwood went into for these recordings is also very deep, trying to match the orchestral forces to the ones that would have performed these symphonies during Mozart’s life time.
Even with digital recordings, there are so many variables in playback systems that the same disc can sound different in two different homes – when it comes down to it every device or performance will make the air vibrate in a different way.

I have played it for my computer music classes every year that I have taught the course, and a couple of years ago I programmed it on a DXARTS concert. I have subbed a couple of times for orchestras here in Seattle, but these are VERY few and VERY far between. Since there is no text and they are more abstract then the operas, that these works have such strong dramatic form is even more impressive to me. If he could have, I imagine Hogwood would have found a way to decipher out of the background noise of every day life echoes that still vibrate in the air from these performances to discover if there were mistakes made at first performances so they could be recreated here, for us, the modern listener. We should think of them as what we want to think Mozart would have heard, but that these are modern performances with modern scholarship.
The High Voltage Hall was a large, metallic cube that had a 30 second reverb time, and the piece was conceived for performance in that space and its unique qualities. Sure, the visuals and staging are missing, but a Mozart aria has no problem standing on its own.
It is really very sweet, and Celia was in the first group of honored students for this school year. We were able to get the original tracks (after WAY to much work – the first version we got from the publisher had all the tracks in reverse with lots of distortion and digital noise, the second try was better, but there were still problems with the transfer that I had to clean up).
And I think it was playing orchestral repertoire that did more for my playing then just about anything else I ever did.
I really wanted to play this piece, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I was playing pretty sloppy. And that the piano writing basically defines lyrical (for an instrument where the attack is so univocal) is even more impressive to me.
Mozart’s light is often quite pleasant, but when he gets dark he knew what he was doing.
Where on modern instruments it feels like the doom of the world, the older instruments make it feel like the doom of a man.
The performances of any other time were just as informed, and reflected the ideas of their time. I remember how I would always have to make adjustments during performances once an audience was present or to adjust to a new space, but until I heard this disc is was something I did subconsciously, and certainly not something that I would have realized that I could play with. The recording is a live one (with John Eliot Gardiner conducting, Bryn Terfel and Alison Hagley). Tamiko and I made it to the assembly and were just so impressed with how this school teaches kids about what recognition is and how this sort of thing really makes them feel welcome in these first few years of school.
I created a spatialized version of the piece based on the original speaker set-up, and the result was amazing. The period instruments make the whole body of work more personal, and in some ways even more tragic. And it is still one of the biggest concerns (and joys) I have when performing electronic music.
But in the Cistern, there may only be one or two notes every 6-10 seconds, but the change is constant.
As with most recent rock recordings, I think there is a bit of compression in the recordings, and as a result they aren’t as dynamic and nuanced as the Roge discs.
His first album is a wonderful, moody record, and in hindsight probably hints at what will happen in his future. I watched the video a couple of times during shifts in the video store at Tower, and it is an amazing performance. And there was lots of positive reenforcement for good behavior with the kids (which is pretty impressive considering that there were 150 or so kids under the age of 8 in one room… they were all great, and they were told so). The original performance featured lasers and timed lights as well (for which there is some photographic documentation), but just hearing the piece in Meany Hall in surround gave the work even more depth. In fact what I hear in these performances (and in the Bach one-per-part performances I ripped a couple weeks ago) is a sense of clarity.
This became one of my main topics of research for my doctoral exams, and it is still one of the most important areas of my work.
With a different balance between winds and strings, musical lines that may be buried with larger orchestra forces may appear. And it is strange to me that, at this more personal level, the works in general feel more universal. With these Mozart recordings, I remember being surprised how much more contrapuntal Mozart’s writing seemed to be (and the use of continuo in later symphonies link the performance tradition more to the Baroque then I was used to).
But be prepared… this is music that was written by a man that saw some of the horrors that mankind is able to produce. It was just too sad for me at the time, and I have never brought myself to listen to the whole thing. When you hear Mozart on fortepiano for instance, the bass strings are weaker and the sound thinner. There are parts of this piece that are terrifying, parts that wear you down physically, and by the end you are exhausted, while at the same time energized and shaking by the adrenaline that your body has produced over the 45 minutes of the piece. It was the best feeling in a performance I’ve ever had, and I have wanted to create a piece of my own that could create that kind of silence after the piece was over. But his orchestration (in his piano and orchestral writing) find ways around these limitations. Octave doublings bring a different force to the lines in these recordings then many modern, larger recordings. And I haven’t purchased a disc of Mozart symphonies for probably close to ten years… maybe I should see if there is anything new-ish on eMusic just to see where things have been going lately.

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