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The installation supplied by us GPS tracker mini works plug and play, and will after inserting a SIM card automatically forward positions to a web page. The built-in GPS tracker has a power connector to which it is to be connected such as a battery.
You place the Live GPS Tracking System on or under your car, and when it goes away you will immediately see REAL-TIME on the website of the movement. Outside the real-time according to the GPS tracker is also possible to see exactly where the GPS tracking system in a certain period of time. Difference cheaper internet trackers: This Internet GPS tracker uses mark (uBlox) A-GPS and GSM modules, so the stability and accuracy is many times greater than other GPS trackers. At a voltage of 9 to 36 volts The GPS tracker will send the GPS position directly to a web page where they appear on a map. To a voltage source between 9 and 36 volts The connector has a red and black wire and is very easy to connect.
When your car so drive from Amsterdam to Antwerp, you can see real-time how fast and by what route is driven.

You can see all positions every 24 hours of LIVE GPS tracker on the map, even if animation stream.
Later in the monthly subscription fee This is like buying a cell phone with a subscription or a single unit a bit. Also, this battery management much better with the same battery capacity allowing a longer operation time can be achieved.
On this website you can view the current location of the GPS tracker and see the history of the last 30 days. On this website you can see on a map the current position, but it is also possible the GPS location of the last 30 days to see. The best position for placing the GPS tracker is a car dashboard, because here the GPS antenna is least is blocked by metal. This means that there is an arrow on the map where the GPS tracker moves back to that point.
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So this installation gps tracker suitable for securing your car, scooter, moped, motorcycle, or other object. Where there are a lot of metal for the GPS antenna is the range will be less and the GPS location and a lot less accurate.
Of course you can also look at each position and see where and how long the tracker is stopped. Of course you can also have another SIM card with or without a data subscription sites and with some simple operations real-time tracking system works well with this.

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