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Perdon, pero hay un par que no se ven, cuando creas el post en la previsualizacion sale todo joya, me paso con otro post hace un rato, mepa que T! Paul Walker was a good-looking, rugged, sexy guy who died all too young, (at 40) while racing a hot car much like he did in his Fast and the Furious movies. Paul Walker’s mom, Cheryl, a model introduced her cute little boy to acting when he was just two years old. Paul WS Anderson says the prequel will examine the back story of the Frakenstein (Statham) character, why? Just to wrap this up, I mentioned above that the remake doesn’t work as a sequel, why? When this photograph was first published in Africa Geographic, BBC Wildlife and later in Paris Match and the Daily Mail (London) it resulted in a flurry of e-mails, phone calls and letters from around the world asking if the image was a fake. The photograph is real, no photoshop, no digital manipulation, no nothing, in fact it was shot on slide film Fuji Provia 100 using a Nikon F5 Camera and 17-35 mm lens.
To capture this image I tied myself to the tower of the research boat Lamnidae and leaned into the void, precariously hanging over the ocean while waiting patiently for a white shark to come along. Looks like it aint shopped i`ve used photoshop quite a bit.or they must have done a very good job. He left behind his daughter, Meadow Rain, his former girlfriend, and numerous fans all over the world who were heartbroken that a sexy, down to earth guy who starred in many movies over his short life, and numerous TV shows, (Who’s The Boss, Highway to Heaven, Throb,) died so young and in such a tragic method.

I really enjoyed the silly, camp, subversive 1970’s film and I found that the remake completely lost sight of the satire of the original film.
The original Frankenstein, played by David Carradine is the central character of the 1970’s film. Following publication no less than 50 websites were hosting colorful discussions about the authenticity of this photograph. For those conspiracy fans who still doubt its authenticity please read how I took the photograph.
I wanted to shot a photograph that would tell the story of our research efforts to track white sharks using kayaks. Walker was in demand almost from the moment he stood in front of the bright lights of Hollywood, starring in a TV show or movie every year from 1986.
I generally like the emotionless Statham, but found him really bland in this film and don’t get me started on the awful, Botoxed performance from Joan Allen. He dies in the opening scene of the remake (yes, apparently that is David Carradine making a cameo under the mask in the remake), so how exactly is he the star of the original film if he is dead? The image became probably the most talked about of shark photograph ever and has become my undisputed best seller. When the first shark of the day came across our sea kayak it dove to the seabed and inspected it from below.

Than clone stamp ocean on a layer below that such that it fills the gap left by the shriking of the man. Would you beleive me if I said I was the designer of photoshop, sent you a link to a website about my career, and then said it was shopped? He was supposed to star in several more movies in 2014, and 2015, but he never had a chance, due to his untimely death. It is nit picking I know, but it is little things like this that take me out of the prequel mindset. I quickly trained my camera on the dark shadow which slowly transformed from diffuse shape into the sleek outline of a large great white. When the sharka€™s dorsal fin broke the surface I thought I had the shot, but hesitated a fraction of a second and was rewarded with marine biologist Trey Snow in the kayak turning around to look behind him.
Throughout the day I shot many more images, most showing the kayak following the shark, but all lacked the power of that first image of the great white tracking the kayak.
And just because the dude posted saying HE didnt photoshop it, doesnt mean someone else hasn’t, shithead!

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