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VW VIN CodesFrom 1965 onwards, Volkswagen used their own 9 or 10-digit chassis numbering system.
Ok hi all I have a 64 registered splitty it's a UK right hand drive as I am new to this my knowledge is minimal so any help appreciated I have already discovered that my bus is a 63 build with the help of "vw transporter and microbus" a very useful book I might add what I am trying to now discover is the original colour I have found the m plate in the engine bay and found the info about build and type on it but it doesn't have second plate with colours and speck I have looked in all the places plates might be but no luck can't se any holes in these places that suggest a plate is missing so were they supplied without plates? If you have an M code plate it'll be behind the front seats, and is usually body coloured (painted)The 'Dormobile' or 'Martin Walters' elevating roof was used by quite a few convertors, but i'm intrigued by the 'multi folding seats' are they metal framed? The picture is of the Dormatic seats I was trying to describe I think the same applies to the seats as to the roofs, any other convertor could buy them to add to their own conversions. It was useful for determining the VW model (digits 1 and 2) and the year model (digit 3), but in practical terms not much good for anything else.

Rather than simply being a chassis number as before, the new 17-digit system would be able to uniquely identify every vehicle made by any carmaker in any part of the world. Volkswagen applied the new system for all of their vehicles made from 1 August 1979, the start of the 1980 model year. To understand the code, and be able to identify any Volkswagen made since 1980, we need to explain what the digits mean.Modern VWs have the VIN located on a plate on the passenger-side of the dash at the base of the windscreen, visible from outside just near the wipers. Many of them are consistent with VW’s old model type system, so you should spot some familiar numbers here.
The code begins with 1980, and assigns a consecutive letter or number for each year (except that I, O, Q, U, Z, and 0 are not used).

VW has tried to assign specific characters for each of its factories, although there have been some double-ups.

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