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Amid live Maori chanting, the American Museum of Natural History unveiled its newest exhibit, Whales: Giants of the Deep, at a press preview this week, showing off the stunning collection on loan from the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, which opens to the public Saturday, March 23.
The male sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) is the largest living toothed predator on Earth. Our tour of the collection was preceded by a traditional Maori blessing and a ten-minute procession of Maori elders visiting from New Zealand, who chanted and sang to ensure the exhibit was properly ready for public viewing.
The Maori experience, which includes whale riding, is front and center in the exhibit, but other cultures are represented as well, including the indigenous people of the Arctic, South America and the Pacific Northwest. The exhibit also presents many opportunities to explore the ways in which whales communicate with each other.
Whales: Giants of the Deep opens to the public on Saturday, March 23 and runs through January 4, 2014.
American museum natural history, There’s so much to see and do at the american museum of natural history. American museum natural history wikipedia free, The american museum of natural history (abbreviated as amnh) located on the upper west side of manhattan new york city is one of the largest museums in the world..

Home national museum american history, Exhibits about the history of the united states of america.. Home natural history museum, Visit homepage what's on exhibitions and attractions galleries and museum map eat drink and shop facilities and access getting here. Surprisingly, the Natural Museum in LA, a well known attraction in the city, is the owner of 63 classic cars. Age discovery wikipedia free encyclopedia, The age of discovery is an informal and loosely defined european historical period from the 15th century to the 18th century marking the time in which extensive. Ice age wikipedia free encyclopedia, There is strong evidence that the milankovitch cycles affect the occurrence of glacial and interglacial periods within an ice age.
Age discovery simple english wikipedia free, The age of discovery or age of exploration was a period from the early 15th century that continued into the early 17th century during which european ships traveled. Its submarine-like shape is perfectly adapted for deep diving—it can swim down to at least 6,500 feet to feed. For many generations, one whale could provide not only transportation but also a good amount of food for sustenance and bone for weapons and tools (many of which are on display at the museum).

Like other mammals, whales have voice boxes, and some (like male humpbacks) produce complex songs. The aquatic mammal that confused even Aristotle with its ability to live in the sea and give birth to live young has been a central part of many different cultures throughout history, perhaps most notably to the Maori people of New Zealand. Whales includes a listening booth in which visitors can hear the rumbles, squeaks, whistles, clicks and buzzes of eight different whale species. And to drive home just how huge whales are, the exhibit features a life-sized (over five-feet-tall) model of a blue whale’s heart that kids can actually crawl through.

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