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CleanMyPC schedules regular maintenance checkups and performs routine fixes and scans to make sure that your computer is kept in top shape. Registry issues, uninstalled applications' leftovers, and excess gadgets clutter your system and slow your computer down.
CleanMyPC takes all the routine tasks off of your shoulders, allowing you to stay headache-free. Free up disk space on your PC by performing a detailed system cleanup that cleans out and organizes old files, applications, and extensions on your hard drive.
Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". I had RogueKillerX64 remove it, but it keeps coming back and I can't figure out how I got infected in the first place.
Windows or something is changing my update settingsOk so I recently reinstalled windows and upgraded to windows 8.1 and ever since I did all the updates something is changing my windows update settings. Windows 8 undoes proxy settings on rebootWe have a brand new laptop that we just got 2 days ago. Windows 8.1 Update Settings Changing without PermissionI have my OS settings configured not to check for and install updates unless I prompt Windows to do so. Windows not auto detecting proxy settingsSo I'm rolling along the internet and I start noticing that the wifi bars in the lower corner have gone down to 4. A proxy server is a computer that functions as an intermediary between a web browser (such as Internet Explorer) and the Internet. Most users are satisfied with the hard drive utilities that ship with Windows--especially the more powerful partitioning and defragging tools found in Windows Vista and 7. Microsoft's DiskPart--included for free on each Vista or Windows 7 installation disc--is a perfectly viable tool for manipulating FAT and NTFS partitions, but only if you're in a command-line kind of mood.
Of all the partition utilities I've reviewed, Parted Magic (now in version 6) remains my top pick--not only because it has the free Gnome partition tool (GParted), but also because it has Memtest86+. If you don't need memory testing, or if you just want an alternative Linux partitioning boot disc, GParted Live is a slightly lighter-weight boot disc that also supports booting from a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. Offering an extremely small footprint and very quick boots, Partition Logic seems to work fine, at least with internal IDE drives.

In days past (the age of FAT16 and FAT32), regularly defragging a hard drive made a noticeable difference in the speed with which it loaded applications and data--now, not as much. One great choice for optimization is an older public-domain version (1.72) of DiskTrix's excellent UltimateDefrag (though that version is now impossible to find at the vendor's site). The Smart Defrag utility has few user-configurable settings--you rely on the program's logic to automatically optimize your drive. If you have no idea what's on your hard drive, or how much of it exists, you have a fascinating and visually appealing way to find out--Disk Space Fan.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. This is a wireless 802.11n USB adapter with transfer speed up to 300Mbps for 40 MHz Channels. It completely, and correctly, uninstalls programs you don't need anymore or those that are no longer compatible with your PC. CleanMyPC knows what is safe to clean, fix, and disable to help make your computer run faster than ever!
As you install more applications and use your computer more frequently over time, your system slows down.
The vast majority of the time, I want something fast and graphical that supports all file systems.
I'd say that I encounter about one memory problem for every three hard drive problems, so it's nice to have that memory-diagnostic tool around. You need to visit the command prompt twice during the boot process, but I have on occasion found that GParted Live boots when the Parted Magic disc will not--and vice versa.
My other favorite freebie is Easeus Partition Manager Home: It's professional in appearance and has all the features I generally need. Unfortunately, although many BIOSs will relay the basic "Hey, I'm okay (or not)" information to you when you boot the PC, Windows 7 doesn't provide a way to access the details. In a DOS box, entering smartctl -a sda (or sdb, sdc, or the like) will tell you everything you need to know about your hard drive's SMART status--if you can read the sometimes overlapping information. It's free, and you run it only when necessary--it doesn't have any background services sucking up CPU cycles.

Even so, optimization--placing large, often-used files such as Outlook .pst files in the quickest-to-load location on your hard drive--can speed things up. Despite its age, it still has all the features anyone could want, including the ability to choose individual files to move for faster access. It also shows an ad here or there, but the program works well and is smart enough to know that you can't optimize an SSD. It has a WPS button which is easy for security establishment and keeps your wireless communications safe and secure.
It not only removes them and their extra files (caches, preferences, etc.) but it also identifies leftovers of previously removed PC programs. CleanMyPC can identify and clean caches, log files, and other hiccups that slow down your system. Here are our ten favorite free utilities for partitioning, monitoring, and optimizing hard drives (as well as a few inexpensive for-pay alternatives). UltraDefrag is another very capable defragging and optimizing program that you can run from a command prompt if you so desire.
In this case you browse and tunnel down into the data on your hard drive by clicking on a graphic that resembles a fan. Automatic PC Cleanup selects only the files that are 100% safe to delete, so you'll never have to worry about the wrong files being erased. Despite offering some high-end features, these downloadable programs won't bust your budget. My absolute favorite, though, is the free version of HD Tune; it not only reports drive health (not specified as SMART but the same information nonetheless) but also tests drive performance and scans for disk errors. The pro features (finding duplicates, delete, move, and so on) are enabled for 15 days; after that, you'll need to pony up $20 to do anything but view. Without turning off all the 802.11g gadgets in the house (such as the Wii and mobile phones), I can't tell what the performance would be in N-only mode.

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