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Tune the guitar to pitch, leave your hand off the neck, and do some hard strumming on the open strings to listen for buzzes.
If something is buzzing around the headstock, be sure it's not just an uncut string, then make sure the nuts that hold the tuners on and the screws on the back are tight. Point the head of the guitar away from you with the body at eye level and sight down the fretboard. If the neck is bowed so that the middle of the fretboard is closer to the strings than the ends, try loosening the truss rod. To check your neck adjustment, press the low E string down at both the first and last frets. Sighting down the neck again, see how far you can press your high E string down toward the body and still have clearance off the fretboard. The piece of hard white plastic that inserts in the little slot on the bridge of your guitar is called the saddle or the bridge nut. When it comes to rehabilitating or upgrading an old guitar, electric or acoustic, Musician’s Friend has the largest selection of guitar accessories and parts in the known universe. If there's a buzz on the soundboard, it's either a foreign object inside, a loose pickguard, or—more likely—a loose or cracked brace inside. It runs the length of the neck and when you tighten it you pull the headstock back causing the middle of the fretboard to come closer to the strings. There should be a tiny gap—around a 64th of an inch—between the string and the middle frets.

If you can go more than an eighth of an inch or so, and the neck looks straight, you can probably bring the action down a bit without ill effect. Being very careful to hold the bottom of the nut perfectly flat, file it down uniformly across the bottom. Don't start with the delusion you're going to set the thing up to play like a cherry Strat. Either some idiot has cranked the truss rod way too hard (and probably damaged something inside) or the neck is majorly warped. If you can find the problem with a compact mirror and a flashlight, you may be able to glue it up yourself with wood glue or even the gel type of cyanoacrylate (Super Glue). In most acoustic guitars you'll find the part of the truss rod you're after inside the sound hole just beneath the end of the fretboard. A jam session sounds a whole lot better than listening to your aunt talk about her irregularity. You can try loosening the truss rod, but you'll probably have to take it to a pro (where the prognosis probably won't be favorable). The advantage of the cyanoacrylate is that you can hold the thing tight till it dries (but be careful not to glue your fingers to the inside of your guitar). This should give you a clue if you're in the ballpark and also reveal any special problems.
Whatever you do, DON'T start filing frets, you'll just get yourself into a world of trouble.

Don't be terribly alarmed if the gap is somewhat bigger; it might be because the fretboard takes a bit of a turn where it meets the top of the guitar.
The head will pull back, the strings will be too close to the neck, and you'll have buzz city. With a sharp knife, cut a piece out of the lid that’s the exact dimensions of the bridge nut's footprint. Whatever you do, don't try to lower the action by filing the grooves in the head nut (at the top of the fretboard). Other than widening the gap slightly for a string that's really sticky, you generally want to leave head nut adjustments to a pro. Remember, all of your sound is coming from the mechanical action of those strings vibrating and transmitted by that board. Maybe to keep the uninformed coming back to buy more expensive guitars that are still "NOT" set up properly to enjoy playing..

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