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The wide scope of online identity fraud has goaded the FBI, FTC, and independent businesses to issue warnings on how to avoid online scams and keep yourself protected.
Always question e-mails and opportunities that seem too good to be true, because they almost always are. Variations of this scam have been around in snail mail form since the 1920s, but they have only become more advanced as technology has grown. This scam is particularly despicable because it victimizes those who have already been victimized. A recent spin has the scammers pretending to be legitimate companies such as Google, Microsoft, or a security company, telling you they’ve remotely caught a virus.
Contact the supposed funeral service if the e-mail looks suspicious, to confirm the funeral.
Originally Posted By: MudWaspNot sure why I decided to give a balloon busting mission a try. Memorial Day, which is observed on the last Monday of May, commemorates the men and women who died while in the United States of America military services. For correct official answers to any questions you have regarding the Memorial Day holiday visit the United States Department of Veterans Affairs Websitea€“ Memorial Day Official .Gov Information Page. The wearing of poppies in honor of America's war dead is traditionally done on Memorial Day, not Veterans Day.
New Patriotic Galleries: WWII Pin Ups, Beautiful Girls that went to World War 2 desktop deco!
Pennsylvania's Liquor Control Commission, a real hip crowd if ever there was one, has pulled one of its ads warning about the link between drinking and rape after it was roundly criticized for victim-blaming.
AdFreak is a daily blog of the best and worst of creativity in advertising, media, marketing and design.
Lack of time is one of top 5 challenges for 51% of content marketers, while 50% face the challenge of producing truly engaging content. As a result, we have to find and apply different tactics to become more productive and efficient, as well as optimize our work to achieve better results. It seems Neil Patel somehow heard my silent moanings when he wrote How to Write 5 or More Articles a Week and Not Burn Out, explaining the best tactics available for content marketers anytime and anywhere. His article made me think of using alternative habits for writing more content in less time. So, I’ve taken my daily habits and decided to learn how to develop them for writing better content in less time. Learning from experience, I can say Moz, Copyblogger, QuickSprout, and Smart Blogger are the best helpers in my niche. And applications such as Digg or Newsbeat have helped me organize my newsfeed in a way that gleans the most from my reading habit.
It's a writing technique described by Julia Cameron and Mark Levy as a way to free the subconsciousness by telling all your worries to a piece of paper. When developed, the habit of free writing can be a big help, including providing topics for new content and allowing you to create drafts quickly.
To develop this habit and use it for content creation, you should do nothing but write three pages of text every morning.
It let me analyze my writing and see what I needed to change for faster and more accurate work: I decreased the number of distractions and the level of wateriness in my writing (the tool showed which words I used the most). This technique is a big hit today, and many tools have been developed to use it with comfort. I'm a coffee addict, so I can say with full confidence that it helps with my content marketing endeavors.
Working in an open-plan office with 14 people, half of whom regularly practice idle chitchat, I've found the perfect escape from frustration and, therefore, procrastination: music. Music helps me concentrate on work, lowers my frustration, helps me write letter-perfect text, and speeds up my writing. Following the advice from Neil Patel on "youifying" content (I love that word), I use music to cheer up, gain inspiration, awaken creativity, and put me back on a productive track while writing my articles. Numerous studies confirm music's positive influence on productivity and efficiency at work.
But when it comes to tasks requiring more brainpower, sounds of nature, songs without lyrics, or classical music seem to have the best impact on our productivity.
Are there any daily habits you use for writing content and organizing your time for better productivity? Sign up for The Moz Top 10, a semimonthly mailer updating you on the top ten hottest pieces of SEO news, tips, and rad links uncovered by the Moz team. This is a Junior SEO task list designed to help new starters in the field get the right skills by doing hands-on jobs, and possibly to help find a specialism in SEO or digital marketing. Describe filtering in search results, and which parameter can be appended to the search URL to omit filtering. Give examples of "parameters" in the wild, and manipulate any parameter on any website to show different content.
Explaining metrics from popular search toolsExplain SearchMetrics search visibility — how is this calculated? Explain Google Keyword Planner search volume estimates & competition metric — is search volume accurate?
Explain its efficiency from an SEO perspective — are this website’s pages linked efficiently? Do the exact same as the previous, but make the Javascript external, and the function must execute with a button click. AdwordsCreate 1 campaign (custom ad) with the goal of finding real number of impressions versus estimated search volume from Keyword Planner.
Max, Min, Sum, Avg, Correl, Percentile, Len, Mid, Left, Right, Search, & Offset are also required formulas.
Ability to copy, paste, move, transpose, and copy an entire row and paste in new sheet — all while never touching the mouse. Google AnalyticsInstall Google Analytics (Universal Analytics), and Google Tag Manager at least once — ensure that the bare minimum tracking works properly. Create a custom segment, segmenting session by Google organic, mobile device only, Android operating system, US traffic only — then share the segment with another account. Use the Google Analytics Query explorer to pull from any profile — you must pull at least 3 metrics, 1 dimension, sort by 1 metric, and have 1 filter.
Google Search ConsoleTrainee must go through every report (I really mean every report), and double-check the accuracy of each using external SEO tools (except crawl activity reports). Create https, http, www, and non-www versions of their site they built in the previous project and identify discrepancies. Log file analysisLet the trainee use whatever software they want to parse the log files; just remember to explain how different servers will have different fields. Grab a copy of any web server access log files that contain at least the following fields: user-agent, timestamp, URI, IP, Method, Referrer (ensure that CDNs or other intermediary transactions are not rewriting the IP addresses). Use a proxy and a VPNAs long as they are able to connect to a proxy and a VPN in any application, this is fine — ensure that they understand how to verify their new IP.
Then, start searching for nasty links and other deceptive SEO tactics that are against the Webmaster Guidelines and get that website penalized. API skillsRequest data from 2 different APIs using at least 2 different technologies (either a programming language or software — I would suggest the SEMrush APIand Alchemy Language API).
Google APIs are also fantastic, and there are lots of free services in the Google Cloud Console.

You will become a well-rounded marketer, able to take on whatever Google’s Algorithm of Wonder throws at you or jump into other disciplines within digital marketing with a solid foundation. Posted by George-FreitagDuplicate listings have been a plague to local search marketers since local search was a thing. This duplicate management update represents a new standard in the industry and will help our users be more productive and efficient than ever.
Eliminating duplicates and near-duplicates on major data sources and directories has always been one of the most effective ways to increase your presence in the local pack. Our duplicate listing feature has always focused on easily identifying potential duplicates and presenting them to marketers in a way that allows them to quickly take action. Though this worked great for many of our users, it quickly became problematic for large brands and agencies. The first opportunity we saw was to provide you with a bit more transparency into our closure process. Now all Moz Local customers can easily see how many duplicates are still marked as "open," how many are being reviewed, and how many listings have been successfully closed. We also saw another opportunity to improve transparency by further breaking down the reporting by the type of data partner. Verification Partners include Google and Facebook, since they're sources we use to verify our own data. Direct Partners are data sources that we have a direct relationship with and submit business listings instantly through our distribution service.
The second opportunity was to address the long list-view that our users used to identify, evaluate, and take action related to duplicates we discovered. Further, just like everything else in the Moz Local dashboard and Search Insights, reporting strictly follows any filters and labels from the search bar. All data in any filtered view is easily exportable via CSV so you can repurpose it for your own reporting or research. Lastly, all of these reports are retroactive, meaning any duplicates you’ve requested closure or closed in the past will show up in the new duplicates dashboard and be available for advanced sorting and reporting.
Early on, the Moz Local team decided that the product should focus on the data sources that have the greatest impact for local businesses, regardless of their relationship with us, directly.
The challenge that comes with working with a network as diverse as ours is that each of our partners handle duplicate listings in completely different ways. These people will go to great lengths to con a poor, unsuspecting samaritan into giving up their pertinent information, identity, details, or bank account numbers.
The first step on this list is always this: Do not respond to unsolicited e-mail, and do not click on any embedded links within those e-mails. You would think everyone would know about this scam in 2014, and that nobody would fall for it, but you’d be wrong. A wealthy Nigerian family or a widowed African woman is trying to get money out of the country. These scams promise to refund and recover money already lost to schemes (such as the Nigerian Wealth scam). They say they’ll issue refunds if you provide bank information for the direct-deposit reimbursement.
Malware crusaders steal the names of legitimate funeral homes, send invitation notices to an unnamed friend or relative’s memorial service, with an attached link to celebrate the friend’s life.
Well, they are quite historically correct, everr now and then.So I fly those missions, if they don't come too often.
Check the ordinance screen before stRting your missionAlso look at bottom of page in pilot log where you can click to scroll to next page.
While some, including the commission itself, are still defending the ad's content, critics says the easy association between rape and drinking puts too much responsibility on the victim. Follow us as we celebrate (and skewer) the latest, greatest, quirkiest and freakiest commercials, promos, trailers, posters, billboards, logos and package designs around.
The author's views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Moz, Inc.I write every day for my blog as well as other publications.
So, maybe it makes sense to follow their lead and find benefits in our love for coffee and music for better content writing? Rand Fishkin and Neil Patel teach me all the aspects of and latest trends in content and Internet marketing, while Brian Clark and Jon Morrow demonstrate the art of writing and encourage me to polish up my writing skills. While I'm a night owl, and it's an act of bravery for me to wake up early, I was faithful in writing three pages of text every morning and even discovered the site 750 Words.
Write about the latest problem that worried you and how you solved it." It helped me realize what a slow writer I was. Make a to-do list for 2016." The trick was to write 100 items and avoid mentioning the same deed twice.
It saves time for brainstorming, and every free writing session gives me 2–3 ideas for future articles. Mine still don't understand why I want to be ahead of the game and plan everything two or three months before deadlines.
My favorite thing about this tool is its keyboard shortcuts that allow me to manage tasks with one click. Think of it as your exclusive digest of stuff you don't have time to hunt down but want to read! Building a website by hand is absolutely painful, and they might want to throw their computer out the window or just install Wordpress — no, no, no.
The purpose of the rank tracking is to measure the effects of directives implemented, redirects, and general fluctuation. This is the part of the training where the trainee learns how to negotiate, sell, listen, promote, and create exposure for themselves. These campaigns must be tracked properly in an analytics platform, not only in FB and Twitter analytics! The point here is to find out why there are discrepancies between what SEO tools find and what Google Search Console reports. Use Google Search Console, Majestic, Ahrefs, and Moz, and combine them all in one Excel file (or Google Doc sheet). Heck, make it two!Now that the trainee has built a website by hand, feel free to get them to put up another couple of websites and get some traffic pouring in. Hints: They can use Postman, Google Docs, Excel, command line, or any programming language.
This is a fantastic course; I strongly recommend it even if the junior already has a CS degree.
We’re expected to be developers, designers, PR specialists, salespeople, CRO, and social managers. By using the correct terminology, and by doing parts of the work, you’ll be able to empathize and give better advice. When Moz Local first introduced duplicate closure in the fall of 2014, the goal was to address the horribly time-consuming task of finding and closing all those duplicate listings causing problems in Google, Bing, and various mapping platforms. It’s a key part of citation consistency, which was rated as the second most important tactic for getting into local pack results according to the 2015 local ranking factors survey. In the case of the aggregators (like Infogroup and Localeze) and direct partner sites (like Foursquare and Insider Pages), this takes the form of single-click closure requests that are quickly reviewed and sent directly to the source.
Originally, the dashboard took the form of a long list where marketers could scroll down and take action, as needed. Based on data collected from the thousands of brands and locations we track, we know that the average enterprise client can have around 3,500 duplicate listings and, in some cases, that number can be as high as 100,000 duplicates.

Though we always provided some insight related to where we were in the closure process, there was no way to view this at an aggregated level and no way to see how many duplicates had been closed so you could track your progress. If you’re an agency or consultant, this can be especially useful to demonstrate progress made in identifying and closing duplicates for your clients. Moz Local has always been very deliberate in surfacing the relationship we have with our partners.
Though we can’t close duplicates directly at this point, they're so influential we felt it was imperative to include the ability to identify duplicates on these platforms and guide you as far as possible through the closure process. These are sources that receive all of our listing data via our direct partners, but we do not submit to directly.
With so many of our clients having hundreds or thousands of listings to manage, it quickly became apparent that we needed some advanced sorting to help them out with their workflow.
If you then want to see how many duplicates have already been closed and removed from the data partner, you can just click that checkbox. This can be especially useful if you’re an agency that wants to narrow your view to a specific client, or a brand that wants to only view reporting for a single marketing region. Over the last year, our developers have been spending countless hours fine-tuning the duplicate closure process and improving relationships with our data partners. As a result, we built the widest and most complex set of partnerships with aggregators, direct and indirect partners, and business directories in the industry. As long as people are falling for these too-good-to-be-true opportunities, the prevalence of these scams will only increase. The scammers create phony recovery programs to restore a victim’s lost money, but first you must pay an up-front fee. The invitation appears authentic at first glance, but the danger is in the attached link, typically downloading malware to your computer rather than redirecting you to a funeral service site. And ask yourself: Do you have any recent friends who have died who would invite you to such an impersonal service? True enough, but I still had bad experiences in my mind from prior ones that repeated many times. The Moment does not replace traditional Memorial Day events; rather it is an act of national unity in which all Americans, alone or with family and friends, honor those who died for our freedom.
I'm a big fan of guest posting, and every day I do everything I can to reinforce better writing. Working and spending 8–10 hours at a computer regardless the day of a week, I supposed it would be easier for me to free write online. Five minutes wasn't enough time for me to describe the problem, much less speak of the solution. It taught me to concentrate on my train of thought to avoid wateriness and save time for editing my writing afterward. It works like a charging system to revive spirits and, therefore, support a sufficient level of productivity in the afternoon. Plus, I use its Google Drive integration and desktop notifications to share and edit content quickly, as well as remember deadlines for planning my time properly. And according to researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, music boosts moods and helps us focus.
These tasks are useful for grasping data manipulation techniques in spreadsheets, Google Analytics, and some more advanced subjects, like scraping and machine learning classification.
The goal should be to understand what it’s like to live a day in their shoes, and assist them throughout the entire day. This is why I believe we need to expose juniors to a wide set of tasks and help them develop a broad skill set.
On top of that, in last May’s Mozinar on local search, Andrew Shotland of Local SEO Guide mentioned that he saw a 23% increase in presence in the local pack just by addressing duplicates. Anyone who works in local search knows the pain and monotony of combing through Google for variations of a business, then spending more time finding the contact form needed to actually request a closure.
Even though we estimate our tool can reduce the time spent managing duplicates by around 75%, when you have literally thousands of duplicates to parse through, a single to-do list quickly becomes impractical.
If you’re a brand, this can be a great way to build a business case for additional resources or show the value of your local strategy. Because of this, we wanted to add another layer of insight based on the nature of the partnership. Though we can’t close listings on these sources automatically, we can still detect duplicates and send you directly to their closure form to help you request the closure. If you want to only see the open duplicate listings for a certain partner, like Foursquare, that’s an option as well. This update not only launches a new dashboard but also marks the kickoff for some huge improvements to our back-end. While the Internet and online security become more and more advanced as the years pass, so to do the tactics of these e-scams. Lately I've been wondering if I'm attacking the balloon before a critical waypoint is acheived. MudWasp, I'm pretty sure that the way WOFF handles balloon busting missions is somehow broken and has been since day one. Wind was 3 kn out of the NW and the sky was perfectly clear with a strong haze on the horizon. After my second cup of coffee, I have the energy to research and write outlines for my content.
Python because of its rich data science & machine learning libraries, which may become a core part of SEO tasks in the future. Make sure to research a link: A legit, secure URL will redirect to an ‘HTTPS’ address, not just ‘HTTP.’ If you feel that you must open a link, open it manually into your browser, just don’t click any links!
Had one repeat over six times back in WOFF 1.xx days and have been hesitant to fly them ever since. I've had repeat missions several times against balloons that have been most assuredly completely destroyed by my squadron, but somehow WOFF doesn't always recognize it. We left Galand headed due north and climbed up to 9300 ft to form up for our run to the lines.
Just ask yourself this: How many wealthy Nigerians do you know that need your specific help, and why do they need you? As we reached Arras we were at 14000 ft and our trip to the lines and the rest of our patrol there was very quiet with no sign of enemy scouts or two seaters.
We finished our circuits are returned to Vert Galand, all craft landing safely and reported in.
I?ve seen enough of this bloody war!? I then headed for the mess and some hot tea and breakfast.
We did have some fun though as there were some boxing trials going on and I took in some of the action. I saw Cam and Pierce getting on fairly well and I was pleased to see that but it just added to my angst!YouTube Video: (nothing exciting to post) The Meteorologist reports that all flight are cancelled between 18 Feb to 25 Feb inclusive, due to heavy snowfall and generally bad weather.

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