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One of the ways that the TLC star lives life to the fullest is through dance, which is actually how she caught the eye of studio executives. While Thore is happy with her body as it is, she knows that losing weight is vital to leading a long and healthy life.
Do you think that Thore's show promotes obesity, or are you impressed with her confidence in front of the camera? Besides being fabulous braided hairstyles for black women seem to never go out of fashion, and are sported by many celebrities now. Remember when your kids were little and they seemed to enjoy the box as much (or more) than the present itself? No template is needed for this quick cardboard castle creation that’s large enough for your kids to play inside.
For this project, you’ll need access to a drill, elastic and a pencil, in addition to the obvious items (cardboard cutter and hot glue).
A fantastic feature of the cardboard guitar is that the strings are different lengths and when plucked they result in slightly different pitches. Encourage your kids to roll different objects down the slide: balls, cars, dolls and themselves if you’ll let them! This is the kind of project your kids will play with for years (or as long as the cardboard holds up). This is a fairly simple project that will entice your kids away from the computer and into physical play with friends or siblings.
Blogger LiEr (Lorraine) has made it easy to print out hand-sketched templates to recreate her cardboard boats. These boats provide the perfect transportation for all sorts of different animals, people and creatures in your child’s toybox. Architect Carl Croft shared his ingenious (but oh-so-simple) tricks for creating cardboard forts and playhouses with any-size boxes right here at My Kids’ Adventures.
With Carl’s tips, you can make a house, fort, castle, store or any kind of structure using whatever boxes you have on hand. Check the link at My Kids’ Adventures to learn Secrets to Building a Cardboard Playhouse or Fort. Cut any sized box in half, cut some holes and toss beanbags, balls or other small toys into the openings for loads of fun. If you’re lucky enough to have a few good-sized cardboard boxes on hand, don’t toss them—reuse them! Just assess the cardboard you have and talk to your kids about what they’d like to help you make. Kristin Ammerman is a mom, creative writer and the evangelist of fun for My Kids' Adventures. 2 Gray walls tone down the colorful palette on the bed and provide a canvas that will be easy to change the decor around should you like to switch stuff out often. 4 Create an inexpensive and easy DIY headboard by framing out the space on the wall to represent the headboard and then filling it in with a contrasting color or wallpaper. 6This bedroom captures the vibe of an upscale night club with sofa-style trundle beds, white shag carpet, and a mirrored foil ceiling that changes color. 9 The tufted purple wall and curtains framing the bed provide luxury to this feminine bedroom, while the butterfly desk and zebra rug offer plenty of chic character. 10 A wall of curtains harmonizes the two beds and creates one fantastic focal point in this bedroom. Which one of these teen room decor ideas would you most love (or would have loved) to have in your own bedroom?
You can choose from either a box of 5-6 pieces or 10-12 depending on your sharing capabilities and depending on how much you want to spend each month. There are monthly quarterly, and annual subscriptions available. I can honestly attest to the yumminess of this package, it was shipped with an ice pack so nothing melted and the Crispy Square was perfectly crisp and melty all at the same time. The awesome people at Treatsie sent me this box for free but you can get one of your very own for 50% off using code ricci50 You just can’t beat that deal!! I can’t wait for Fall too, love the change of leaves to the fall colors, pumpkin everything and the Fall weather. It’s not too weird to read the script, I wish it had more details like the books but it’s still really good!! Ricci is a single 30-something from Arkansas who is a lover of big hair, anything pink, monograms, selfies, fancy coffee, and her dog Sophie.
A viral video called "A Fat Girl Dancing," which shows Thore hitting some pretty impressive moves despite her size, amassed over 1.3 million views from impressed viewers and haters alike. If I'm pro-anything it's simply pro-loving yourself in this moment because it's all we have.
This disaster not only damages naturally curly hair texture, but brings forward the problem of hair everywhere in the bathroom and the whole flat. The most trendy hairstyles 2014 are introduced Beyonce, Solange, Brandy Norwood, Christina Milian are the braids in any possible variation.So let's have a look at small box braids hairstyles and get convinced that they are incredible.

The editors of My Kids’ Adventures have searched the Internet to find cool stuff you can make from cardboard boxes.
Preschoolers and toddlers have a knack for turning a plain old box into a car or a boat or some other kind of adventure.
Take a look at those boxes and envision your kids creating something innovative and entertaining.
Your young knights and ladies will love the drawbridge, battlements and other classic features found on this simple design from Kathy Gossen at Cornerstone Confessions. We love that you can make this castle your own—just add rooms, paint or decorate according to your child’s imagination. Read cardboard playhouse secrets below (#9) for ways to make a fort from boxes of any size. Your kids will learn through trial and error how to make the balls roll faster and go the direction they need to make this maze work.
Transform the stairs into a giant slide with cardboard and watch kids race cars, balls or even themselves.
Then watch them up the ante as their creative (and competitive) minds take over and they start to race objects down. Check out her detailed instructions and make this amazing cardboard grocery store for your kids. Now your kids can create their own Minecraft mask and act out their favorite video game, live.
Merrilee at Mer Mag shows you how to make this fantastic cardboard stable for horses, but it’s perfect for any barnyard animal. Try tossing different things, assigning point values for the different holes or challenging your kids to toss from different locations. Use it as a toybox, gift box or (our favorite) as the prize your kids find at the end of a treasure hunt! Fabric in a muted pattern framed out above the bed creates simple DIY art while the chandelier and monogrammed bedding add a touch of luxury. Portraits of each girl as a child and different accent pillows add a personal touch to each bed. A beautiful antique mirror, dress form, and black and white striped curtains bring character to the space. The inside has a flashy splash of color and pattern, while the outside is neutral to help it blend well with the busy wallpaper. She believes that style is about embracing your unique sense of life and expressing it in your home and the way you live. Last weekend I road tripped it with one of my besties to visit our other bestie in Nashville and I can’t wait to share that trip with you next week!! While I was on my mini vay-cay I almost missed the celebration of Harry Potter’s birthday and the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I think I told y’all about going a little crazy a few weeks ago when I sold all my bedroom furniture, bought a new king size bed, and then found a few more pieces of furniture on a Facebook yard sale…well I finally got up the courage to paint the pieces that I bought and I think they tuned out pretty fabulous!! You can also share them if you like but I’m pretty selfish when it comes to my sweets…HA! I think Treatsie would make a fabulous gift for someone headed off to college soon…I know that would have made my day a million years ago when I was living in the dorms! As an English teacher I don’t think it would bug me, but it is something that has crossed my mind.
I think it would be cool to try some new goodies every now and then but its not a habit of mine. That is why African American women often come to choose braids among natural hairstyles for black women. Take a look at the size and quality of your boxes to decide on a cardboard project perfect for your kids. With a large piece of cardboard, cardboard tubes and hot glue, you can easily create this maze. It’s a great activity for shape identification, predictions (Will it or won’t it roll?), and just some general fun!
You have the flexibility to make this any size, depending on the animal your child wants to board. Your children might go back to loving the box more than the gift again—just like when they were tiny! It’s a great experience to make the most personal space in your life become a reflection of your identity.
There are so many eye-catching elements in this room, but they are well-balanced creating a unique and memorable space. In 2012, Peggy launched the blog Decorating Files to share her experience and knowledge to help readers create a home and lifestyle that reflects their own individuality and personal style.
I don’t know what it is about August but I always want to break out the pumpkin scents, throw up a fall wreath, and make a big pot of soup.

I also love a good subscription box and luckily for me (and YOU) Treatsie is a fabulous combination of both! I think my favorite piece in the box is a tie between the Burnt Toast Carmels and the Dark Chocolate Coffee Bean Bar. I bought the new Harry Potter book too, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to read it yet! With braided hairstyles you can forget about hairstyling and problematic issues and enjoy the freedom they donate you. Steve brings it to us as part of his Mister Make It and Love It series on his wife’s blog, Make It and Love It. Dix, the Contemplative Creative, explains how to simply cut boxes open, tape them together and lay them over the stairs to create a cardboard slide your kids will love.
All I can say for now is that so many precious memories were made and I have truly found my wolf pack.
I actually made a HUGE pot of summer veggie soup this past week and now I seriously want to break out all of my fall candles. So for me to live my most fulfilled life, I need to drop 100 pounds," she shared with People.
But my playlist is very eclectic and youa€™ll find romantic, pop and Italian songs in there.NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTERSOn weekends I make it a point to wake up late and then ita€™s all about my daughters Paulina (12 ) and Nicole (11). We have discussed before long box braids and big box braids hairstyles and now I'd like to give an overview of fabulous small box braids hairstyles 2014. My kids’ school has a science event in which families work together in the gym to build a marble drop that runs for 15 seconds. If you are decorating your bedroom (or are someone helping a teen girl decorate her space) really take the time to find the colors, style, patterns, textures, and vibe that speak to you. But I am devoting this weekend to blogging and so hopefully I will be all caught up and not feel so disorganized and just blah about it.
And who would have thought that three girls who met through their blogs four years ago would be the best of friends?? In an interview with People, Thore revealed that she struggled with guilt and self-blame for her weight: "For 10 years when I was fat I was able to project a happy face, but I was absolutely miserable. But her looks are not the motivator — she simply wants to be as happy as possible with her life. We walk or bike together to their ballet class from our home in Valencia and have a healthy breakfast on the way of fruit yogurt, olive oil and tomatoes with multigrain bread and coffee for me . But don’t worry, I ovenrnighted the book from Amazon, got it last Monday, and cried my way through the first Chapter on Wednesday.
Up until two years ago it was, 'I gotta lose weight, I gotta lose weight,' in a panic almost. People seem to think that as I go about my daily life, just living and existing, that I'm trying to get some reaction out of people.
Thore's favorite part of the show is her interaction with the many viewers who find her story inspirational, many of whom pluck up the courage to start dancing or even come out of the closet after watching the star reject socially constructed shame.
Sometimes we spend the day at the beach with a picnic lunch, singing in the car, and around 6pm we return for a family dinner with my parents and cousins. As for small box braids they are more difficult to create as they require much time for plaiting the micro braids, but at the same time they are not as heavy as big box braids.
Small box braids will allow you to rcreate any hairstyle you may imagine: updo hairstyles, braided hairstyles, downdo hairstyles, ponytails and you can simply wear them loose.
The 380-pound 30-year-old denies promoting obesity with her reality show — instead, she's simply living life and not hating herself for being fat. We love to cook Mediterranean food at home too.HOBBY HORSEMy weekends are very busy as I have too many hobbies and not enough time. I still remember the first time I saw Dubai-based fashion consultant Natalia Shustova in one of our gowns.
Like me, shea€™s a mum too.EMIRATES OF EXCITEMENTWhen I visit Dubai I love to go waterskiing, zipping past the amazing skyline. Places like The Dubai Mall are favourites a€“ therea€™s everything you desire from the worlda€™s big cities.
My kids love going to Atlantis The Palm.DANCING FITWe have a ballet bar at home and as I used to practise ballet since I was a kid, I find ita€™s the best way to keep fit. I dance to classical music a€“ ita€™s such a relaxing exercise.ENGINEERED FASHIONIa€™ve loved fashion all my life. I remember flicking through Vogue when I was eight, enthralled by great photos, editorials and models.
Creating my own brand has always been a dream, so I did it.SCORE A SCENTIa€™ve used Guerlaina€™s Samsara perfume for the past 20 years!

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