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Since vehicles started to be mass produced, every automaker out there started using VIN codes (Vehicle Identification Number) on each of their cars. Usually, every manufacturer puts the VIN in very accessible locations so you can easily find it.
OK, now that you have a general idea of what they mean, lets see what other combinations can be found in the string. Now, what can I do if I know what these numbers mean?Well, first of all by reading the VIN and checking the rest of the components of a second hand car, you can tell if its the original build or it has been modified from the initial setup. Another important feature is that the VIN makes it harder for thieves to sell a stolen car.
The immobilizer is a theft deterrent system located in the instrument cluster, the main car computer, a radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder chip in the VW or Audi smart key, and an antenna at the ignition cylinder. When buying or programming a new key, you must use a key that corresponds to the same immobilizer generation and keyless entry type and sync it to the immobilizer. The remote has 3 main components: the keyless entry circuit board, the metal flip key to open the doors and insert into the ignition, and the immobilizer chip which talks to the immobilizer. For generation specific information on keys including how to take them apart, refer to the links at the top or search this FAQ. If you have the yellow car symbol pictured at the top on the instrument cluster, you have an immobilizer. Cabrio and Eurovans have no immobilizer warning light and the immobilizer module is a separate physical box from the instrument cluster.
Because of the variation in build dates, immobilizer generations, and remote compatibility, the easiest way to get a replacement key is from the dealer. The cheapest way to get a new key from the dealer is to buy a cut key from an online OEM parts dealership and take it to the local dealer for programming.
The absolute cheapest way to get a new key is to buy the programming tools yourself, buy a cut key online, and when you're done, resell the programming tools. NOTE: The newest keys 2007+ on most VW models and all 2010+ keys use additional encryption on the immobilizer chips. Long story short, you have to bench flash the ECU with new programming to completely delete the immobilizer system. If you wish to remove the immobilizer function from the car you can only do this through a specialized chip tune.
More detailed information below is separated into immo-2 and immo-3 sections because they have different procedures.
This exclusive content and the information below can be viewed in this post for premium members only. On most Ford engines the #1 cylinder is the first cylinder at the front of the engine on the passenger side (right side) of a rear-wheel drive car or truck.

The cylinders are numbered in sequence starting with the #1 cylinder going towards the back of the engine on each cylinder bank (see illustrations below). The correct firing order is very important because mixing up the spark plug wires may prevent the engine from starting, cause it to backfire and run very poorly if at all. NOTE: On engines where two adjacent spark plugs fire right after each other, it is important to make sure the spark plug wires are not routed right next to each other for a long distance. On engines with distributorless ignition systems or coil-on-plug ignition systems, the firing order is controlled by the ignition module or engine computer. Every car has its unique number which is used for different purposes but mostly for keeping track of each one of them on the road.
So you should check on the lower part of the windshield on the driver’s side where there should be a small window showing the VIN printed on the dash.
They are usually used to show literally the unit’s number as it went out the assembly line. Moreover, for a certain amount of cash, commercial services allow you to enter the VIN code and see the records on the respective car, which will show you how many owners it had as well as if it was stolen or crashed. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. When you turn the car on, the antenna around the ignition switch induces a voltage in the RFID transponder chip. As of this writing, there are no aftermarket tools to program the immobilizer key yourself. This requires you to remove the ECU from the car and ship it to KermaTDI where it's bench flashed and rewritten. Try another key - you should have a valet key and spare key that also have an immobilizer chip in them. Check for error codes - scan the car with a VCDS to see if there is a problem with the system and refer to the appropriate procedure below.
Disconnect the battery negative terminal and step on the brake pedal - this turns on the brake lights and discharges any stored electricity.
Check wiring and plugs at instrument cluster and pickup coil at the ignition switch, there is a chance it could be faulty. Only 14k Miles on this CarFax Certified ONE OWNER and ACCIDENT FREE 2014 Audi A7 3.0T Quattro Premium Plus!!
If your car is older, the VIN can be found either on the sticker or plate on the inside of the driver’s side door or the frame sill, or the glove compartment, under the spare tire, on the engine block or stamped somewhere in the engine bay.
If you are also a bit smarter and look at the whole picture the VIN provides, you can sometimes tell if the odometer has been rolled back or if it reached the maximum miles and started from zero again. Simply meeting with a stranger, giving him the money and taking the car without having much of its history at hand will get you nowhere and if you manage to end up with a stolen car it will be a bit too late for the cops to catch the thief.

When the key is recognized, the immobilizer module, part of the instrument cluster, sends a random number to the key. If you can get the dealer to only charge a half hour for programming, that is the cheaper route. When seeking an immobilizer delete, make sure to include any requested ownership information to verify the status of the car. It also results in low cranking RPM during engine start - this will cause the ECU to prevent fueling.
Many people report that the light just goes away after 10 minutes as if nothing ever happened. You could try wiggling the key in the slot in case there's a problem with the pickup coil.
If everything else fails, check the vehicle insurance or vehicle registration documents.What those letters and numbers mean?Here comes the tricky part as every letter and number in the VIN has a certain meaning depending on its position in the string. The module and key both do a simple calculation and if they match, normal engine starting is allowed.
Technically speaking, you can use a qualified locksmith as a result of a class action lawsuit about smart keys but these specialized shops are few and hard to find.
Again, there is NO battery for the immo chip, it gets power from the ignition switch transmitter.
This and the next solution appear to have something to do with a capacitor discharge or something resetting. I've heard that disconnecting BOTH negative and positive terminals of the battery and then touching the cables to each other only, while not attached to the battery can also reset it.
Due to the expensive equipment they have to rent from VW, they're usually not any cheaper than the dealership.
I think that it takes more time and does the same thing as disconnecting the negative side and turning on the brake lights.
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