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The existing lock mechanical and electrical systems are original equipment installed in the 1960s.
The Rehabilitation Evaluation Report estimates that should one of the sheet pile cells rupture, T.J. TJ O'Brien Lock & Controlling Works is rated a Dam Safety Action Class (DSAC) 2, indicating an unsafe or potentially unsafe facility, on a scale of 5 (adequately safe) to 1 (unsafe). TJ O'Brien Lock has an Operational Condition Assessment (OCA) rating of C (poor) on a scale of A (good) to F (failed).
FY2017: No work is planned in FY2017 since the project is not included in the President's budget.

Founded in 1866, LVC has graduate programs in athletic training, business, music education, physical therapy, and science education. O’Brien Lock and Controlling Works is an aging structure which is at an increasing risk of failure.
Part-time students will be issued yellow decals and will be assigned to park in the green lots on campus. Violators will be issued a parking citation by Lebanon Valley College Public Safety Department. A component failure of the aging lock structure, mechanical equipment, or electrical distribution system would result in an unscheduled lock closure causing significant navigation traffic delays on the waterway for traffic entering and exiting Lake Michigan.

After over 50 years of service reliability and operation, problems are a recurring challenge and have significant impacts to the navigation users.

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