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Unregistered, our brother ReddTigger had a heart attack while riding his Sportster to the 2016 XL Forum East Coast meet up. Howdy, I've been waiting to tag my Sporty until I put on some turn signals, still haven't finished that so decided to tag it anyway. Thanks much in advance, I'm a little worried to be honest, mostly because I now have to drive my untagged bike another 25 miles to get inspection. My guess is this guy was just wanting to pass the buck to the next guy, one of the problems with big government. I got to thinking though if a bike is put together from spare parts there could be several numbers on there, including non-matching VINs, nothing illegal about that, at least there shouldn't be.
I feel a little safer taking to the Highway Patrol now, still wondering a little about the different numbers above the steering lock since I may need to explain that to these guys. Do a little Googling and you will prolly find more info on Harley fonts, VINs, and motor numbers.
The Highway Patrol has to inspect out of State bikes in my area and they didn't title it (so far) because there are slanted 6's (looks almost like italics for that number only) on the VIN.

It is a rebuilt 76 1000 cc, runs great, looks nice, sounds good, everything looks OK to me but I haven't seen other AMF VINs from that era so don't really know about the slanted 6's business. A little different in that other numbers look more regular, 6's may be a little more slanted. I just found out the Eldorado that I just bought has a blown head gasket, found out about the cracked block last week. I can understand the VIN alteration law but non-matching numbers have to be fairly common on rebuilds, even though these do match. You will find that there are quite a few different numbers on HDs - anti-theft #s on the trans, casting #s on frame lugs and motor parts, belly #s on the cases, etc. I can't see somebody altering that and only slanting the 6 in that particular manner on both the frame and engine. Looks stock to me but have to admit the 6 looks a little more italicized than other numbers. Anyway, mine is primarily a 1976 1000cc although there may be some other parts there too, I really don't know since I didn't put it together.

Nearly all HD VINs look like they were stamped by a drunken three year old with bad eyesight. I was a little perturbed with the Highway Patrol on this but the guy didn't have a lot of knowledge and now I have to get it inspected at another location. Print out the chart with the font style that Big Mick posted and show it to the inspector if there are any problems.
I also noticed another number slightly above the steering lock which I think the Highway Patrol mentioned too, however this guy was not experienced in this at all.

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