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NARROW, RIDER-FOCUSED ERGONOMICS: A slim, steel fuel tank is shaped with knee grip in mind, and the entire ergonomic layout is designed to make the rider feel like part of the bike.
RACING-DERIVED SADDLE: Narrow, YZ-inspired seat features gripper-type cover for great seat-of-the-pants feel. ENDURO INSTRUMENTS: WR enduro-style instrument panel provides excellent visibility in spite of the compact size.
COMPACT BODYWORK: Minimalist front and rear fenders are designed for function, simplicity, and lightness.
HIGH-VISIBILITY LIGHTING: Lightweight headlight and LED taillight maximize visibility and draw less current. DUAL WAVE-TYPE DISC BRAKES: Wave brake rotors front and rear, including a large 250mm front disc, reduce unsprung weight and provide excellent performance.
HIGH-TECH FOUR-STROKE POWERPLANT: 250cc liquid-cooled, DOHC engine with two titanium intake valves and two steel exhausts, forged piston and plated cylinder for outstanding durability. ADVANCED, HIGH REVVING CYLINDER DESIGN: Pentroof combustion chamber with downdraft-type straight intake helps make excellent power across the rev band, with maximum power at 10,000 rpm. DURABLE ENGINE INTERVALS: High-lift cams have WPC surface treatment in which the surface is sprayed with fine powder at over 100 meters per second to increase surface hardness. HIGH-PERFORMANCE GENERATOR: Rare earth-type ACM alternator keeps the weight down while providing all the current needed to run the FI and lighting systems. COIL-ON-PLUG IGNITION: Direct ignition coil sits atop the spark plug—another first on a Yamaha on-off road model. 6-SPEED TRANSMISSION: Six-speed gearbox provides a wide spread of ratios, with shower-type lubrication for reliability.
COMPACT MUFFLER: Tucked-in, three-chamber muffler helps keep mass centralized and the bike quiet.
YZ-F DEVELOPED DUAL SPORT: Directly descended from our YZ motocrossers and WR off-road machines, the WR250R is here to make Yamaha’s off-road prowess street accessible. OFF-ROAD FOCUSED PERFORMANCE: Not exactly an enduro model and not a streetbike either, the WR250R is for riders who ride off-road more than on. PRACTICAL TOUCHES: Quick-adjust clutch, wide 55mm platform footpegs, four-position rubber- mounted handlebar clamps, aluminum handlebars, and a side stand are standard for added rider convenience.

LIGHT AND STRONG ALUMINUM FRAME: An all-aluminum bilateral beam frame similar to the YZ250F provides strength, lightness and durability for race conditions, and for 2017 comes with a rugged plastic skid plate. MASS-CENTRALIZED POWERPLANT: The position of the engine moves the rotational mass of the cams towards the center of the bike which allows for a straight shot, down draft intake and straight exhaust port for maximized engine performance. FUEL INJECTION: The fuel injection system uses 3D mapped electronic control for the fuel and ignition timing that are optimized for cross-country racing.
6-SPEED GEARBOX: A wide-ratio 6-speed transmission is used to insure the right gear is available for the wide variety of terrain found in cross-country racing. NEW CYLINDER HEAD AND INTAKE SYSTEM: The compact four-valve cylinder head features revised intake geometry for additional downdraft effect, matched to shorter intake funnel in the airbox, for improved top-end power.
NEW PISTON: A new lightweight forged two-ring piston uses a flat piston crown surface with additional strengthening ribs and a shorter, more durable piston pin with diamond like carbon (DLC) coating. NEW CRANK AND CONNECTING ROD: Optimized crankshaft and counterbalancer designs feature a revised balance ratio, predictive power delivery and reduced vibration. STRONGER CRANKCASE: The crankcase features a new heat treating process to increase strength, for protection, the frame welcomes the addition of a rugged plastic skid plate. NEW 270MM FRONT BRAKE: 270mm front disc (up from 250mm) brake coupled with new pad material offers outstanding braking power and performance. REVISED SUSPENSION SYSTEMS: Both front and rear dampers feature optimized settings for 2017 to further boost overall suspension performance, while the front fork utilizes a stronger oil seal system for enhanced durability in the toughest conditions. 6-SPEED TRANSMISSION: A wide-ratio 6-speed transmission is used to insure the right gear is available for the wide variety of terrain found in cross-country racing. NEW CHASSIS: Nearly the same bilateral beam frame that is found on the championship winning YZ250F is used on the YZ250FX. CROSS COUNTRY FEATURES: With the electric starting system, a 2-gallon fuel tank, rugged plastic skid plate, 18-inch rear wheel and XC racing tires, the YZ250FX is ready to win right out of the box. Light and nimble with a low seat height, Yamaha durability, electric start and 249 cc air-cooled engine, the XT250 is the perfect traveling companion. ADVANCED LCD INSTRUMENTS: Multifunction digital LCD instrument panel with cool green background lighting is easily visible day or night.
COMFORTABLE SADDLE: Long, thick seat creates a balanced riding position for optimal rider movement and comfort. PROTECTIVE FENDERS: Durable and wide front fender is designed to keep mud and dirt off the rider when exploring off-road.
FORK PROTECTION: Durable fork boots help prevent rocks and debris from damaging fork sliders. STRONG, COMPACT FRAME: A semi-double-cradle steel frame achieves a lighter, nimbler feel through greater mass centralization. NIMBLE STEERING: Maximum turning angle of the handlebar is 51 degrees—almost like a trials machine.
DIRT-READY WHEELS: 21-inch front and 18-inch rear aluminum wheels are extremely durable and reduce unsprung weight for enhanced suspension performance and handling.

MODERN FUEL INJECTION: The XT250 has fuel injection for smooth throttle response and easy starting in nearly all conditions. ADVANCED CYLINDER DESIGN: A light-and-strong forged piston inside a plated cylinder helps dissipate heat more efficiently, increasing both performance and durability.
5-SPEED TRANSMISSION: Wide-ratio five-speed transmission for maximum power and performance in a wide range of terrain and conditions. CONVENIENT ELECTRIC START: Hassle-free push-button electric starting adds extra convenience and reliability. LOW MAINTENANCE ENGINE: Automatic cam chain tensioner means minimal maintenance and longer engine life. CONVENIENT ELECTRIC START: Electric start makes firing up the 249cc four-stroke effortless.
DUAL DISC BRAKES: 245mm front disc and 203mm rear disc brakes combine to deliver superb stopping power on both paved and unpaved surfaces. Cast aluminum crossmembers, extruded arms and a 22mm rear axle are carefully tuned for optimum handling. The system relies on input from a crank sensor, intake air pressure sensor and throttle position sensor feeding a compact ECU to provide optimum combustion. The YZ250FX is also pre-wired for an optional radiator fan for the most grueling conditions. Both the fork and rear shock are tuned specifically for cross country racing, with updated fork seals for improved durability in harsh conditions.
Inside the head, more aggressive camshaft profiles and valve springs boost output further, while larger valve seats ensure excellent sealing and reliability.
The new piston is lighter, significantly stronger and together with revised EFI mapping, improves combustion performance for a faster, more thorough burn, resulting in excellent pulling power. A new nickel-chromoly steel connecting rod offers additional durability to handle the increased power output. Changes for 2017 include an all new forged section at the swingarm pivot, and revised engine mounting brackets for nimble lightweight feeling in the tight technical terrain while still providing stability in fast sections.
The linkage type rear suspension features a KYB rear shock with updated settings optimized for cross country racing.
Greater lateral and torsional rigidity and reduced weight of the lower frame parts help produce light, stable handling.
Combined with a short wheelbase of only 53.5 inches, the XT250 has a super-tight turning radius for excellent maneuverability. Title, registration, tax and other fees, and personal circumstances such as employment status and personal credit history, were not considered in the calculations.

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