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And although his CB450 looks mostly stock at first glance, there are a dozen unique touches that make it special. Starting with hand sketching and moving on to Photoshop renderings, they create the bike in the virtual world before turning the vision into metal. The XS650 frame has been modified by lowering the headstock two inches and moving it back slightly, creating the strong top line that flows from the headlight to the rear cowl.

It looks just as good on the outside as in, with a textured paint finish for the top and raw metal lower down.Auto Fabrica love the matte finish that aqua blasting gives to bare metal, so the engine casings and aluminum parts all went into the blast cabinet. To maintain the theme, Auto Fabrica fitted slim clip-ons and then created a custom wrap that forms a smooth loop. It’s a neat solution that matches the inverted stainless steel brake and clutch levers.

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