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I came across an article in The Edge Malaysia in which it was reported that a company has developed an automatic telematics systems which can be tuned to suit the requirement of the insurance companies to complement their insurance products when the detariffication kicks in. Many Malaysians would take advantage of the duty free status of Langkawi to purchase duty free luxurious cars there.
Using your credit card - yes, some people do want the reward points that badly - or a loan or lease with a similar interest rate would turn your $30,000 purchase into a $45,000 one.When considering your options - and different ones suit different people for various reasons - make sure you're comparing apples with apples by ascertaining the total cost of the deal for which you're signing up.
Often the premium can be adjusted for any bonus or discount that the insurer is willing to offer you, but in any case these are calculated only after the insurer has fixed a premium that they want to charge you.
In those days, especially in the 70’s, cars were sold without air-conditioners and radio cassette players.
He took a ticket from the machine at the entrance but left it in the car before going on his business. That means you're more likely to be thinking about make, model and colour than the best way to finance the deal when the time comes to purchase. Unfortunately, several claims were reported during the construction period, all of which were related to damage to optic fibre cables by the contractors excavators.
They are usually insured based on the purchase price (duty free) under Comprehensive motor policies. What happens here is that the driver will move down the car using a ramp and then drive the car along the road to the storage yard of the car dealer. The danger is that in making the wrong choice, you could end up paying a supercharged price for a mid-range car.When it comes to the financing, people just want to get it done rather than spend time weighing the alternatives, says a financial planner with Multiforte Financial Services, Kate McCallum. How much will the monthly payments on a lease cost over its life and will you still have to write out a cheque at the end?Let's look at the pros and cons of the five main financing options in more detail.Car loanAt last count there were about 400 personal-loan products on the Australian market. Personal loans, including car loans, are either variable rate - where the rate can move up or down at any time - or fixed rate, in which case the rate is anchored at the time the loan is taken out.Such loans can also be secured or unsecured.
If you suffer a total loss in an accident, how much do you think you should be compensated for, assuming you had insurance for your car? Can the insurer decline to pay the claim by saying the insured had not taken reasonable precautions to safeguard the car from loss?

What options will I have on it?'"The golden rule is if it's a depreciating asset, it's a good idea if you don't have to borrow or you can minimise your borrowing."An analyst with financial products researcher Canstar Cannex, Joshua Zenas, says a car purchase isn't regarded as good debt because the borrowing isn't for something that will appreciate in value. With a secured loan, the lender has rights over an asset should the borrower stop making repayments. The amount that you are compensated for under a comprehensive motor insurance coverage is directly linked to what is the value of the vehicle at that point in time. That's why interest rates on secured car loans tend to be a bit lower than on unsecured personal loans - because, as a last resort, the lender can repossess the car. If you have a new car that you have just driven out of a showroom, its value is more than say a three-year-old car with 30,000 km on it. In turn, loans for new cars tend to have lower rates than loans for used cars, because lenders consider a used car a riskier asset than a new one.Credit unions account for all 25 of the car loans Canstar assigned five stars for "outstanding value" earlier this year. Insured declared value, or IDV, is the value that the insurance company places on your vehicle to estimate its worth at the time you apply for motor insurance. That's just a technical way of saying that they just compensate you for an amount up to financial loss that you have suffered on the vehicle, and no more.
And, when interest rates are falling, you may prefer the manoeuvrability of a variable personal loan.
IDV is the maximum amount that you can claim under a motor insurance policy to compensate for any loss arising from theft or accident. So, if you suffer total loss in an accident of your three-year-old car that is worth Rs 4 lakh at the time of the accident, under no circumstances will you be compensated for more than Rs 4 lakh.
These days, most home loans come with an offset or redraw facility that allows you to make extra repayments while still having access to the money if you need it.How easy is this? Redraw $30,000, pay cash for the car (maybe even negotiating a discount), then drive off into the sunset.But there's a catch. If you have a car for which you are renewing the insurance, the IDV will be adjusted for any operational wear and tear that the car has experienced, or to put it in technical terms the IDV is adjusted for any depreciation that it has undergone for a vehicle of its age. While car loans have one- to seven-year terms, your mortgage may have 20 years left to run.

In this case, the value of these items that are additional to the price of the car are added to the IDV, adjusted for any depreciation that these items might have undergone. But you're not borrowing over five years.In Canstar's illustration, when you redraw $30,000 but don't compensate by bumping your mortgage repayments up, you'll pay $26,689 in extra interest over the remaining 20 years of your home loan. If you are getting a policy for a car that is more than 5 years old, then the IDV is determined on the basis of an understanding between you and the insurer after adjusting for the depreciation schedule. Congratulations, you've just turned a family sedan into a luxury car."You don't want to spread the cost of your vehicle over 25 years - just because you do that with your mortgage doesn't mean you should do that with your car," Fornasaro says. Please keep in mind that the IDV calculation is used only for a comprehensive insurance policy and not a third party insurance cover. Cubic capacity of the vehicle Every car has an engine size, which is measured as its cubic capacity. The size of the engine affects the insurance premium you have to pay for a third party insurance cover. The premium amount is the same for a new car as for an older car, because the premium is a function of the engine size, and not the age of the car.
The table below shows the rates (as of June 2010) on the third party cover premium amount according the engine size.
Toyota Australia, for instance, has a special rate of just 2.9 per cent for "approved private buyers and certain ABN [Australian Business Number] holders" on its Yaris and Corolla models. There might be an additional amount that you are obliged to pay above this minimum for third party coverage.

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