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I proceeded to beat the **** out of it, including looping it out once, riding it on sand dunes, crashing it on wet grass in a local park, etc. Today (well, technically yesterday here by a small fraction of an hour) I got a call from someone in a California Highway Patrol office about 150mi NNE of here, in Oroville, saying they thought they had recovered my bike.
After more investigation, the CHP officer discovered that the bike had been impounded in July 2009 in Grass Valley - not too far from Oroville, still well over 100 miles from where I lived. So, based on the evidence - impound, lack of boot wear on frame, lack of minor rash on swingarm, plastics, exhaust, turn signals, etc - I believe that the bike they found was indeed a different bike and not the one that I had.
At this point, the most logical conclusion is that my VIN was transcribed improperly at some point.
The fact that there are records of it being impounded when I had mine are why I'm pretty damn sure it's a different bike. It looks like they both have the same worn out front tire, although the rear has been replaced with a Shinko. At the same time - if you don't think it's the same bike you don't want to screw the guy who just bought it. Maybe the cops can get a hold of that seller so this new buyer can get his $$ back (longshot), and you can get your bike back. TOXIC MOTO RACING Your source for: Akrapovic, Alpina, Arrow, Beringer, Brembo, Excel, Husqvarna, Kite, Marchesini, Nuova Faor, Oberon Performance, SLIDE Moto axle sliders, Supersprox, Talon, Tecstra Swingarms, Trail Tech, Vortex, Warp 9, Xtrig, ZipTy and more! This is why everyone should take a few minutes with an engraver, number punches, or even a grinder to make some small, out of the way, but distinguishable marks on the frame, subframe, and engine on their bikes. Sorry to hear about this mess dude, but in my opinion (whatever that's worth) unless they did some amazing restoration work, it's not your bike.
Let me start off by saying this is motorcycle is a Japanese Domestic Model (JDM) with an 11 digit VIN - SJ14A100851 as opposed to the customary 17 digit VIN. Eric Bostrom has signed on to ride the Brammo Empulse RR in the electric motorcycle race at Laguna Seca July 28-29. Davi Millsaps captured his second main event win of the season and expanded his AMA Supercross championship lead to 19 points with a wire-to-wire victory at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the 2040Motos User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
After launching their website last week, the California based Electric Moto Corporation has now announced the IPG Group as their agency of record to help increase brand awareness and bring in some investor interest.  According to their website, other then the EMAX 72 DS electric motorcycle, there is a scooter, ATV, bicycle and a personal watercraft on the drawing board. James Stewart‘s hot streak continues with his second-consecutive win and fourth AMA Supercross podium in five weeks after an impressive effort at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
When you buy a vehicle in Maryland, you will need some paperwork in order to register the car in your name.
You'll need a vehicle title from the seller, and in some cases you may need a bill of sale.
After all of this is done, you'll have all of the necessary paperwork to take to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) to register your car. The vehicle was bought for more than $500 under the value listed in the National Publication of Used Car Values.
A Notice of Security Interest Filing (Form VR-217) OR a letter from the lender, IF the seller financed the vehicle. NOTE: If you buy a vehicle from another state, you must also include a completed Application for Maryland Title (Form VR-005). When you title your car, you can get a temporary registration valid for 30 days, so that you can get the car inspected and take care of any repairs.
If the car has already been inspected and you have insurance for it, you can go ahead and register the vehicle in your name. If the title is missing, the seller needs to obtain a duplicate title from the Maryland MVA so you can complete the transaction.
When registering your vehicle with the MD MVA, you must ensure that you bring the correct documents.

The certificate of title, with the “Application for Title and Registration" section completed. Once all of this information is submitted to the Maryland MVA, the agency will issue you new license plates for your car. By obtaining this report, you can protect yourself and ensure that the mileage and accident information the seller of the vehicle gives you is accurate.
You will likely need a bill of sale form whenever you buy a vehicle from, or sell one to, another person. I acknowledge that is a privately-owned Web site that is not owned or operated by any state government agency. is a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by any state government agency.
Not all that long before, after I crashed it in the aforementioned park, I took a few pictures. Someone had purchased it, with a title issued March 2009 (when I had the bike), and took it to the DMV to register.
I don't recall checking to make sure that the paperwork matched the bike, seeing as I was buying it from a cop.
Could be that if it is indeed your bike, someone just took the time to clean the whole thing up and intentionally not make it look like the same bike.
Even if you make it look like wear to the quick glance, but so that if you take a picture and compare, there can be no doubt that it is yours. The exhaust coloration doesn't match up when you put the pics side by side, and there's just too much detail bits on the bike in question that unless the dude was meticulous, just do not match up.
This 11 digit VIN number was not compatible with the DMV system in Oregon (where the bike is currently registered and street legal) so they assigned it a special new VIN number - OR81640 go figure. Depending on what state you are in your local DMV may want this in order to register the bike in your state. The reigning MotoGP World Champion didn’t let lingering soreness from the back problems that sidelined him for the first day of testing at Sepang slow him down.
The Rockstar Energy Suzuki rider jumped ahead at the start for the holeshot and held that lead for the entire 20-lap race for the win. Introduced last year Yoshimura says the response from Suzuki dealers and consumers alike has been nothing short of phenomenal. Fresh off of signing a contract extension with Yoshimura Suzuki, Stewart took control of the Arlington main event on the third lap, passing holeshot-taker Ryan Dungey and running away with the win.
It rewarded me with some electrical issues and a leaky base gasket but generally worked well.
Please also note that this bike was registered, plated, and street legal in California under its original 11 digit VIN prior to it going to Oregon.This is an extremely rare bike in North America and the only JDM version in the US that I am aware of. The 45 bikes produced this year will be a combination of 600, 750 and 1000cc models and the mix determined by dealer demand. With his win last week at San Diego, Stewart becomes the first rider to win back-to-back races this season and establishes himself as a championship contender as we approach the mid-way point of the 2014 season.
5, a License Plate Advisory Committee was established to develop uniform designs and common colors for Missouri license plates and to have input by Missouri citizens. Factory fully equipped for street use the bike comes complete with lights, turn signals, mirrors, speedometer, odometer, warning lights, keyed ignition, fork lock, and gas cap, steel gas tank, and oil injection, yes oil injection no pre-mixing required. Japan evidently made many street legal versions of its MX or dirt bikes and this one is obviously based on the RM250.Mechanically this bike is near a perfect 10.
It runs flawlessly (although the jetting may need to be changed if you live in higher altitudes) and alwaysstarts with a few kicks. At the same time the bike was completely disassembled and the entire frame was powder coated. License Plate Advisory Committee to again develop designs for a new Missouri license plate.The committee selected designs that would increase visibility of the plate and reduce the likelihood of tab theft.

It has a very smooth linear power band (not peaky like a lot of two strokes) and makes its best power in the upper mid range. Although the bike is only a 250 don't be fooled, it is very quick and handles like a bicycle it is so light.
Missouri Department of Revenue (Department) began holding public meetings throughout the state to obtain feedback on possible plate designs. These public meetings resulted in three plate designs emerging as finalists for the new license. After the public meetings and more than a quarter of a million online votes were cast, by a margin of nearly 3- 1 voters gave the thumbs- up to the license plate featuring the state bird and state flower as Missouria€™s new standard plate. It has a comfortable riding position, low seat,  the power delivery is nice and smooth, and it is just not as high strung as a lot of other two stroke dirt bikes (enduros included) like a CR500 for instance that just wear you down and beat you up.
This new plate assists law enforcement statewide by reducing tab theft and improving plate visibility.Learn about your choices when searching for a license plate owner in Missouri. It's also nice that it has factory oil injection so you don't have to worry about pre-mixing, just gas and go. The bike needs nothing mechanically (at least that I can tell or am aware of) except the tires should be replaced sooner rather than later but are fine for now. The RMX 250ST that you see here did not come with the super moto 17" wheel set up (high end Excel Takasago rims not the cheap Warp 9 stuff)  that this bike currently wears but rather with conventional dual sport knobbies and wheels. Missouri 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 car license plate #261-165.Missouri license plates are made of aluminum and are manufactured by the Missouri Department of Corrections at the Jefferson City Correctional Center. Standard license plates are embossed (raised lettering), while personalized license plates are made by a computer graphics process that produces a flat license plate.
I will let the pictures do the talking in this casealthough I feel they do not do the bike complete justice. This process allows the Department to produce very detailed specialty license plates (which may or may not be personalized) that commemorate a particular organization, activity, or charity. I am not a great photographer nor do I have a high end camera but I think you can get an idea of just how nice this bike is even with the less than stellar pictures I have taken. Most Missouri license plates require an expiration year tab, which is color- coded and includes the expiration year of the registration.
Temporary License Plate (for motor vehicle with an obscured rear license plate).If a rear Missouri license plate is obstructed from view by a bicycle rack, luggage rack, or other similar device, the vehicle owner has the option to obtain a Temporary License Plate. This "third license plate" is a paper document that is to be placed on the interior of the vehicle's rear window in a manner that is clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle but does not obstruct the driver's view out of the rear window. In order to obtain a Temporary License Plate, the vehicle owner must submit the following items to our central office: Applicants should mail the completed form and fee to the address listed on the application form. If you have questions about how to apply for Missouri license plates, you may send an e- mail to [emailA protected]. You can apply for MO license plates by registering your vehicle in person at a licensing office or through your vehicle dealer.
1 Available.Missouri Department of Revenue, find information about motor vehicle and driver licensing services and taxation and collection services for the state of Missouri. If you have the MO license plate number or the VIN #, you can order a vehicle owner's registration record. With access to the complete DMV records in Missouri, this site and our partners are able to access and uncover the owner of any valid license.

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