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Many franchisers start out by deciding to become a franchise and finding a product or service to base it around.
Insurance carriers like Brightway because it produces a high volume of business, and carriers can deal with one company rather than many independent agents who all do things in different ways, Miller says. By taking the concept of the independent insurance agency and providing corporate support to allow agents to focus on what they do best, Brightway has found a formula for success. That consistency is ensured through Brightway University, a training program initially created in 2009 as a one-week class. There also is ongoing training that continues to evolve, which is accessed through classrooms and an online program for employees in other parts of the country.
That support includes technology designed to allow people to do a better job, rather than as a means to replace jobs. How Does Credit Score Affect My Insurance Rates?Credit scores determine much of what we're able to purchase in the U.S., but did you know that it can affect your insurance rates? As reported in the news, there is a possibility of an interruption in mail services as of July 2, 2016.
Should postal services be interrupted, you as a client of Miller Insurance Brokers, have the option of online banking or electronic transfers.
For our clients with email addresses, we will send your insurance correspondence to you electronically so that we can ensure that all important documentation will reach you in sufficient time and minimise the risk of a policy expiring.

If you do not have an email address, policy documents can be picked up during regular business hours at the Miller Insurance office closest to you. However, through dedication to quality customer service and carrying a diverse portfolio of types of insurance to ensure the lowest possible price, brothers David and Michael Miller created Brightway Insurance, the ?rst retail insurance provider of its kind. Under the Miller brothers’ leadership, Brightway does not focus on the bottom line but rather attempts to provide lasting value to its customers, insurance providers, franchisees and employees.
As such, the brothers have a strong conviction that success is a byproduct of a quality offering and the success of those around them.
Furthermore, Brightway has dedicated professionals whose sole job is to deliver quality customer support. The Millers have relationships with more than 100 carriers, which means a customer has dozens more options for better pricing and the best available solutions for unique and speci?c insurance needs. In addition to their work with Brightway, David, CEO, and Michael, CMO, are active in the community as leaders and volunteers of various nonpro?t organizations.
This includes nonpro?t boards for Leadership Jacksonville, the United Way of Northeast Florida and the Jewish Community Alliance. They support River Garden Home for Senior Adults, American Cancer Society, Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network and a variety of other causes. Brightway Insurance co-founders and brothers David and Michael Miller already had their business, Miller Insurance Group.

What Miller saw in the insurance business were national brands that have stores offering only their insurance, and independent agents who may have access to a few more brands, but lack the sophistication to inspire confidence that consumers are getting the best coverage and price.
It has since evolved to provide differentiated course tracks for employees working in various aspects of the operation. By knowing your needs from every aspect, we maximize the effectiveness of your insurance dollars. For customers, it provides more convenient servicing options than are currently available in one location and from a wide range of providers. For agents and the company, the model allows laser focus on growing a book of business and being rewarded with higher commission structures for doing so. They also serve on insurance industry and private company boards that direct funds to benevolent causes.
What they saw was an opportunity to deliver an experience unlike any other in the insurance industry. 1 insurance franchise in the country in 2013, when Brightway reached $310 million in sales.

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