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We are a family owned and operated professional lawn care company, not one of those big anonymous franchises. If any of these issues sound familiar- crabgrass, dandelions, grassy weeds, bare spots, grubs or insect infestations- Grasshopper Lawns has an app for that!
Turfpath is a mobile app resource that assists in the visual identification of turf grass pests throughout the world.
For over 50 years, Grasshopper Lawns has specialized in applying the products your lawn needs to be the envy of the neighborhood.
Turf Types in Northeast PennsylvaniaWe all know that our area experiences four distinct seasons throughout the year, which results in a variety of turf grass species.
Contact Grasshopper LawnsPlease complete the form below & someone from our staff will contact you. Grasshopper Lawns has specialized in applying the products your lawn needs to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Insect control service for the springSpring fever is in full swing with the sunny and warm season just around the corner. Grasshopper LawnsTHERE ARE A FEW SIMPLE THINGS YOU CAN DO TO HELP KEEP YOUR LAWN LOOKING GREAT! Because we're local, we understand our climate, grass, insects and soil types, as well as what grass types are best for our location.
We offer a variety of services, like our popular 7-step lawn care program, which can be customized to fit your individual lawn care needs. The database of diseases, insects, and weeds continues to expand with new pest descriptions and images, resulting in the ability of turf grass professionals and enthusiasts to quickly and accurately identify their problem.
These species vary in their adaptation to soil moisture and fertility, temperature extremes, disease and insect resistance, mowing tolerance, and overall wear tolerance.
MICHAEL KRAVITSKY FROM GRASSHOPPER LAWNS IS … ViewGrasshopper Lawns (Mosquitoes)THIS GORGEOUS WEATHER WE'VE BEEN HAVING WILL WAKE UP THOSE PESKY MOSTQUITOS. If any applications are skipped, customer agrees to be billed for the first application at regular price.

We also realize what problems are likely to upset your lawn and how to lessen those problems. Look no further for a greener, more beautiful lawn; Grasshopper Lawns can help your lawn become the envy of the neighborhood! MICHAEL KRAVITSKY FROM GRASSHOPPER LAWNS IS HERE … ViewLiquid vs Granular FertilizerYOU MAY BEEN JUST ABOUT READY TO CUT YOUR LAWN FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS SEASON! This type includes Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, rough bluegrass, fine fescues, and bentgrass. Warm-season grasses, on the other hand, have maximum growth in (you guessed it) hot weather and become dormant in late fall, winter, and early spring.
The only warm-season turf grass that possesses sufficient winter hardiness is Zoysia grass, which turns completely brown in winter and comes back to life once the weather breaks.

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