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High taxes and rising fuel prices have been cited as being the main reason for India’s poor May auto sales. According to Maruti-Suzuki India, car sales were down 5%, with 98,884 cars being sold, while Ford India sold only 6,036 cars in May, 14% fewer than in the same period of 2011. With the Society of Automobile Manufacturers announcing a car sales growth figure for the new fiscal year, which will end in March 2013, of 10 to 12%, while demand for cars has also slowed considerably from last years 29%, way down to around 2.2% so far in the year. Despite extremely difficult market conditions, especially during the third and the fourth quarter of the year, Mercedes' vans brought pretty high sales all over the world in 2008, with the Sprinter sales posting a new global sales record.
And even more than that, 2008 was the best year on the German market for the van division of Mercedes as the company sold 71,763 units versus 71,258 in 2007. As mentioned, the Sprinter Van series had the largest contribution to the aforementioned optimistic figures, with 166,473 units sold in 2008 compared to 165,916 vans delivered in the previous year.
While some may believe that the electric scooter and motorcycle sales are over the top during the last few years, as more and more manufacturers surface both intriguing and rather dull models, new companies are formed while others file for bankruptcy and fade into oblivion. The use of electric vehicles is under strict control in Chinese urban areas and this has a very strong impact in the sales of the electric vehicles, despite the cities becoming increasingly polluted and traffic congestions being a daily nuisance for commuters. So in the absence of more reasonable regulations for electric scooters and motorcycles in China, we might get to see Europe and North America being the main engine behind the estimated growth of the e-bike market.
Big car manufacturers such as BMW have also recently started selling their debut electric scooters, while Daimler, (owner of Mercedes-Benz) is also eyeing building electric scooters with the Smart badge.
The slowdown in the pace of growth and the Chinese government’s efforts to stem the number of cars in the most congested cities of the nation have resulted in declining luxury car sales. The BMW M2 is reportedly going into production in November with 365 horsepower on tap from a tuned version of the N55 3.0-liter inline-six engine. From the looks of these spy shots, BMW is back testing the hotter version of the M235i, the M2.

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The January-March figures showed that India’s usually rapidly expanding economy has slowed its pace to the worst level of the last decade.
Tata Motors reported a sales increase of around 6%, with 20,503 vehicles sold so far in the year. Even though most people consider buying vans during recession times a waste of money, Mercedes delivered 287,205 vehicles in 2008, compared to 289,073 units in the previous year. In addition, a new record was also achieved in Netherlands where Mercedes sold 12,883 vans while UK deliveries grew up by 2,900 vans to 31,105. The Sprinter is currently manufactured in Dusseldorf and Ludwigsfelde, Germany and in Argentina.
Particularly in the first half of the year, global demand for the Sprinter, Vito and Viano was higher than ever before. Still, the sale figures are less extravagant than one might be tempted to believe, with another decade needed to reach the 6-million units mark, according to Navigant Research. According to Navigant Research, the biggest market for such vehicles is China, but this fact comes with rather contradictory reality.
That is, even though the electric two-wheeler offer for the Chinese market is extremely diverse, the local policies are curbing the sales, leaving Europe and North America the two areas with the biggest potential growth rate for the next decade.
Even though sales for the next year are expected to remain constant and no significant increase is to be noticed due to the relatively small demand and (still) increased cost of the components, after 2015, Navigant says the figures are most likely going to go up. These numbers sum up to around 6 million units per year, a pretty decent combined growth for the whole electric two-wheelers industry. In Europe and North America, more and more motorists “are seeking refuge from higher gasoline prices, electric two-wheel vehicles are growing more mature, and cities are becoming increasingly congested with traffic.

Mercedes meanwhile has slashed the C-Class by as much as 20 percent in the case of the Elegance model, according to Automotive News. Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. The main reason for the decline in domestically-produced car sales is the lack of diesels in their range, as diesel is 40% cheaper than petrol in India and the demand for diesel cars has grown substantially as the general cost of fuel has increased.
Since the second half of 2008 and in the current year we too have come to feel the impact of the global financial and economic crisis.
Navigant expects that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for these two regions reaches north of 30% by 2023. All of these factors will contribute to growing demand for power two-wheel vehicles - particularly high-powered e-motorcycles," says John Gartner, research director with Navigant Research.
Power, demand for luxury cars has increased 29 percent this year, down from the 48 percent in 2010. And we have 5 professional designers that particularly in charge of the new products projects. While those original shots were on the road, it would seem that BMW has transitioned its testing to the Nürburgring.
Nevertheless, we are confident that as soon as things start looking up again we will be able to continue the success story of Sprinter Co.

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