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One of the major challenges of Auto Dealerships and RV Motorhome Dealerships is building a powerful and effective Web site that delivers inventory and an attractive interface for consumers.
With the advent of Blogging and Keyword Tagging, the Blog industry has mastered the way SEO is delivered. Trying to take advantage of the increasing demand of luxury vehicles on the Indian market and sheltered by mother company Tata Motors, the Brits from Jaguar are planning to open no less than 10 new dealerships in the country by the end of the fiscal year. According to Autonews, the new dealerships of the British brand will be located in India's major cities, including Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.
The Indian carmaker will begin manufacturing some Land Rover models in India starting the middle of 2011. Tata plans to push Jaguar Land Rover's production hubs into the other booming Asian market, China. The facility will have an annual production capacity of 50,000 vehicles (JLR hopes to sell as many as 20,000 Land Rover units and 5,000 Jaguar vehicles in China in the 2010-2011 fiscal year).
What's more, Tata already announced plans to work together with Jaguar land Rover JLR for the development of powerplants.
It’s interesting to see that the Tesla Model S is outselling a plethora of luxury competitors in the first half of 2013, at least in California. According to a report from the Californian New Car Dealers Association, the all-electric Tesla sold 4714 units over the first half of the year, topping many other premium non-electric badges including Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover and Lincoln. Talking percentages will have Tesla growing by over 3000 percent in California – which we have to keep in mind is the largest state for auto sales in the US – since last year when they only sold 14 cars. This insane increase in sales is related to the fact that the Tesla Model S has achieved ‘must-have’ status in Silicon Valley, where the electric vehicles can be found in both Apple and Google company car parks, as well as many other places.
Tesla is now setting its sights on Europe, its first deliveries having already started in July and they’ve already opened their first European production facility in Tilburg, The Netherlands. The Dutch operation is just the start of a much larger European push projected by Tesla which means to have at least 15 Tesla retail stores and service centres open across Europe during 2013.

With sales going up for Tesla it only makes sense for Tesla Motors’ stock to rise as well; almost 500 percent over the past year and gained sixteen billion in market capitalization. The Tesla Model S is a great car by all means of course, its inside being more science-fiction than contemporary design, featuring a massive 17-inch high-resolution touchscreen integrating media, navigation, communications, cabin controls and vehicle data.
This one's from a little while back but we can never get enough of Kim Kardashian and her black on black Range Rover. I agree with the site, my fav is def the Ghost, but I don’t like her choice of rims on it. This is the first concern from auto dealers, but the second, which is even more important, is the capabilities of SEO Marketing and getting RANKED for the inventory you carry. The most powerful side of WordPress is its Keyword Tagging capabilities, which allows the development of SEO Marketing at another level never seen before.
The plant where the models will be produced is nearly ready, said Rohit Suri, a Tata Motors executive. The company is looking to set up a local joint venture which will lead to the creation of an automotive plant Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province in southeastern China. Tesla doesn’t only outdo those badges, but also major players like Fiat, Buick and Mitsubishi.
This is where the Model S will be assembled for the Belgian, French, German and Dutch markets.
When reviewing companies like PSN Dealer or Auto Trader Dealer, the pitch given dealerships, is that they are the #1 Auto Dealer Web site in the World getting all the traffic. The following dealer Web site was redeveloped from scratch and had only 10 listings in Google before the project began. The Web site, after its launch, within just 8 days received over 2,000 listings in Google and had dozens of targeted keyword phrases RANKED on the 1st page of Google, driving Targeted Traffic to its Web site. This Dealer Web site was originally launched 6 months prior to this redesign under the development of  PSN dealer and only had 10 listings in Google, and ZERO Keyword Phrases were ranked.

This Dealer Web site is built with an SEO Tagging system for each RV Motorhome in its inventory, which delivers the exact Make and Model through the SEO Cloud Tag system. Search engine spiders and robots can not read or see an image file, however, they can certainly read the file name, which also identifies or catalogs the image.
This approach may be a little more intensive, but the end result is that the search engines love your Web site and recognize that you are delivering good content and understand what search engines are looking for. META TAGS are no longer trusted by Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and are no longer collected by these search engines. So if META TAGS is their SEO Marketing method and it’s not recognized by search engines, it means they have NO SEO Marketing capabilities. Well, the search engine spiders and robots crawling these Web pages gather data from the page TITLE and the content on the page. But these old systems put out by PSN dealer or Auto Trader Dealer web sites have missed the boat completely. Additionally, these Web sites are maintained on their server and their domain name, and they are not customizable outside of their own Template. And just to be clear, these dealer Web sites are not built or maintained by any coders in the USA. The only people a dealer can talk to is a Sales Rep, and they will give you all the mumbo jumbo that they can deliver at every question you shoot at them. A work ticket is assigned to all projects, and delivery on a one month project takes 6 months, if you are lucky.

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