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Since it’s launch in 1989, the Mazda MX5 has under gone various redesigns and facelifts, and depending on where in the world the vehicle came from, can also be known by different names.
Japanese Eunos Roadster models tended to be of a higher spec than UK ones having things like alloy wheels, air conditioning and power steering as standard right from the factory. I read about titles, registrations and vin's issues  so when I found an out of state camper I called Motor Vehicles to find out what they required before I bought it, called twice just to make sure I got the same info from two different people. The problem with them is they have preprinted start to the vin number and wont really match up to say Jpauls 74 numbers exactly.
One thing that is certain though, every single one of the now 900,000 vehicles that have been built to date, started life in Mazdas Hiroshima plant in the South West of Japan, regardless of the market they were destined for.
Visually, apart from the badge, the most obvious difference between an Eunos Roadster and a UK MX5 is the rear number plate.

I even looked into a Maine registration because they will register a vehicle for out of state persons but they will tax you on the original camper price. It does matter how close the DMV, Secratay of State people will look at it but just be aware that its not apples to apples and could be a problem. Those built for the UK and European market are known as the MX5, in Japan they are called the Eunos Roadster, and the US market took the name of the Miata.
Two needed trips, one for temps and one for VIN verification and plates and one because of screw ups by incompetent state workers. The best way to attack the problem is with a printed vinyl tag to match what was originaly on the drivers side.
By the third generation model however, Mazda tried to standardise the name worldwide, however the Americans prefered not to lose the Miata name, so it unofficially became the MX5 Miata.
Also, because it is not a requirement in Japan, Eunos models have no rear fog lamp, so any Japanese imports for example had to have an accessory one fitted when entering the UK to get it through it’s SVA test.
I had a no title out of state camper so my state requires the last registration, notarized bill of sale and a VIN verification.
If this is something you would like to persue doing for customers Chad, I have the file I could sell you for $20.00 to do these. Lastly, one way to tell if the vehicle is a US spec Miata, is that unlike every other market, American vehicles have no front wing side repeaters, making the wing panels different as there is no hole cut in them.
This can be found either on the registration document, or on the metal vehicle identification plate fixed to the bulk head at the back of the engine bay.

My Mesa was registered as a utility trailer in NJ because there was no title when the last guy reg it and I guess NJ is a title state, so it was reg as a homemade.
I stripped the paint and found the VIN several inches below the tongue on the drivers side in two sets, first set S4306 which was missing on the previous reg and the next 5 digits about two inches away, these were on the previous reg.
Japanese Roadster models however have a vin number that is only 10 digits long, is split into two parts, and starts with the two letter model code NA, NB or NC.
I won't go into the screw up for the third trip but I have to say two of the state workers in this office do not deserve to have their jobs. The GVW and other info was incorrect of previous reg but was still readable on the label on the utility side door and now is on on my reg.
I feel I did this camper right by getting the correct info on the reg so it's there for the next guy. Thanks to all who take the time to run the two sites and to you all who post the info to help others.

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