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Until one week ago, Vine was just something tech-nerds had heard about through the grapevine of gadget forums and start-up news. A small start-up in New York had been developing the app: a simple program that allows the user to capture six seconds of video on his or her smartphone a€” either all in one take or, by touching then releasing the screen on and off, in different takes that will then be strung together in a single clip.
The app is the perfect part of the Twitter family, with its minimalistic mantra of characters and content.
Six-seconds of video is short and sweet a€” though Vine has already had a little bit of a sour run-in with pornography. As Vine figures out its place, whether it is for sex or for cats, we can speculate on the effect of its simple presence. The criticisms are, as with other social media sites and apps, that it squishes down our already shortened attention spans and promotes that self-same selfish, self-promotion (TMI, people!). But perhaps the overwhelming proliferation of crappy content a€” things made by fun-seeking hobby-ests and curious laymen a€” will help weed out the really good, top-tier professional work that takes years of practice, hundreds of skilled people, and hours of footage.
To put a positive spin on what may seem like another needless invention to keep us preoccupied by our computers and held captive by unimportant slush, perhaps Vine will turn out to be a fun sharing tool and a useful storytelling device. I’m sure as you read this you must think I am an egotistical, vapid, and ignorant woman who blames all of her problems on the fact that I am blonde.
Khloe Kardashian‘s selfies typically get hundreds of thousands of likes, but in her most recent one, fans are wondering whether the reality star overdid it with theplastic surgery! The photo shows the 32-year-old in her glam room with a fully done-up face and slightly pursed pout — a feature that negatively caught followers’ attentions.
One person even wrote, “I beg of you look at her lips please – is this even normal?
I’d argue this Harlem Globetrotters shot from the top of the Skycoaster ride in Wildwood, New Jersey is nearly as impressive as the wild off-the-top-of-a-skyscraper shot we saw from Dude Perfect a few months ago.
His latest lovely moment features a bunch of facts about fish that he shared during the Dodgers-Rays game on Wednesday afternoon. Tebow might also look into a career in politics at some point, which he discussed with Russo. A Pirates fan made a sensational catch during Wednesday’s game in Pittsburgh, but the PNC Park crowd collectively gasped as the moment took a scary turn.
Both of the Wades, Gabrielle (gabunionwade) and Dwyane (mrdwyanewade), Snapchatted from their seats. 2: “Nate, I just hope he’s not up on that stage wearing that stupid black T-shirt that he’s never out of (Diaz pops collar of his black shirt).
Harbaugh was wearing a personalized Cubs jersey — tucked into khakis, of course — and brought his glove to the ballpark for the pitch. Timberlake noticed the tweet Wednesday and commented while mentioning the official Big 12 Conference account to his, oh, 56 MILLION FOLLOWERS.

Warren Sapp suffered a nasty shark bite while lobstering in Florida - WARNING: The photo is very graphic. Garnett was watching The Price is Right when he noticed someone wearing his Celtics shirsey in the crowd, so he rewound the tape, played it back, then took a video of the TV to excitedly point it out. As Morrison tracked the ball through the sun, he evidently wasn’t aware of how close he was to the stands. He’s one of the great dunkers in basketball history, but he had to be impressed by the show that Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon put on during the 2016 dunk contest. Following a series of good recent performances, including one at the British Open two weeks ago, Andrew “Beef” Johnston has become nothing short of a sensation among fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Now everyone is going to think that theya€™re an amazing filmmaker, just as everyone already thinks theya€™re a fabulous photographer, thanks to Instagram. Film school starts with teaching students to tell simple, concise, cohesive stories in a short format. We appreciate smart and insightful comments to our entries and will approve as soon as possible. Her one hundred percent German blood gifted her with an allure that is rare and tremendously special.
It’s why so many women chose to artificially create blonde locks by bleaching and destroying their hair.
After all, it seems as if every boy that I have ever liked or dated seems to choose brunettes over me.
This is a total cliche, I know, but as a blonde I do feel that professors, other adults, even my own peers, think slightly less of me in terms of intelligence, my career aspirations, and my leadership ability.
Scroll through the gallery for more selfies of Khloe Kardashian that don’t look like Khloe Kardashian! I’d have a hard time believing that Urban Meyer wouldn’t entertain the idea of having Tebow as a member of his staff in some capacity.
Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are at the same Cubs-White Sox game as Jim Harbaugh, who threw out the first pitch, on Wednesday. It should come as a surprise to no one that Jim Harbaugh takes his ceremonial first pitches very seriously. Fortunately for fans, Richard Jefferson was there to Snapchat (rjeff24) what was in the packages to give us a close-up look (as he’s known to do).
Former Buccaneers star Warren Sapp was bitten by shark on his forearm while lobstering on a trip to the Florida Keys on Wednesday. But Logan Morrison took that difficulty to the next level with his sensational catch in the seventh inning against the Dodgers.
The 31-year-old vet tells stories about some of his favorite memories from playing with Shaq and Steve Nash.

She is a European beauty, dark brown almost black thick hair, piercing blue eyes, and bone structure that would make Kate Moss reel with envy. I should feel lucky, blessed even, that I don’t have to spend hours in the salon to achieve my natural blonde color. Now I am not saying that people outright and obviously treat me like a dumb blonde all the time. I am merely expressing the problems and issues that I have had being a blonde and why sometimes I desperately wish I was born a natural brunette. Don’t get me wrong, there is something special in the fact that I belong to the two percent of the entire world’s population that are natural blondes. I can dye my hair, but at the risk of looking washed out due to my fair features, another curse of being a blonde (my eyebrows are practically non-existent). Although not as stunning, she still possesses that dark haired goddess quality that I so desire.
But there is something mysterious, something striking, something almost fundamentally appealing about being a brunette. Expressions of doubt, being passed over for more “smart looking’ girls, surprise when people learn about my accomplishments. Maybe the deeper issue here is the frighteningly high value our society places on appearances.
I always have been blonde and, although my hair has darkened a little, I still am that typical blonde, blue-eyed girl.
I wish it wasn’t so but it is human nature to look at someone, evaluate, and give people worth before really knowing anything. Right when things were heating up he started going out with a Greek girl with stunning dark hair. No I do not think that it was because of my blonde hair that made him not choose me, but subconsciously I can’t help but feel inferior to the Greek goddess. I have noticed it since my toddler self realized that my mother had a different color than I had. It seems whenever I ask my male friends, cousins, and coworkers if men really prefer blondes or brunettes they almost always say brunettes.
However it is interesting that the common notion that “gentlemen prefer blondes” is not necessarily true.

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