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The technological world has really come upon us at this point in time and Jayco has stepped up to make style that offers more add-ons and features that cannot be understated.  Many of the fold up style trailers are now fully closed and it only takes a matter of minutes to get on the road and moving.
Always check out the internet for more information on the styles and campers you like the best.  Deals can be numerous if you only look in the right places. The Ford Edge for sale in Temple Hills, MD from Car Smart is a beautifully designed luxury crossover SUV that can easily meet all your city driving needs. The vehicle featured in this article is a restored and modified 1935 Ford Half-Ton  Pickup.
Another interesting fact is that Ford Motor Company was known to outsource the body work to coachbuilders for about the first quarter century of it’s existence. An interesting side note is that the body shops and dealerships of the mid 1930′s had a tough time with the Fords bumper and fender arrangement. In many instances a heavily modified 1935 to 1937 Ford Half Ton will see considerably less than a non modified expertly restored model.
The design of the vehicle easily sets it in a class apart, and you won’t be disappointed with what’s inside as well; the car includes the latest in line of technological enhancements as well as a very strong engine to power it all up.
The car comes with a Speed Shift Automatic Transmission that provides smooth, responsive shifts.

Beautifully crafted, leather trimmed seats that are internally heated and ventilated are installed within.
The modification job on this classic truck is excellent and the vehicle shines from front to back. If you’re lucky and find a 1935 to 1937 Ford Half-Ton for a restoration project you might pay something under $10,000.
The selling prices climb when you have an expertly restored truck with as many original parts as possible. All in all, if you are looking for a vehicle that not only matches the performance of the other SUVs in the market, but also surpasses them in terms of convenience and power, the Ford Edge is what gives you the ‘edge’ in the market. Another important feature of the car is the advanced electronic stability control system that provides you with maximum control of your vehicle while moving along turns and curves. The car also includes SYNC with Ford My Touch Technology while there is a Navigational Assistant system installed within. Not necessarily an easy truck to come up with but when they go to auction they can garner some very impressive selling prices. The vehicle includes a dual zone climate controlled system as well as a single zone climate control system, depending upon the model that you choose.

Complaints were made to Henry Ford regarding this and the issue was resolved in Ford’s 1936 model. All in all, the Ford Edge for sale in Temple Hills, MD from Car Smart is one of the finest vehicles available. Passenger cars and truck sales were high mostly due to improvements in both engineering and styling. Starting with the Model A in the mid twenties Ford began to produce most of their automobile bodies.
View More Testimonials- Nancy P., Templ Hills, MDAfter looking for the perfect Honda Accord for over two months, I found Car Smart Now and they had a great selection of Honda Accords.

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